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TONIGHT -- What Sweeter Musick: Favorites From the Last 20 Years -- Saturday, 18 Dec 2004, 8 PM

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  • Les DeLashmutt
    What Sweeter Musick: Favorites From the Last 20 Years San Francisco Choral Artists (SFCA) When: TONIGHT -- Saturday, 18 December 2004, 8 PM - 10 PM Where:
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      What Sweeter Musick: Favorites From the Last 20 Years
      San Francisco Choral Artists (SFCA)
      When: TONIGHT -- Saturday, 18 December 2004, 8 PM - 10 PM
      Where: Saint Mark's Episcopal Church, 600 Colorado (at Middlefield), Palo Alto, CA 94306


      Dearest Culture Vultures,


      I'm still basking in the glow of the San Francisco Choral Artists' Friday evening concert -- extended by listening to their CD's (and imbibing some really great beer) as I write this message.

      If you didn't hear their concert either Friday in San Francisco or last weekend in Oakland (or even if you did), never fear, you still have one more chance to experience this bit of heaven on earth (even it's only for two hours) -- TONIGHT in Palo Alto. (Hey, for some of us, it may be as close as we ever get.)

      I don't care how many gifts you don't have purchased and wrapped, how many cards aren't yet written, or how many parties you just "have to" go to Saturday evening -- for the sake of your immortal soul (something the Holiday Season is especially hard on), DROP EVERYTHING and get thee to this event.

      This concert is truly what the Holiday Season is all about, whatever your spiritual background and beliefs -- NOT all that other "stuff". For example, Friday night I happened to sit next to someone who was raised in an atheistic Jewish family, and he loved the concert. (Of course, his adorable mate did happen to be singing in the chorus.)

      Please join SFCA for singers' and audience's most-loved holiday music from their first 20 years! They present a wide range of traditional and innovative seasonal music from the treasury of beloved tunes and texts. Works by Britten, Crabtree (www.PaulCrabtree.net), Dawson, Gabrieli, Howells, Kverno, Leighton, Mueller, Nixon, Tallis, and others.

      To give you an idea of just how good this group is, two of the composers of the pieces performed were in the audience. A third composer was at last weekend's performance, and would have been at this one, except he was busy premiering a new work in Europe. What better endorsement can a performing group have than the praise of their composers?

      Choral Artists is a 24-voice, semi-professional chamber choir. They perform a cappella choral music of all periods, and specialize in 20th century works. Combining a wide variety of music in fresh and unusual ways, the ensemble's thought-provoking performances have engaged the hearts and minds of audiences throughout the Bay Area. For more information, go to their web site (www.SFCA.org).

      Tickets at the door are $22 (or $17 for seniors). You can arrange for tickets in advance at a group rate through Les DeLashmutt (510/208-5148 or LFDeL@...) for $12. Please contact Les no later than 4 PM Saturday, if you're interested in group-rate tickets.

      Saturday's performance is at St. Mark's Episcopal Church in Palo Alto. If you do not know this area intimately, obtain directions or you'll never find it. Directions and maps are available on St. Mark's web site (www.Saint-Marks.com).

      High-level directions to St. Mark's by car are: 1) take 101, exit onto Oregon Expressway, then left on Middlefield, four blocks to a right onto Colorado; 2) take I280, exit onto Page Mill toward the Bay/Stanford/Palo Alto, jog over to Page Mill just after El Camino Real, right on Middlefield, four blocks to a right onto Colorado.

      St. Mark's is also a pleasant walk from CalTrain's California Street station in Palo Alto: walk south about four blocks to Page Mill/Oregon Expressway, cross the railroad tracks, Colorado is just south of Oregon Expressway, St. Mark's is about eight blocks along Colorado.

      I'll be driving and can take three folks comfortably (or four if three are very small or thin). For a ride, just give me a call or drop me an e-mail no later than 4 PM Saturday. I'll be leaving no later than 5 PM. I originally had other plans for the evening. However, after hearing SFCA's Friday concert, I just had to hear it again. And I'm a Myers/Briggs "J", so (for those of you who know about such nonsense) changing plans is not in my nature. Never-the-less, for this concert, I even managed to mess with Mother Nature. (I know she'll get even, but it will still be worth it.)

      Although I am quite familiar with this area (having worked next door in Mountain View for many years), I'm not familiar with this particular performance venue. However, judging from the parish's commitment to their music program (they have a magnificent Casavant Fr�res pipe organ -- one of my favorite organ builders, a talented organist, together with a very active choir) and the fact SFCA has consistently chosen it for many years, I'd say it's acoustics will be outstanding.

      As a "Culture Vulture" bonus, we will be gathering for dinner at Nola in Palo Alto at 6 PM:
      535 Ramona St. (bet. Hamilton & University Aves.) Palo Alto, CA, 94301 (650) 328-2722. According to Zagat (Food-17, Decor-21, Service-17, $28): "Every day is Mardi Gras" at this "festive", "funky" Palo Alto place that�s "always packed" with "the young and restless"; spoilsports snap the "ultra-spicy" Cajun-Southwestern cuisine makes a "sorry substitute" for a "meal in the Big Easy", but still, it�ll serve for sobering up after the "killer drinks".

      Be there, or be square,
      Les D.

      Leslie F. DeLashmutt, Jr.
      Lead Vulture
      (510) 412-1446 -- work
      (510) 208-5148 -- home
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