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Community Event 9/18/04

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  • Sunshine F. Becker
    Thanks for any and all support in promoting this FREE event in Oakland honoring Lake Merritt s birds. See attached press release (also printed below) and
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2004
      Thanks for any and all support in promoting this FREE event in Oakland
      honoring Lake Merritt's birds. See attached press release (also printed
      below) and photo. You may contact me for interviews and further information.

      (Photo by Brooke Gelber)

      Sincerely, in the music,

      Sunshine F. Becker
      (510) 278-4844
      Location Information: Nature Center: 510 -238-3739
      �Honoring Lake Merritt�s Birds�
      (OAKLAND, CA) � A dancer, 2 vocalists and visual artist have joined creative
      forces to celebrate and honor the birds of the North America�s oldest
      wildlife refuge at Lake Merritt. �Under The Wing� is the name for the
      performance featuring interdisciplinary artist Patricia Bulitt performing a
      dance on a platform floating on Lake Merritt, accompanied by David Worm and
      Sunshine Becker, members of the Oakland based vocal band SoVoS�. Together,
      the singers will perform a musical piece composed with Patricia Bulitt,
      interwoven with improvisation. �Birds You Can Read� is the name for the
      pubic art exhibition designed by Patricia Bulitt with original hand cut out
      birds by Annie Hallatt, painted by Debra Green with text by Patricia Bulitt,
      installed on the lawn by the children�s play area complimented by a sound
      score composed of interviews with people taken by Bulitt at Lake Merritt.
      The public is invited to write a hand written message to paper birds tied
      with a molted feather as a �Bird Cape�, which is to be on display along with
      the entire exhibition until December, 2004. This event is happening in
      conjunction with National Coastal Clean-up Day, and is free to the public
      and a wonderful experience for all ages. Come and see all that the birds
      have given to us and our community and make an offering of your own by
      simply being present. Spanish and Chinese translation of the exhibition and
      performance will be available. This location is wheel chair accessible.

      Saturday, September 18, 2004
      Lakeside Park
      Near 600 block of Bellevue Avenue, Lake Merritt, Oakland, CA
      �Birds You Can Read � Eleven� Art Exhibition Opens at 10:30 A.M.
      Performance at 1:00 P.M.

      This project could not have been possible without the generous contributions
      of our supporters who must be thanked, especially the East Bay Community
      Foundation, LEF Foundation, City of Oakland, Cultural Arts, and Friends of
      Oakland Parks and Recreation for contributions. General Assistance also
      received by Urban Creeks Council, City of Oakland Parks and Recreation,
      Stephanie Benavidez and the Rotary Nature Center, CLIFF BAR, and Sound
      Engineer Roland Fajilan.
      www.oaklandparks.org/special events


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