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PFLP on Bush statement

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    ================= Begin forwarded message ================= Dear Kevin, Just for your information, here is the English translation of a PFLP statement on
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 16, 2003
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      Dear Kevin,

      Just for your information, here is the English
      translation of a PFLP statement on Bush's declaration
      about Palestine.




      Press Release

      In response to US President Bush�s 14 March 2003
      statement concerning the Palestine issue, an official
      spokesman for the Popular Front for the Liberation of
      Palestine has made the following announcement:

      - This statement, which repeats things that have been
      said before and contains nothing new, comes on the eve
      of the imminent unjust war of aggression against Iraq
      and is intended to mislead and deceive Arab and
      international public opinion. It is a cover for and
      encouragement of the colonization, the organized state
      terrorism, and the continuous genocidal war that is
      being waged by the occupation forces against the
      Palestinian people and their humanity and livelihood.

      - The policy of the American Administration and the
      declarations of its President sometimes link a
      solution to the Palestine problem to the results of
      its war against fraternal Iraq, and at other times
      link the solution to the confirmation of the
      appointment of a Palestine Authority Prime Minister,
      the halt of our people�s struggle and heroic intifada,
      and to the demand that the Arab countries oppose this
      legitimate struggle. Not only is this a brazen
      interference in our internal affairs, one that
      violates Palestinian sovereignty and honor and that of
      the Arab peoples and governments; it is also an open
      call for us to surrender and humble ourselves before
      the terrorism of the occupation and American-Zionist
      aggression, and the false threats and promises of the
      so-called Road Map to peace.

      - The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
      absolutely refuses to put the rights and goals of our
      people and their national honor on the lowly auction
      block of the American-Zionist slave market. The PFLP
      calls on the official leaders and the Palestine
      Authority to reject and expose these deceptive and
      hypocritical American declarations, and to call on the
      international community to shoulder its responsibility
      to provide temporary international protection for our
      people. It calls on the PA to continue the
      responsible and serious national dialogue until a
      collective national leadership is formed,
      comprehensive national unity is regained with the
      Palestine Liberation Organization as the sole legal
      representative of our people, and the democratic
      reconstruction of the Palestinian house is
      accomplished on the basis of safeguarding and
      continuing the intifada and resistance, keeping to our
      people�s goals of return, self-determination, and the
      establishment of a fully sovereign independent state
      with Jerusalem as its capital.

      Shame and defeat on American-Zionist terror and

      Eternal glory to the martyrs! Freedom to the

      Victory to the intifada and the resistance!

      The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.
      15 March 2003.

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