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New Bay Area Polyrhythm Choir starting

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  • Tammy Heinsohn
    From Tony Elman ( tonyelman@hotmail.com) or 510-528-4497 Sing, move and lift your spirit!! I m delighted to announce the upcoming
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      From Tony Elman (<mailto:tonyelman@...>tonyelman@...)
      or 510-528-4497

      Sing, move and lift your spirit!!

      I'm delighted to announce the upcoming birth of the

      The choir has been in the embryonic stages over the last few months, and its
      time to break out, baby! Our North Oakland/Rockridge location is being
      renovated and should be ready for us to start on MONDAY SEPTEMBER 20, so
      pencil that date in. We'll be rehearsing Mondays 7:30-9:30 pm in a
      beautiful room designed by Julia Morgan. It is not necessary to have any
      vocal training or choral experience--just a love of singing, rhythm and
      movement...and a reasonably good ear. No audition required. All of the
      songs will be taught by ear, so it is not necessary to be able to read music.

      The choir will be a RHYTHM JOURNEY...stepping, clapping and singing together
      in multiple layers, immersed in waves of rhythm--- and a TRIBAL SINGING
      CIRCLE... our voices soaring in 4-6 part harmony, singing African, folk,
      sacred and original songs and rounds. Techniques adapted from the amazing
      work of Reinhard Flatischler (TaKeTiNa) will create a quantum leap in
      understanding rhythm. Each 3-month session will develop towards some kind
      of a performance.

      Tuition will be $165 per quarter (3-month session), payable at the beginning
      of each quarter (unless other arrangements are made). If money is an issue,
      please let me know--there will be a limited number of work scholarships
      available. PLEASE RSVP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to reserve your space in this
      unique choir (and tell me if you know your vocal range; ie. soprano, alto,
      tenor, bass...I may need to limit the number of singers in certain vocal
      ranges, to keep it balanced.) I'll send a follow-up in a couple of weeks.

      For more info, please e-mail me, and leave a phone number if you'd like to
      talk. I'm out-of-town, checking messages weekly.
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