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  • Jennifer Ayre
    Introducing.... **** The ClefHangers **** We are two talented singers/musicians forming a 4 part SATB (Soprano, Alto, Tenor Bass) a cappella singing group
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2003
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      Introducing.... **** The ClefHangers ****

      We are two talented singers/musicians forming a 4 part SATB (Soprano, Alto,
      Tenor Bass) a cappella singing group based in San Francisco. We are
      auditioning for a bass and a female voice (ideally someone who can and wants
      to sing both soprano and alto parts alternately). We may then look to add a
      5th part/male vocal percussionist. We will be developing a "signature" sound
      with pop, jazz, doo-wop, soul and classical influences, with the goal of
      singing 50% original arrangements. We are serious, ambitious and fun! Our
      standard repertoire will be selected and developed from a variety of
      arrangers, composers and genres, which will include numbers from the CASA
      song books, and other popular jazz and a cappella literature.

      We will both be atteding the a cappella summit and will be handing out
      flyers. Look for our logo (attached).

      Our Story:

      Perhaps you are like me (I'm the female voice), a college educated musician,
      jazz fanatic and instrumentalist, who loves a cappella and wants to be a
      part of a very successful group. Maybe you are already in a group and are
      frustrated because you aren't challenged and want more. Maybe you are an
      instrumentalist who has always dabbled in singing and knows that you have a
      tremendous untapped gift. If any of this rings a bell, you might be the one
      for us!

      Maybe you are like me. (I'm the tenor), a natural musician with instrumental
      training (trombone and piano) with a penchant for singing and performing for
      audiences. That magical vibration that occurs when voices harmonize singing
      a cappella is what really gets me going! My goal for the group is to create
      a unique, quality sound that appeals to a wide variety of audiences, while
      challenging my own singing abilities allowing me to grow as a musician.
      Ultimately we plan to compete at a regional level and cut a CD of our own
      and gig professionally. Hopefully you share some of these aspirations!

      And YOU...
      - are an exceptional all-round musician
      - can read music
      - have a jazz background or are familiar with jazz
      - have an instrumental background with piano or instrumental skills
      - are a strong part singer
      - are excited and inspired by all kinds of musical genres
      - are great in front of a crowd
      - are "30 something," give or take a few years
      - have a high energy level
      - are willing to make a commitment to performing
      - can rehearse at least once per week
      - are willing to make a financial commitment to the group over time to
      purchase a sound system, music, outfits, etc.


      GOOD! Reply with your address and phone number and we'll contact you to
      setup an audition and send you the materials. You will sing two songs form
      the CASA songbooks and one jazz piece with tight harmonies. Please also
      prepare a solo of your choice and bring a tape or piano sheet music/lead


      The ClefHangers

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