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Report on Iraqi Battles to Friends Outside the Arab World

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    Ibrahim Alloush of the Free Arab Voice reports to us on the battle news from Arab sources. --Kevin Walsh ================= Begin forwarded message
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 22, 2003
      Ibrahim Alloush of the Free Arab Voice reports to us on the battle news
      from Arab sources.

      --Kevin Walsh

      ================= Begin forwarded message =================

      Dear Friends outside the Arab World,

      If you cannot receive Arab satellite TV where you are, you are probably
      feeling the pressures of American psychological operations which have
      become the most distinguishing feature of this most recent aggression
      on Iraq.

      Friends have asked me to report regularly on what's going on because
      they have no access to Arab satellite TV. The following is a modest
      attempt to keep you updated. I urge all those who have access to Arab
      Satellite TV to also produce English summaries of what they have been
      seeing and hearing.

      1) On Umm Al Qaser: Umm Al Qaser is a port and a town. The port has
      been designated as a demilitarized zone since 1991. While Al Jazeera
      has claimed that Umm Al Qaser has fallen since Thursday, American
      headquarters in Doha, Qatar have only announced Saturday that Umm Al
      Qaser has fallen 'completely'. This means the port, not the town,
      according to these sources, have fallen. On Al Jazeera, a few dozen
      Iraqi troops have been shown with very light armour in front of them.
      Whether the video is true or not, what has been presented shows only a
      few dozen with only machine guns and RPG7's who seem to have managed to
      fend off a whole battalion of U.S. marines for at least 48 hours.
      Still, there are reports about 'pockets of resistance' in the town of
      Umm Al Qaser, as opposed to the demilitarized port. Otherwise, there
      has not been any footage of marines in the town of Umm Al Qaser itself
      so far.

      2) On the alleged surrender of the 51 infantry division of the Iraqi
      army: no such thing happened according to Iraqi sources. In fact,
      there are supposed to be eight to nine thousand in that division.
      Where are they? Where are their photos surrendering? There is not
      even fake footage of that alleged surrender. Plus, if that division
      has surrendered, and it was supposed to be protecting Al Basra, why are
      coalition forces currently bombarding Al Basra and killing dozens of
      civilians there? In fact, Al Basra is still holding steadfast so far,
      despite the fact that electricity and water have been shut off. Tommy
      Franks said he wanted civilians in Al basra to revolt, and he seems to
      believe that shutting off water and electricity, in addition to killing
      them with bombs and rockets, will get them to do that! But he has not
      even mentioned that Al Basra has already fallen. Indeed, he was urging
      people in Al Basra to rise up, which shows that it is still holding
      steadfast. As for the Iraqi division that supposedly surrendered, can
      we see some footage of that please? I am sure Hollywood can put a
      better version of such mass surrender if you give them some time.

      3) On American and British losses: So far, there has been reports about
      the Iraqis killing four or five marines in an ambush, and capturing a
      chopper pilot and his aide. Otherwise, all reports of Iraqi losses are
      civilian in nature. Obviously, throwing hundreds of rockets on
      civilian targets is bound to produce such a result, but what does that
      prove?! Plus, is it possible that American and British troops fought
      hard for two days in Umm Al Qaser while suffering only one casualty
      according to what they have claimed?!

      4) Don't worry if open Iraqi spaces fall in American and British hands.
      The Iraqis are not fighting a conventional war here. Control of the
      desert or of isolated towns doesn't prove anything about how well the
      Anglo-American campaign is going. What really matters in this campaign
      is how well Anglo-American aggressors are able to take over and keep
      inhabited areas. So far, NONE of that has happened. Plus, the real
      battles are going to take place around Baghdad and in the middle of
      Iraq, not in the open desert near the Jordanian or Saudi borders or in
      demilitarized ports.

      Keep the hope alive. This battle is mostly about not believing enemy
      propaganda and exposing its lies.

      The Iraqis have not collapsed, and seem poised to inflict heavy
      causalties on the invaders. Iraq is holding steadfast still, and the
      battle has just begun. The invaders are in for big surprises here.
      Iraa is not Afghanistan.

      Feel free to send this email to your friends if they have no access to
      such information, which is commonplace in the Arab World.

      Ibrahim Alloush

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