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Kinsey Sicks in Provincetown, Vegas and San Francisco!

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    Kinsey Sicks: I WANNA BE A REPUBLICAN Provincetown - August 13 and 15 San Francisco (encore performance) - August 28 -and- Kinsey Sicks: DRAGAPELLA! Las
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      "Kinsey Sicks: I WANNA BE A REPUBLICAN"
      Provincetown - August 13 and 15
      San Francisco (encore performance) - August 28


      "Kinsey Sicks: DRAGAPELLA!"
      Las Vegas - August 26 and 27

      Greetings Sicksoscienti,

      The Kinsey Sicks are proud to announce that they have been selected by
      President Bush to be the country's first National Intelligence Director. The
      responsibilities involved in taking the helm of the Intelligence Community will not
      be entirely new to the Kinseys, who have already held key positions of
      leadership in the Ignorance Community, the Puzzled Bewilderment Community and the
      Nearly Insufferable Stupidity Community. In fact, much of the Ignorance, Puzzled
      Bewilderment and Nearly Insufferable Stupidity evident in the country today are
      the direct result of the Kinsey Sicks' efforts over the past years.

      As part of their new duties cultivating Intelligence nationwide, the Kinsey
      Sicks will be hitting the road this month performing in Provincetown, San
      Francisco and Las Vegas (yes -- all three coasts!).

      ** Provincetown's Town Hall, August 13 & 15 only!
      ** San Francisco's Herbst Theatre, August 28 only!

      "I WANNA BE A REPUBLICAN" - the Kinsey Sicks election year spectacle - has
      been praised as "a campy, slapstick-funny, red-white-and-blue musical revue that
      pillories the Grand Old Party with timely, devastating political satire....
      It is a sharp-witted show [that] would make Michael Moore proud." (Bay Area

      And indeed these words might be true -- we will let you know after we look up
      "pillories," which until this moment we thought to be a type of ladies' hat.
      We do know, for what it's worth, that the show has been repeatedly described
      as "Fahrenheit 911 in Drag" which, for those of you residing overseas, would
      be "Celsius 488.33 in Drag." (Just trying to be helpful.) This is the Kinsey
      Sicks' most powerful (and time-sensitive) show ever, and should not be missed.

      For PTown Tickets, call (508) 487-9793, or go to

      For San Francisco Tickets, call (415) 392-4400 or go to

      Las Vegas, August 26 and 27

      What, you think that after Linda Ronstadt we'd do "I Wanna Be a Republican"
      in Vegas? Nope. No Dixie Sicks we! (Unless, of course, we were certain we
      could sell hundreds of CDs at full price for burning purposes.)

      Instead, we are treating Las Vegas to two breath-taking evenings of the best,
      the worst and the most spectacular of the Kinsey Sicks. This will be a saucy
      evening not to be missed.

      For tickets, call the Westin Box Office at (702) 836-9775 or go to

      The Kinsey Sicks
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