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Vocal Percussion Classes -- Berkeley

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  • achaikin
    Happy Halloween! Andrew Chaikin here. (former House Jack, etc...). I m giving some more vocal percussion classes in Berkeley this Sunday and the next. The
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2002
      Happy Halloween! Andrew Chaikin here.
      (former House Jack, etc...).

      I'm giving some more vocal percussion
      classes in Berkeley this Sunday and the
      next. The first one is for complete
      beginners; then, if you like what you
      learned, you can come back a week later
      and go deeper.

      The Beginner class is open-enrollment.
      The Intermediate class will be limited
      to 10 students only.

      If you're interested in the Beginner
      class, contact the Jazzschool at
      510-845-5373 and sign up.

      If you're interested in the Intermediate
      class, email me, and include your phone
      number so we can set up a little phone
      audition. I want to see how many slots
      are still open.

      Even though the location is called the
      Jazzschool, I'll be doing more rock /
      hip-hop / funk type stuff. Just so you

      More info on the classes:

      =-= =-= =-= =-= =-= =-= =-= =-= =-= =-=

      Sun, Nov 3 -- 2-4pm

      Drum with your mouth! You can become a
      vocal percussionist in no time -- I'll teach
      you how. Practicing vocal percussion is
      good for singers, drummers, or anybody
      who likes to make noise. No experience is
      required, but be prepared to use your
      voice in totally new ways. $30 for
      Jazzschool students, $40 otherwise.

      This class is open-enrollment; call the
      Jazzschool (510-845-5373) to sign up.

      =-= =-= =-= =-= =-= =-= =-= =-= =-= =-=

      Sun, Nov 10 -- 2-4pm

      This class is for those who have a grasp
      of the basics of vocal percussion, and
      want to take their skills to the next level.
      Class size will be limited to 10 students.
      $50 for Jazzschool students, $60 otherwise.

      Prerequisites: my Beginning VP class, and/or
      a grasp of the basics, demonstrable via a
      low-stress phone audition.

      For more info on the registration process:

      =-= =-= =-= =-= =-= =-= =-= =-= =-= =-=

      Both classes will be held at:

      The Jazzschool
      2087 Addison St., Berkeley CA
      (510) 845-5373

      =-= =-= =-= =-= =-= =-= =-= =-= =-= =-=

      If you don't know who the heck I am, or why
      I am qualified to teach vocal percussion, feel
      free to listen to the many samples available
      at my Web site: http://www.biggerbread.com


      Andrew Chaikin
      andrew at bigger bread dot com

      =-= =-= =-= =-= =-= =-= =-= =-= =-= =-=
      For the latest me-news, join one of my
      e-newsletters: one for SF Bay Area folks,
      one for everywhere else. I promise to tread
      lightly on your inbox. :) For more info,
      see http://www.biggerbread.com
      =-= =-= =-= =-= =-= =-= =-= =-= =-= =-=
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