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9434Ma: Drought and the Maya Collapse

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  • Brown, Clifford Dr. (NAVFACHQ)
    Jan 22, 2003
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      Estimados co-listeros-

      There is no doubt that Jerry and David are right. The timing of
      the drought documented in the lake cores is now admitted by all
      to not correspond terribly well with the Collapse (if that's not
      a misnomer, and many think it is). It is also true that the Puuc
      region has the least surface water and the fewest water sources
      of any part of the Maya lowlands. Nevertheless, it was very
      densely populated during the Late and Terminal Classic periods.
      We need to be looking at other climate proxies, like stalactites,
      tree rings, and otoliths, to understand the climate patterns


      Clifford T. Brown

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