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480Harmony Sweepstakes tickets (two adjacent seats) for sale

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  • Eric De Mund
    May 3, 2000

      I'm tending to one of my four-leggeds, post-operative (gastroplexy), and
      can't make Saturday's Harmony Sweepstakes National Finals. I'm selling
      my two tickets at cost, which is $63.00 for the pair.

      The two adjacent seats are Dress Circle Right, Row 23, Seats 28 and 30
      (cf. Seating Chart of the Marin Veterans' Memorial Auditorium at

      I'm in the South Bay, and am open to meeting either during lunch or
      after work to give these tickets a new home. For best results, send me
      an email between 10:00am and 1:00am to arrange a meeting.


      "No man, however civilized, can listen for very long to African drumming, or
      Indian chanting, or Welsh hymn singing, and retain intact his critical and
      self-conscious personality." --Aldous Huxley
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