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9437Ma: Response to Etc. on Drought and the Maya Collapse

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  • Martin Peach
    Jan 23, 2003
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      >Hodell et al (Science 292 p1367) have the major drought starting
      >around AD 750, ie the 8th century, in the central Yucatan.

      John Pastore asked:
      Does that mean a 'minor' drought was in the making prior?

      It seems that at least around lake Chichancanab, which is in
      central Yucatan about 50 miles south of Chichen Itza, drought
      was 'normally' roughly periodic on an approximately 50 year cycle,
      but that around 750 one began that lasted at least 200 years.
      This dry period has also been found in the Sahel of Africa, so it
      is not a smallscale event.


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