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Re: [B5CCG] LL's Articles #35, Level the Playing Field

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  • David Conner
    Incidentally, one possible alternative to LTPF is this class of card ( All players may use X to support or oppose a Y conflict ): Fleets on the Border
    Message 1 of 10 , Mar 2, 2000
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      Incidentally, one possible alternative to LTPF is this
      "class" of card ("All players may use X to support or
      oppose a Y conflict"):

      Fleets on the Border
      Special Ops
      Intrigues Mature
      Cut Supply Lines
      A Good Bluff

      And the Psi-based equivalents are OK, but more limited
      (only 1/2 Psi, and only usable to oppose):
      Hidden Hand
      Psionic Sabotage
      Say What They Want

      These cards can really turn a conflict on its head in
      a way LTPF usually can't. The problem, of course, is
      that there's also more possible ways for it to
      backfire on you, since all players can now jump in
      with the second ability.

      But if you're pretty dominant in the selected ability,
      these cards can be really nice. Particularly in
      Military decks, I've found - the typical heavy
      military deck can often just run away with someone
      else's Prey on the Weak conflict using Special Ops,
      for instance.
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    • PDB6@aol.com
      Cryptic Kosh wrote: Nope--I don t think anyone is missing
      Message 2 of 10 , Mar 2, 2000
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        Cryptic Kosh wrote:
        << Sorry to bash so many people, but... I think a number
        of you are missing the point of the card. >>

        Nope--I don't think anyone is missing the point of the card.

        >>The way I most often use it, and quite possibly the
        best way is as follows. I'm the Centauri and initiate
        a Diplomacy conflict targeting the Minbari, almost
        suicide, they manage to provide just enough opposition
        for the conflict to fail, but it took everything they
        had to do it.>>

        A) Why are you initiating a Diplomacy conflict against the Minbari when you
        are the Centauri, when they clearly have superior Diplomacy on the table (an
        assumed point of the formentioned situation), and may also have a Level in
        their hand?

        B) How likely is it, in reality, for the margin of difference in Diplomacy to
        be so close that having that Level will save the day?

        C) How unlikely is it that if you have a Level to use on Durano for the win
        that the Minbari will have a Level to use on the Homeworld Fleet and make you
        lose anyway?

        Yes--under some circumstances, when the wind is blowing correctly, Level can
        save the day and you come out looking a champion. Most of the time, however,
        it tends to be too little, too late or is countered by an opponents Level.
        I'd usually rather have a card that I know will make my deck work better.

        >>Gee, let's see, I think I'll LTPF Minister Durano, and
        have him rotate to support with 9 Intrigue. The
        Minbari used everything they had, and I win.>>

        Yeah, sometimes. Sometimes they Level the Homeworld Fleet over Durano, and
        you lose anyway. Sometimes they have twice the Diplomacy you do in the first

        >>This card is very useful, and there should be at least 1 in every deck. >>

        No one is saying it isn't useful--it is clearly a good card, but it has a
        fairly high opportunity cost: how often will it actually be useful in your
        deck, to the point that it is worth including in the place of other cards
        that you *know* will always be useful. There are lots of good, utilitarian
        cards in the game. If you include 3 of each of them in every deck you build,
        you don't have room for the cards you need to make your deck go.

        If you have the space to spare, or have some noticable weaknessess that Level
        will regularly fill in for and cover up, use them. If not, you are probably
        better off leaving them out in the name of a leaner, well tuned deck.

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