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Re: Berkeley, Calif.: Georgian Singing Workshop 11/14

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  • suzanne leonora
    Profound apologies! my e-address is suzl@nothingbutnet.net shamefacedly but hopefully, Suzanne
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 9, 2004
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      Profound apologies! my e-address is suzl@...

      shamefacedly but hopefully,

      On Saturday, November 6, 2004, at 08:41 AM, suzanne leonora wrote:

      > Workshop announcement (Please forward liberally!)
      > Dear friends,
      > Sorry about the short notice, but this will be well worth it if you can
      > make it.
      > Carl Linich, probably the greatest American singer and teacher of
      > Georgian vocal music, will be here in November, and I am planning a
      > men's workshop with him for Sunday 11/14, from 3 pm to 8 pm, in North
      > Berkeley. Contact me for price and address: suzl@nothingbutnet/ (510)
      > 547-8345.
      > All the best,
      > Suzanne Leonora
      > Director, Mosaic Vocal Ensemble
      > About Carl Linich
      > Carl Linich is a native of Poughkeepsie, New York, but now lives in
      > Tbilisi, Georgia, where he has been studying traditional Georgian folk
      > music since 1990. He has a repertoire of hundreds of songs from all the
      > Georgian regions and has performed everywhere from Lincoln Center to the
      > Tbilisi Opera House. With his magnificent tenor voice and wide range, he
      > can teach all the voice parts in the proper range. A member of Trio
      > Kavkasia and a musical celebrity in Georgia, Carl has received national
      > honors in his adopted land for his work to preserve and promote Georgian
      > folk song.
      > About Georgian singing
      > Traditional Georgian a cappella singing continues to flourish to this
      > day, in concert halls and living rooms and at feast tables. Trio
      > Kavkasia writes:
      > The Georgian people, inhabiting a land the size of West Virginia wedged
      > between Russia and Turkey, speak a group of languages related to no
      > other outside the Caucasus Mountain region. Georgia is an island
      > musically as well, exceptional in having an ancient, deep-rooted
      > tradition of polyphony (music in several independent voices), while all
      > the cultures that surround it, and all the cultures that have occupied
      > or passed through it, are firmly monophonic. Georgian polyphony appears
      > to be truly autonomous and original, and its rules of counterpoint and
      > tuning derive from nowhere else. Three-part singing in Georgia was
      > probably in full flower by the ninth century, substantially preceding
      > the modern development of polyphony in Europe... Georgian singers
      > consistently sing intervals and tune chords in ways that are at odds
      > with historical European practice...
      > (www.argosoft.com/kavkasia/)
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