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Assistance Needed - Russia's Nevsky Vocal Ensemble

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  • vansan5
    Hi everyone! From Russia, the Nevsky Vocal Ensemble would like to plan a tour in California in October-November 2004 time period. We d like to lend them a hand
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      Hi everyone!

      From Russia, the Nevsky Vocal Ensemble would like to plan a tour in California in October-November 2004 time period. We'd like to lend them a hand with any ideas or contacts for potential performance opportunities. For more information about the group, please see Veronika's note below. If you can pass any information to me or if you can include me on any correspondence to Veronika that would be appreciated. The California CASA ambassadors will be checking in to their local areas and if we can coordinate between the state that would be helpful.

      Thanks everyone!!

      Vanessa Santiago
      Contemporary A Cappella Society (CASA) - USA West Regional Ambassador

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      From: Veronika Gyseva [mailto:Veronika_Gyseva@...]
      Sent: Monday, February 28, 2005 4:03 PM
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      Subject: Nevsky Vocal Ensemble

      Dear Friends,

      My name is Veronika Gyseva and I am the tour coordinator of Nevsky Vocal Ensemble.

      Please, I would be very thankful if you could give me an advice to whom it may concern:

      Nevsky Vocal Ensemble is a group of 6 professional singers from Russia, St.Petersburg, which was set up in 1997. Nevsky Vocal Ensemble sings a capella (voice only), performing both in classical and "unique style."

      The singers dedicate ourselves to upholding the heritage of greatness and beauty in choral music and to continue Russian traditions of ensemble singing, selecting for its programme what is the best in Russian early and modern music. Its repertoire includes sacred and secular music by Bortniansky; Chesnokov; Rakhmaninov, Taneev, Arkhangelsky, Dargomyzhsky and other composers, as well as music by ST.Petersburg modern composers and interpretations of Russian folk songs and romances.

      Nevsky Vocal Ensemble can give performances in churches, concert halls, hospitals and schools.

      Since 1998 very many churches and concert halls in France, Germany, Switzerland and Spain have experienced their professional singing of Russian Orthodox liturgical music, Folk Songs and masterpieces of worldwide music. They visited the USA with the concerts in the autumn of 2003 (Washington DC and Virginia). The ensemble has quickly won appretiation and recognition of the audiences as a fine and professional choir.

      They get no support of any Russian organisation, there is no churge for admission to the concerts, however at the end of performance the free will offering is collected for the benefit of the ensemble.

      It is only their compensation so they could continue to perform again.

      Now we are planning to perform and to bring our music to the USA - California (October 2004-November 2004) and I am looking for the contacts in your region who could be interested in our concerts.

      Please if you have any ideas who could be interested in our concerts and you could give me any advice I would be very much appreciated. Thank you for your kind attention.

      Best regards,

      Veronika Gyseva,

      Tour coordinator



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