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Santa Cruz Acappellafest 3/6 Workshops

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  • Tammy L. Heinsohn
    March 1, 1999 For Immediate Release Musical Variety is a Bargain for Santa Cruz Acappellafest Conference Workshops The best bargain all year long for those who
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      March 1, 1999
      For Immediate Release

      Musical Variety is a Bargain for Santa Cruz Acappellafest Conference

      The best bargain all year long for those who love vocal music is the
      second annual Santa Cruz Acappellafest on March 6. For a modest
      $10.00 (in advance/ $11.00 at the door), fans can enjoy a full day of
      seminars and a lunch time concert. The day conference begins at
      9:00a.m at the First Congregational Church, 900 High Street, Santa
      Cruz. Here are descriptions of the currently planned workshops,
      sing-a-longs and performances:

      Santa Cruz Shape Note Society Sing-A-Long led by ethnomusicologist
      JANET HERMAN, Ph.D. Join members of the Shape Note Society to sing
      early American hymns from the 1991 edition of the Sacred Harp
      songbook. Janet will present a brief history of this music and
      explain its traditions. For more information about the Santa Cruz
      Shape Note Society contact the Community Music School at (831)426-9155
      or shelley@....

      Introduction to Vocal Percussion with WES CARROLL of the House Jacks
      and ELAINE CHAO of got spit? productions. The workshop will include
      some demonstration and instruction of technique and equipment, general
      hints and referrals to reference materials and human resources in the
      area. Wes Carroll is the vocal percussionist for the House Jacks, a
      professional quintet based in San Francisco. Contact him at
      wes@.... He currently has a vocal percussion video, "Mouth
      Drumming," on sale. Elaine Chao is the vocal percussionist for mixed
      sextet Press Any Key and the founder of got spit? productions. Email:
      elaine@... or http://www.gotspit.com

      The Barbershop Style led by Gold Standard Chorus director JERRY PAUL.
      Listen to a Barbershop quartet, then sing some songs and tags in
      ringing 4-part harmony, and find out what Barbershop is all about.
      How do they achieve such blending, synchronicity, dear emotional
      effects, long phrases, etc? Jerry is a prolific music arranger and
      currently the director of the Gold Standard Chorus, a founder of the
      Santa Cruz Singing Society and the Eclectic Company, and a member of
      the Golden Rule Quartet. Jerry can be reached at jpaul@....

      Sound Musing with DENINE MONET and GINGER HOLLADAY. Improvisation is
      intuition in action, a way to discover the Muse and respond to her
      voice, a way to discover the heart's voice. Improvisation also
      sharpens our capacity to deal with an ever-changing world. Learn the
      skills of listening, communicating and supporting each other by
      playing and improvising with tone, rhythm and movement. We will
      explore tonal centering, rhythmic movement, call and response,
      ensemble improv using what we've learned. What we have to express is
      already within us ...it IS us! Come play with your Muse! As a
      professional recording studio vocalist GINGER HOLLADAY has sung on
      many #1hits and also radio and tv commercials.She has studied
      improvisation with the Second City Players in Chicago and many Bay
      area teachers. She teaches "Sound Musing" at Esalen Institute and
      privately. She can be reached at 831-667-2742 or via e-mail
      at... marson@.... DENINE MONET is a Bay Area jazz
      vocalist. She has lead singing/toning workshops with Karin
      Uphoff-Garza, certified natural healer/vocalist/educator. She
      developed and recorded the a cappella score for an award-winning
      multimedia presentation. Denine teaches voice privately and can be
      reached at 650-348-SONG (7664) or via e-mail at denine@....

      Latest Releases in A Cappella Music - Come hear selections from the
      latest releases in a cappella music from the owner of Primarily A
      Cappella Catalog - JOHN NEAL. John can be reached at
      harmony@... and on the web at http://www.singers.com and at

      Up Close and Personal with VocaMotion- Come get personal with one of
      Santa Cruz' finest a cappella groups, VOCAMOTION, who just recorded
      their first CD. Be the first to hear Samples off the new CD, learn
      how they chose the music, arrangements, producer, studio and disk
      manufacturer, and ask all those other burning questions you've always
      wanted to ask a professional a cappella group, but weren't sure if it
      was appropriate in public. VocaMotion can be reached at

      Rounds Sing-a-Long - There is more to rounds singing than "Michael Row
      The Boat Ashore." Come have a fun time learning new rounds from
      CAROLYN STARK of Naked Voices and CLAIRE from Mount Madonna Choir and
      other local singing groups. Carolyn can be reached at
      carolyn_stark@... or (831)475-4936 and Claire can be
      reached at (831)425-0299 or clairedb@...

      Internet Resources for A Cappella Music - Want to know how to get
      Email from your favorite a cappella group or want to know where to
      look for an arrangement of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"? Come listen to
      PAUL SINASOHN, bass singer for Press Any Key, CASA Arrangements
      Librarian and technical writer in is other life, as he demonstrates
      where to find key a cappella music resources on the web. Paul can be
      reached at sinasohn@... or 510-594-6153.

      All That Jazz - Come explore what makes jazz harmonies so exciting and
      alluring with DIANA LAVALY, director of Jazz Attack a 12 singer
      ensemble that performs 30's and 40's standards with accompaniment.
      Jazz Attack is currently auditioning for new members. Diana can be
      reached at (831)426-2609 or ddlavaly@....

      Urban Harmony Movement - UHM director CATALINA JOOS will describe the
      successes this exciting youth outreach program has had in its first
      three years and she will tell us how we can get the program started
      here in our county to bring more a cappella music to our kids.
      Catalina can be reached at (415) 563-5423 or UHM@....

      Wanna' Join or Start a Group? Here's your chance to network with
      other area singers who are looking for new folks to sing with. TAMMY
      HEINSOHN, CASA Ambassador and SCATS founder will facilitate this
      networking session. Tammy can be reached at (831)425-8595 or

      The 12:30pm lunch time showcase concert will include the groups: Press
      Any Key, Estetica, Naked Voices, and VocaMotion. Press Any Key (PAK)
      is a mixed a cappella sextet based in Emeryville, California. PAK's
      repertoire includes tastes from the realms of doo-wop, jazz, R&B, pop
      rock from the recent decades, and a cappella standards and original
      music. Estetica is the top vocal jazz choir at Abraham Lincoln
      Academic, Visual and Performing Arts Magnet School in San Jose. Santa
      Cruz quintet Naked Voices premiers two new members at the
      Acappellafest lunch concert with all original songs. VocaMotion
      returns home to perform after having completed a stunning performance
      at the Northern California Regionals of the Harmony Sweepstakes.

      The evening concert featuring SoVoSo, Mount Madonna Choir and
      Stanford's Mixed Company begins at 7:00p.m.

      Tickets are available by mail from SCATS, P.O. Box 381, Santa Cruz, CA
      95061-0381 and also at Gateway Book and Gift, 1018 Pacific Ave., Santa
      Cruz, (831)429-9600. Daytime Conference advanced ticket price is
      $10.00 ($11.00 at the door), evening concert advanced ticket price is
      $15.00 (($16.00 at the door), or purchase both at the same time at a
      discounted price of $20.00 ($21.00 at the door).

      Refer to the Acappellafest web site for the latest information,
      http://members.aol.com/tammycasa or contact Tammy Heinsohn,
      (831)425-8595 or by Email:tammycasa@....

      Tammy Heinsohn * tammycasa@... * tammyh@...
      (831)425-8595 Home* (831)459-5229 Work* (831)459-3188 Fax
      Contemporary A Cappella Society California Central Coast Ambassador
      Director, Santa Cruz Acappellafest and Talent Showcase (SCATS)
      P.O. Box 381 * Santa Cruz, CA 95061-0381

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