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9415Ma: Drought and the Maya Collapse

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  • jbaker@email.arizona.edu
    Jan 16, 2003
      There is one major problem with both Gill's book and the O-18
      studies. Both Gill and the researcher's studying the oxygen
      isotopes place the drought in the 9th and 10th centuries, yet the
      population decline in the southern lowlands occurred in the 8th

      And, in regard to the isotope data, the isotope information is
      all from the northern lowlands, and pinpoints to a "drought" in
      the 9th and 10th centuries in the north. Yet, the north was
      undergoing a resurgence at this time. The Puuc was seeing a
      population explosion, Chichen was seeing large scale building
      going on, Dzibilchaltun was undergoing a population explosion.

      The data on population changes in the 8th, 9th and 10th centuries
      simply does not fit the drought model.

      Jeff Baker

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