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1035Free Music Workshop for Men

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  • Charles Thompson
    Jun 2, 2002
      PO BOX 255, MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA 94042

      Dear Fellow Singer,

      You are invited to attend a Singer's Workshop concentrating on the vocal
      techniques of a cappella singing in the male voice. This nine-week workshop
      will cover the important aspects of vocal production, such as posture,
      resonance, and support. A syllabus of this workshop follows. Steve
      Sammonds, Certified Music Director of the Peninsulaires Barbershop Chorus
      since 1989, is your host and educator for this workshop, presented by the
      Palo Alto-Mountain View Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society. Chapter
      members will be on hand to address one on one any questions you may have on
      the workshop techniques discussed.

      This workshop starts on Tuesday, June 18 at 7:30 PM in Room M-2 of the
      Cubberley Community Center, 4000 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto and will be
      free of charge to interested male singers. We do ask that you register for
      this workshop, since seating is limited. A registration form accompanies
      this letter which you may return by mail or reply by e-mail. On the
      registration form is a space for you to indicate any special vocal concern
      you would like covered in the workshop. If it not part of our program, we
      can work with you privately to give you the help you need.

      The Peninsulaires Barbershop Chorus has been an active member of the
      Barbershop Harmony Society since 1948 and is currently the Northern
      California Small Chapter Chorus Champions for 2002 under the direction of
      Steve Sammonds. You can learn more about the chorus by checking our web
      site at www.barbershop-harmony.org.

      We hope you will find this workshop of interest and encourage you to send in
      your registration form now.


      Charles Thompson
      President, Palo Alto-Mountain View Chapter, SPEBSQSA
      P.O. Box 255
      Mountain View, CA 94042-0255
      e-mail: cst11@...
      web site: www.barbershop-harmony.org

      Palo Alto-Mountain View Chapter, SPEBSQSA
      Cubberley Community Center, Room M-2,
      4000 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA
      June 18 - August 20, 2002 7:30 PM

      * Posture
      * Inhalation
      * Exhalation
      * Resonance - Support
      * Vowels
      * Connectors
      * Rhythm

      * Definition of the style
      * Physics of Sound: Overtones, Ring, and Expanded Sound
      * Reading barbershop music
      * Intervals
      * Sight Singing
      * Performing barbershop
      * Delivery of the lyric
      * Rubato style
      * Use of volume, tempo, vocal color
      * Visual support (face)
      * Visual support (body movement)

      * Overview of the Inner Game
      * Awareness
      * Will
      * Trust


      Week 1 (June 18)
      Overview of the Summer Workshop Series
      Vocal Production: The Pyramid of Sound and Posture
      Barbershop Basics: Definition of the Style and Reading Barbershop Music

      Week 2 (June 25)
      Vocal Production: Posture and Inhalation
      The Inner Game: An Overview
      Barbershop Basics: Intervals I
      Barbershop Basics: The Physics of Sound I

      Week 3 (July 9)
      Vocal Production: Posture, Inhalation, and Exhalation
      The Inner Game: Awareness (#2 Body Awareness and #3 Breathing)
      Barbershop Basics: Intervals II
      Barbershop Basics: The Treble Clef
      Barbershop Basics: The Physics of Sound II

      Week 4 (July 16)
      Vocal Production: Resonance and Support
      The Inner Game: Awareness (#1 Sing and Audiate and #4 Sight-Watching the
      Barbershop Basics: More Intervals!
      Barbershop Basics: The Bass Clef
      Barbershop Basics: Delivery of the Lyric - From the Heart

      Week 5 (July 23)
      Vocal Production: Resonance and Support using the "AH" and "OH" vowels
      The Inner Game: Awareness (#8 Intonation-Horizontal and #9
      Barbershop Basics: Applying Intervals to Sight Singing
      Barbershop Basics: The Rubato Style

      Week 6 (July 30)
      Vocal Production: Overview of the 16 vowels - the four "families"
      The Inner Game: Will (#19 Vowel Matching and #17 Understand and Planning the
      Contour of a Phrase)
      Barbershop Basics: Use of Color, Volume, and Tempo
      Barbershop Basics: Visual Support (Face)

      Week 7 (August 6)
      Vocal Production: More vowels
      Barbershop Basics: Visual Support (Body Movement I)
      The Inner Game: Will and Awareness (#23 Commitment to the Personality of the
      Parts and #11 Phrasing with Text as a Guide)

      Week 8 (August 13)
      Vocal Production: Connectors
      Barbershop Basics: Visual Support (Body Movement II)
      The Inner Game: Will and Awareness (#22 Random & Spontaneous
      Turn/Travel/Change of Level and #13 Directed Energy Focus)

      Week 9 (August 20)
      Vocal Production: Integration
      Barbershop Basics: The Total Performance
      The Inner Game: Trust (#27 Energy/Excitement and #34 Youthful Exaggeration)


      Name: __________________________________________________________________

      Address: ________________________________________________________________

      City: ___________________________________________________ ZIP ____________

      Voice Part: ____________________________________________

      Singing experience:

      What specific information would you like covered in the workshop?


      Where did you learn of this

      Reply by e-mail at cst11@... or mail to: Summer Workshop, PO Box
      255, Mountain View, CA 94042