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4803Form or join group Central/West Marin

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  • Att salin
    Dec 14, 2013
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      Anyone(s) in central Marin who could use a tenor, or up for creating a group to sing some harmonies and have some fun? Sweepstakes could be fun too, and we'll see. As Pete Seeger said, (sort of) I'll sing for/with anybody, and I'd love to get something going, with 2-6 folks, doing all sorts of music, from made up, to mainstream, to from another "planet."  Lets sing some songs, and make up some of our own too.

      I imagine that near everyone on this list, likely knows who Pete Seeger is, and I would suggest an interesting read, his testimony to the House UnAmerican Committee in 1955, where he talks about singing and music, which is beyond ALL beliefs and Nationalities.

      Sierra Salin