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BOHiCA Says Goodbye

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  • cferejohn@echelon.com
    Sorry for the extreme tardiness of this email, given that our last performance was months ago. As you all probably know, BOHiCA is no more. The website
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 19, 2003
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      Sorry for the extreme tardiness of this email, given that our last
      performance was months ago.

      As you all probably know, BOHiCA is no more. The website
      (http://www.bohica-acappella.com/) will be around for a while longer if you
      want to look at it and/or download song clips. If you want to order a
      full-length CD ($10+S&H), email sing@.... And now, the

      Elena Krasnovsky:
      Dear Family, Friends, Fans, Passers-by, or anyone who accidentally receives
      this email:
      I want to thank you equally for supporting BOHiCA these last four years.
      Being a BOHiCA has been one of the most incredible projects I have
      participated in, and one that has led to many wonderful experiences. It is
      a very difficult thing to leave this piece of my life behind. There is a
      large part of me that truly wishes this singing group could go on forever. I
      have worked with many ensembles and I can tell you that it's rare to find
      one comprised of such talented people who ALSO have the kind of
      compatibility and chemistry that we were able to achieve. Twice-a-week
      rehearsals are quite an antidote to a bad mood and if anything could cheer
      me up when I was down, it's hanging out with Chris, Sara, and Ian. (Thanks,
      Future plans: I sincerely hope that there will be a BOHiCA reunion (maybe
      more than one) and that we will continue to perform when the chance arises.
      In the meantime, after my summer travel to Europe and Israel, I will be
      attending Brandeis to get an International MBA (a two-year program). During
      this time, I expect to join or start an a cappella singing group, as singing
      is one thing I cannot live without).

      Sara LaBatt:
      Sara says: Thanks to everyone for all of your support of BOHiCA! Even though
      singing for new people was great, it was always nice to look out into a
      crowd and see some friendly facing smiling up at us. My plans for the future
      don't involve any singing so far, but I am in two other groups where I play
      the trombone: The Blowkings (www.blowkings.com <http://www.blowkings.com/>)
      and the California Repercussions (www.repercussions.com
      <http://www.repercussions.com/>) . You can catch both at a number of fairs
      and festivals around the Bay Area, so visit the websites and come out and
      enjoy! I wish everybody happy and healthy summers, and keep your eye out for
      me - you never know when I might hit the a cappella stage again! ~ Sara

      Chris Ferejohn:
      Chris would like to join with the rest of BOHiCA in giving a hearty thank
      you to all our supporters. For the time being, Chris will be re-entering the
      world of musical theatre. This summer, he will be playing the role of Benny
      Southstreet in Foothill Music Theatre's production of "Guys and Dolls"
      (http://www.cb-pr.com/foothillshow2.html). If you want to be kept informed
      of Chris' future performances, you can email him at cferejohn@...
      (note: if you are a friend of Chris', you're probably going to be emailed
      whether you like it or not).

      Ian Bell:
      Ian's current whereabouts are unknown. However, certain signs and portents
      received in dreams indicate that he adds his voice to the chorus of "Thank
      Yous" proffered by the rest of BOHiCA. His summer will presumably be taken
      up with planning his impending marriage to Laura Lapinski in mid-August. As
      for the future, it is whispered in dark corners that he may pick up the
      French Horn again and attempt to find his way into a local symphony. In
      fairness, it is also whispered that he is the secret founder of the Order of
      Hippocampus and will be leading his followers to salvation by way of the
      comet Zeta-9000, so don't pay too much attention to whispers.

      Cheers, and thanks for the ride
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