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  • Primarily A Cappella
    These are the descriptions of the groups participating in this year s Bay Area Harmony Sweepstakes, to be held this Saturday at the Palace of Fine Arts.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 22, 1999
      These are the descriptions of the groups participating in this year's Bay
      Area Harmony Sweepstakes, to be held this Saturday at the Palace of Fine
      Arts. Tickets 415-392-4400

      Copper Wimmin

      Copper Wimmin is a trio of outstanding vocalists from Sonoma County that
      blends intricate rhythms and harmony together with fearless lyrics to
      create a stunning and uplifting performance. Influenced by the soulfulness
      of Sweet Honey in the Rock and the powerhouse rage of Ani Difranco, the
      group has inspired audiences from coffee hoses to concert halls. They
      became inseparable after singing together in a center of the Santa Rosa
      children's chorus. Since then, they sang everywhere they went. This
      childhood synergy has forged a body of original music and a unique style
      that is at once worldly and innocent. These elements combine to create a
      sound that is much bigger than a sum of its parts, a sound that enraptures
      and inspires transcendence. They are a cappella in a voice for truth.

      Euphorics (U4X)

      The Euphorics are a joyous, energetic a cappella quartet who since 1983 has
      been delighting audiences internationally on radio, television, concert
      stages, at schools, festivals, and especial events of all kinds.
      Individually, members of the Euphorics are powerful lead singers. Together,
      they create a rich and soulful blend with a repertoire of top-notch
      originals and innovative arrangements of covers in a wide variety of
      styles. The Euphorics celebrate their passion for music with plenty of
      humor an dynamic audience interaction.


      Freestyle is an energetic barbershop quartet that goes out of its way to
      provide beautiful music and memorable entertainment. They burst onto the
      music scene in 1996 by winning the Northern California Divisional Contest
      in their first public performance. Since then, they have entertained
      audiences throughout the country. They are the current and three-time
      Northern California Division Quartet Champions and were International
      Semi-Finalists this year at the International Barbershop Quartet
      Championships in Atlanta, Georgia.

      Kinsey Sicks

      This rich sounding quartet was born three years ago. Since then, they have
      managed to craft their own, individual, full, harmonically adept, and
      thouroughly disciplined vocal sound. No stereotype is safe with these guys.
      Last November they showcased a wide streak of quite advertent Jewish humor
      at the annual Kung Pao Kosher Comedy night. Their shows require mandatory
      audience participation, and provide a time of unrelieved laughter and fun.

      Moe Cappella

      Moe Cappella has never met a style of music they can't take the instruments
      out of. From pop to classical, jazz to reggae, tear-jerking ballad to
      high-energy rocker. Moe Cappella does it all - or at least some of it. From
      festivals, coffee houses to private parties, the band has been delighting
      every age audiences since 1995 with an eclectic blend of familiar - and a
      few not so familiar tunes in a contemporary a cappella style. As arrangers,
      they put their unique signature on each song they perform (and they fight a
      lot over who gets to sing melody). Their goal is to bring peace and harmony
      to the world.

      Press Any Key

      Press Any Key is a mixed a cappella sextet based in Emeryville, California,
      in the San Francisco Bay Area. They specialize in performing original songs
      and cover arrangements written by their members. Diverse audiences around
      the Bay have enjoyed the group's performances in many public and private
      venues. Press Any Key has performed in the San Francisco Regional Harmony
      Sweepstakes, the East Bay Pride Festival, an A Cappella Against Aids V.
      They were founded in 1995 by the brother-sister team of Paul & Barbara
      Sinasohn. The group has gained fans among both a cappella aficionados and
      first-time listeners.


      Tight harmonies, original songs, soulful ballads, explosive percussion,
      lots of wine (Ikm not here, but that's normally the way we ensure an
      audience... ) Hold on for an unforgettable auditory adventure with this
      six-voice group whose style ranges from jazz to classical, and from gospel
      to pop. Ro-Sham-Bo is Bonnie Doyle (soprano), Audrey Kauffman (soprano),
      Arsinoe Bacogiannis (alto), Will Flash (tenor), Paul Daniels (repressed
      soprano), and Paul Kim (bass). Our average height is 5'8'', our aberage
      weight is 130 lbs. For additional information, please call 510-531-1237

      'Til Dawn

      'Til Dawn is a co-ed, teen a cappella group that comprises the musical
      performing arts portion of Youth in Arts. Since 1997, 'Til Dawn has
      appeared before over thirty thousand people at over sixty events. The nine
      members of 'Til Dawn have developed a repertoire that breaks down the
      boundaries between rock, pop, jazz and soul. They feature pieces from
      Sheryl Crow, the Pointer Sisters, Neil Young and Willie Dixon in addition
      to original songs written by the group members. 'Til Dawn performs
      regularly at a variety of community events, benefits and schools where they
      serve as a harmonious illustration of Youth in arts mission, to expand the
      minds and open the hearts of children in Marin. 'Til Dawn provides an
      outlet for young people to cellebrate the value of the arts and inspires
      children of all ages to dream, create and reach out to others.


      "Voices to move the spirit" - VocaMotion is a contemporary upbeat a
      cappella quartet from Santa Cruz. Their eclectic repertoire of rock, folk,
      soul, blues, doo-wop and original tunes, along with their friendly on-stage
      chemistry will lift your spirits, have you tapping your feet, clapping
      along and laughing out laud. They can rock, reflect, inspire, and get
      silly. They love what they do, and you will too. They are bound together by
      their joyful commitment to the positive power of music to touch our hearts.
      They feel privileged to be able to offer their voices, and join with their
      with their audiences in the service of lifting the human spirit and having
      a good time.

      1999 Judges

      Joey Blake

      Raised in a family of musicians and gospel singers, Joey's multiple skills
      include ones such as: a singer, musician (piano, guitar, bass, percussion),
      composer, dancer, and choir director. He studied classical voice and vocal
      jazz arranging at Phil Matson's School for Vocalists in Spokane,
      Washington, developing his deeply resonant and expressive bass vocals. He
      toured with the a cappella group "Street Sounds," and is a veteran of
      several pop/rock bands. Currently, he sings in the 1998 Harmony
      Sweepstakes winner SoVoSo. Leader of his own gospel choir, Joey was
      commissioned by the Oakland Youth Chorus to write and arrange for its
      professional touring ensemble, "Vocal Motion." He was a musician and a
      vocalist in Kenny Liggin's "Conviction of the Heart" tour, and has
      appeared in Loggin's VH-1 special as well as Bobby McFerrin's "The Garden"
      video, as a dancer. Joey led workshops for the Mayor's Performing Arts Day
      Camp, and currently teaches music and theater in the Berkeley Arts Magnet
      school program. He also teaches private voice and piano lessons.

      Susan G. Duncan

      As Chanticleer's executive Director since 1992, Ms. Duncan manages the
      day-to day operations of the only full-time professional vocal ensemble in
      the US. Prior to working with Chanticleer, she was the Managing Director of
      the California Shakespeare Festival and had brought it to its extraordinary
      growth within only a three-year period. From 1986 to 1988, she was the
      General Manager of San Francisco's long-running musical comedy phenomenon,
      Beach Blanket Babylon. Her earlier work experience includes six years in
      the Public Affairs department of San Francisco's largest corporation,
      Chevron USA where she had responsibility for the company's participation in
      arts philanthropy. Ms. Duncan's present community activities include
      serving as Board Treasurer for Chorus America, the national service
      organization for professional choruses; as a panelist for the San Francisco
      Art Commission's Cultural Equity Grants; and as a frequent guest lecturer
      in Golden Gate University Arts Administration program. She is a graduate of
      UCLA's MBA program in Arts Management and a summa cum laude in Art History
      form the University of Missouri at Columbia.

      Welles B. Goodrich

      Welles B. Goodrich is an artist and inventor who lives in the redwoods near
      Santa Cruz, California. Fifteen years ago, while working as a public radio
      volunteer (electrician), vague memories of his participation in a church
      choir stimulated collecting a cappella music from KUSP's extensive music
      library. This avid collector's passion turned into radio progamming, which
      gradually produced a series of semi-scholarly non commercial tape
      recordings, including countless discopraphies and notes, that have been
      shared all around the world. Mr. Goodrich has done critical and creative
      work as a writer for the CASA publications. He has also worked on several
      compilations of a cappella music which have been commercially released. In
      the past years, he has been a judge at the Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella

      Michael Levine

      Michael is the founder and president of Events West, a Mill Valley based
      special event company. As producer of large city festivals, such as the
      15th annnual A La Carte, a La Park, he has presented hundreds of musical
      acts to diverse audiences. Michael has been an a cappella fan for years and
      is proud to have featured many Harmony Sweepstakes winners on Events West
      stages, including: The House Jacks, SoVoSo, Acme Vocals, The Edlos along
      with top groups such as the Bobs and Zap Mama.

      Bryan Matheson

      Bryan Matheson hates writing bios, but we made him do it anyway. Bryan is a
      musical schizophrenic, singer, songwriter, arranger, producer, and
      engineer, specializing in a cappella, who spends most of his time in
      recording studios, mainly Skyline Studios in Oakland, where he acts like he
      owns the place. He has extensive production experience on both sides of the
      microphone, having written, produced, and sung dozens of radio commercials.
      Also he was recently featured in Keybord Magazine (December '98 issue)
      wherein he discussed some of his vocal arranging and recording techniques.
      When he is not being held hostage by paying clients, Bryan is an arranger
      and a featured soloist for The Pacific Mozart Ensemble.

      Buddy Saleman

      This prolific Bay Area producer has worked with the House Jacks -
      past-years' winners of the Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival, Mary
      Shmary, Kai (reaching the Top 100 single in the Billboard Magazine). He has
      also worked for the A Cappella Radio International, and is on the board of
      directiors for CASA. He owns his own recording studio in SF - "Studio
      684," where he had been working for the past twenty years. Besides
      engieering in his studio, Mr.Saleman has put together all the previous
      Harmony Sweepstakes recordings. Also to his credit, for the past few years,
      he has been a writer for the "Electronic" - a musicians' magazine. Whenever
      time allows, he teaches audio producion workshops at studio "Urban Harmony."

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