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Church Music Director needed - Novato

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  • ken
    Dear Friends: I m posting this for a musician friend. KM - - - - - Please pass on the following job posting to anyone who might be interested in the position
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 20, 2004
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      Dear Friends:

      I'm posting this for a musician friend.

      - - - - -

      Please pass on the following job posting to anyone who might be interested
      the position of Music Director at Unity in Marin (Novato). Thank you.

      POSITION: Unity In Marin (Novato) MUSIC DIRECTOR

      To serve the church by developing, coordinating, and administering an
      inspirational and well-rounded music program and by providing leadership to
      and supervision of volunteers involved in this Music Ministry.

      The Director will take the current music program to the next level to
      support UIM growth over the next 3-5 years. In 2008, we envision music as
      part of the attraction for 700 people who attend one of two Sunday morning
      full services, an early morning meditation service and a new week-night
      service. Director will make music flow as a seamless part of the worship
      experience. The Musical Director to be seen as another minister at UIM and
      help spark the divinity in all of us.

      Musical appeal to be broadened to include those under age 30 and more New
      Thought focus. Music to show connection of life and spirituality. Choir to
      grow in size and show increased commitment. Music Director will identify
      and foster a musical direction for UIM, and in partnership with the
      minister, bring a playful and strong connection to youth and children.

      1. Able to read and compose music, play the piano, and accompany other
      2. Experience recruiting and directing a choir.
      3. Able to select and/or create appropriate music to develop a theme and
      deepen the spiritual experience.
      4. Able to excel in a variety of musical genres including: gospel,
      classical, meditative, and traditional, among others.
      5. Familiar with current keyboard and computer technology, including
      programming, sequencing, and projection.
      6. Knowledge of sound system operation, LCD projections and Power Point
      7. Familiar with New Thought teachings and beliefs.
      8. Skilled at working with others to create energy, enthusiasm, creativity
      and good will.
      9. Able to work independently as well as a part of a team.

      1. Formulate a vision and strategies for the music program, including
      the adult choir, outside performers, and other musical events; establish
      goals and objectives, manage the use of music facilities; plan and monitor
      the music budget, delegate tasks and evaluate progress.
      2. Consult with the Minister regarding the theme of each worship
      service, special programs, and selection of solo, ensemble, and instrumental
      3. Liaison with Technical Director and work with sound technicians to
      help assure the quality of live and recorded sound.
      4. Recruit, audition and direct the adult choir, and train them in choral
      techniques, choreography, and leadership and participation in worship.
      5. Select, purchase, and maintain the music library, piano, and other
      music resources.
      6. Work with the ChildrenĀ¹s Ministry Director to create a childrenĀ¹s
      music program, with quarterly performances.
      7. Recruit the services of outside vocal and instrumental musicians.
      8. Plan and organize concerts and musical events.

      Part-time position (25-30 hrs/wk) with salary commensurate with skills and
      experience ($28-33K).
      Includes evening, Sundays, holidays, and special services.

      For more information about Unity In Marin, visit our website at
      unityinmarin.org or join us at a Sunday service at 9:30 am or 11:15 am.

      TO APPLY: Send a cover letter addressing the questions below, along with
      your resume to:

      Music Director Search Committee
      Unity In Marin
      600 Palm Drive
      Novato, CA 94949

      Or send email to music@...

      Questions to address briefly in your cover letter:
      1. Describe your experience building a music program and directing a choir.
      2. Describe your piano skills, including ability to play, sight read,
      accompany others, compose.
      3. Describe the variety of musical genres in which you are skilled and
      4. Describe what you do to create music that touches people spiritually,
      taking them beyond music as entertainment.

      APPLICATION DEADLINE: November 24, 2004 or until the position is filled.

      Search Committee: Susan Kirsch, Chair; Susan Clark, Carolyn Gauthier, Josh
      Holmes, Jim Kennedy, Richard Mantei, Michael Selby, and Jan Simmons.
      Message Line: 415-475-5000 ext. 125.


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