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  • Luis Lopes
    Jan 21 7:17 AM
      Dear listeros,

      First of all I would like to thank all of you who answered my
      request regarding the:

      "Fragment of Polychrome Vessel at Morley's Museum (Tikal)"

      Many thanks for your attention and time.

      We are planning a trip to the Peten in the Summer and would be
      interested in visiting La Florida (near El Naranjo, close to the
      Mexican border) and El Pajaral. We would be interested in getting
      as much information as possible on traveling in this area, and
      specifically to the above mentioned sites. Information on
      arranging for logistics and most of all for getting good local
      guides (specially for elusive El Pajaral) would be most helpful.
      I heard that a French team of archaeologists is/has been/was
      working at El Pajaral. Does anyone have a contact ?

      Again thank you for your time.

      All the best,


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