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PFLP fires missile; Ahmad Saadat on hunger strike

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    Eric sends us the latest military communiques from the People s Front for the Liberation of Palestine, our secular humanist anti-Zionist military arm. --Kevin
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 13, 2003
      Eric sends us the latest military communiques from the People's
      Front for the Liberation of Palestine, our secular humanist
      anti-Zionist military arm.


      ================= Begin forwarded message =================

      Dear Kevin,

      Here are a few press releases from the Popular Front
      for the Liberation of Palestine dated Wednesday, 12
      March 2003.

      Two of the press releases deal with the case of the
      PFLP General Secretary Ahmad Saadat, who has declared
      a hunger strike starting 12 March 2003 to demand his
      release and the release of the four PFLP militants and
      the release of Fu'ad al-Shawbaki, who is detained with
      them in Jericho in connection with the Karen-A weapons
      ship incident.

      The "Jericho Agreement" referred to in those press
      releases is the agreement that the Palestine Authority
      leadership under Arafat concluded with the US as a
      result of which the Zionists lifted the seige on his
      headquarters and the PFLP cadres and Fu'ad al-Shawbaki
      were driven off to an Anglo-American guarded prison on
      May 1, 2002.

      The other press release is a military communique
      issued by the armed wing of the PFLP about the launch
      of a missile that they call "Sumoud-1" against a
      Zionist settlement.



      Statement by the General Secretary of the Popular
      Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

      For more than a year now, I have been in detention
      despite three court orders being issued, two of them
      by the Palestinian Supreme Court itself, concerning my
      case and that of the militant brother Fu�ad
      al-Shawbaki, with the third court order pertaining to
      the end, nearly two months ago, of the term of the
      sentence imposed on Comrade Ahed Abu Ghulmah, Member
      of the General Central Committee of the Popular Front
      for the Liberation of Palestine. Despite this, the
      Palestine Authority continues to delay implementing
      those court orders as a sign of its respect for the
      rule of law.

      We have resorted to calm dialogue with the Authority,
      through the former Interior Minister and later with
      the present Interior Minister, Mr. Hani al-Hasan; a
      dialogue that has focused on the following:

      1. The need to implement the Palestinian court orders
      out of genuine respect for the rule of law and
      national morality.

      2. In case the Palestine Authority is unable or
      unwilling to implement those court orders because of
      the terms of the Jericho Agreement, it must clarify
      the legal basis for our continued detention and the
      conditions that we must deal with as prisoners being
      held outside the provisions of the law.

      3. A clarification of the actual contents of the
      Jericho Agreement that imposed Anglo-American guards
      and supervisors over us.

      4. A review of the arbitrary sentences brought against
      my comrades under unnatural conditions by a court that
      had no legal competence, and to work to cancel those
      sentences, which are inconsistent with national norms
      and traditions.

      More than six months have passed since that
      discussion, the demands from which were conveyed to
      the current Interior Minister several months ago.
      Since then we have experienced nothing but delaying
      tactics, procrastination, and a lack of credibility.
      Matters have in fact gone beyond this. The first
      tangible response has come in the form of the
      installation of a system by the Anglo-American guards
      to jam and possibly bug our telephone conversations.
      This jamming has continued despite the Interior
      Minister�s claims that he had ordered it halted.

      In view of the continuation of this situation, in view
      of the fact that the Palestine Authority continues to
      shirk its duty to carry out the orders of the
      Palestinian court system, claiming that it is merely
      seeing to our protection and security while it takes
      measures that offend our dignity and that of our
      relatives, we have decided to go on an open hunger
      strike for the closing of this file. We stress that we
      reject any dialogue with any Palestine Authority
      official unless it is carried out in the presence of
      representatives of the Patriotic and Islamic Forces,
      so that there might be credibility as to the actual
      implementation of any decision made on the basis of
      such a dialogue.

      The General Secretary of the Popular Front for the
      Liberation of Palestine,
      Ahmad Saadat.
      Jericho Prison,
      12 March 2003.


      The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

      Political Statement

      To the defiantly resisting masses of our people!


      All patriots and high-minded people!

      Fourteen months after the arrest of the General
      Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of
      Palestine, Comrade Ahmad Saadat, and his heroic
      comrades, and after more than nine months since the
      Palestine Supreme Court issued its order for the
      immediate release of Comrade Saadat, the Palestine
      Central Council at its latest session has issued an
      order for the immediate release of Comrade Saadat.
      Thus the official and representative Palestinian
      national bodies have joined their voices to the
      consensus of the patriotic and Islamic forces and all
      civil social organizations in demanding the end of
      this peculiar situation that is causing the gravest
      harm to our national unity and to the comradeliness
      and fellowship in the struggle that we have zealously
      striven for and are still zealously striving for,
      together with all the militants and noble-minded among
      our great people.

      Heroic participants in the intifada!

      There have been repeated statements by officials in
      the Palestine Authority, the last being a statement by
      the Interior Minister, proclaiming their readiness to
      immediately release Comrade Saadat if the Political
      Bureau of the PFLP takes responsibility, in an
      official letter, for the possible results of that

      We in the Political Bureau of the PFLP are aware that
      this is an attempt to get around the basic
      responsibility of the Palestine Authority for the
      arrest of Comrade Saadat and his heroic comrades, for
      that calamitous error of placing them under joint
      Anglo-American supervision and surveillance.
      Nevertheless, we declare our responsibility, before
      all of our people, for our appeal to the Palestine
      Authority to immediately release Comrade Ahmad Saadat
      and his comrades and for the results attendant upon
      that release. We declare our readiness immediately to
      meet with the leadership of the Palestine Authority to
      make arrangements for that. It is impermissible for
      the Palestine Authority to try to transform the zeal
      of true and sincere people for the safety of Comrade
      Saadat and his comrades into an excuse for continuing
      to keep them in prison, and indeed intensifying their
      misery and making the conditions of their
      incarceration still harsher. Just this morning our
      comrades have been informed of a number of arbitrary
      measures that have been taken by those in charge of
      Jericho Prison, including a ban on their receiving
      visitors, a ban on their use of the prison yard, and a
      ban on their receiving newspapers. Our comrades have
      today declared an open hunger strike, demanding their
      immediate release.

      We call our Palestinian people, the Arab people, and
      all free people in the world to bear witness to this
      open wound in the body of Palestinian society, and its
      dangerous ramifications, asking them to shoulder their
      responsibility in full, before the people, the
      homeland, and history.

      Glory to the Martyrs!

      Freedom to the Prisoners!

      Freedom to our Comrade the General Secretary and his
      heroic Comrades!

      Victory to our People!

      The Political Bureau of the Popular Front for the
      Liberation of Palestine.
      12 March 2003.


      Military Communiqu� issued by the Martyr Abu Ali
      Mustafa Brigades, the Forces of the Palestinian
      Popular Resistance, the Military Wing of the Popular
      Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

      As a part of its drive to improve its military
      capability, the Engineering Unit of the Martyr Abu Ali
      Mustafa Brigades has successfully launched its first
      rocket of the Sumoud -1 class, striking the Ashdorot
      settlement in the depths of the Zionist Entity, east
      of the town of Beit Hanoun. The attack occurred this
      evening, Wednesday, 12 March 2003.

      We bring to our people the good news of this latest
      action, which is a natural response to the continuing
      massacres and crimes of the Zionist Entity and its
      so-called Special Forces against the masses of our
      people in the Palestinian territories. Most recently
      they invaded the village of Sayda in the vicinity of
      Tulkarm, and raided the town of Beit Hanoun,
      terrorizing women and children. We pledge to you that
      we will continue to develop our combat capability in
      confrontation with the Zionist military machine.

      We pledge to continue the intifada and armed
      resistance in all its forms until the Zionist invaders
      are expelled, a fully-sovereign Palestinian state is
      established with Jerusalem as its capital, and the
      Palestinian refugees return home. At the same time we
      warn Sharon and Mofaz and all the Zionist militarists,
      and in particular the Special Forces, against the
      continuation of their massacres and their policy of
      aggression against the defenseless masses of our

      Glory to the Martyrs!

      Victory to the Intifada and Resistance!

      We will surely Win!

      Martyr Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades,
      The Military Wing of the Popular Front for the
      Liberation of Palestine.
      12 March 2003.

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