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[count@igc.org: CNIF "Washington Wednesday" Action Alert]

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    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 10, 2003
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      National Call-In and Fax Day, Wednesday, March 12!

      In January the Israelis requested a supplementary aid package of $12
      billion -- $4 for new military aid and $8 for "loans" in the form of
      economic assistance. The military aid is to help the Israelis
      continue to suppress the Palestinians and to help it finance military
      assistance in the war against Iraq, and the $8 is needed to give the
      slumping Israeli economy a boost. Two weeks ago another Israeli
      delegation came to Washington to press for the aid package.

      This staggering amount represents some $1,600 in aid to each and
      every Israeli citizen, not a penny of which would go to Palestinians
      in the West Bank and Gaza, who remain poor and destitute.

      The American people already provided almost $3 billion a year to the
      Israelis, and in fiscal year 2003 they gave an additional $200
      million to help "combat terrorism." Asking them to fork over $12
      billion prevents the government from providing much needed support
      for our own stumbling economy, for schools and medical assistance to
      the elderly.

      But the essential point is: why should the United States be providing
      Israel with more money to support a right-wing hard-line government
      in Israel that aims only to colonize the West Bank and Gaza and
      brutalize the Palestinian people living there?

      Given the overwhelming pro-Zionist support in the US Congress, we
      cannot prevent this aid package from being adopted. However, we can
      ask that our congressmen to condition the aid so that when given it
      will convince that Israelis that the US wants them to restart the
      peace talks.

      The route through Congress of the new aid package is obscure. It is
      possible that a vote is very close, as Haaretz said in the February
      25th edition, or it is being delayed, pending the question of war
      with Iraq. Whichever way, a national action campaign is being
      organized by a group of like-minded NGOs in Washington to try to stop
      it or to reshape the package. We are calling this action "Washington

      Action Requested:
      Call Your Members of Congress and ask them to oppose is supplemental
      funding request.

      Write or fax your letter to your congressman today!

      Remember that letters and faxes are more effective that e-mails. If
      you do not know the names of your senators and congressional
      representatives, call the main switchboard at the Congress 1-800-839-
      5276 or 202-224-3121 and ask to be connected to your senator of
      representative, or refer to http://www.congress.org

      Talking Points:
      � Additional weapons to Israel provides it with a disincentive
      to end the military occupation of the Palestinian people
      � Israel often uses US weapons against Palestinian civilians in
      contravention of the U.S. Arms Export Control Act, which limits the
      use of these weapons to "legitimate self-defense" or for "internal
      � Israel is already the largest recipient of US foreign aid,
      and is considered among the "high income countries" by the World
      Bank. Why should it continue to receive foreign aid when so many
      other poorer countries are more deserving?
      � State governments across the nation have besieged Washington
      seeking help for their deficit-ridden economies. Why should the
      citizens of a foreign country be favored over American citizens at
      this particular time?

      Council for the National Interest
      1250 4th Street, SW Ste WG-1
      Washington, DC 20024
      T: 800-296-6958 and 202-863-2951
      F: 202 863-2952
      E: count@...

      CNIF is a non-profit, which has sought to bring about a balanced perspective to US foreign policy
      in the Middle East since 1989 by educating Americans and the media about current policies in
      the region. CNIF seeks a just and peaceful solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and
      all parties involved. You can contact CNI Foundation at 1250 4th St., SW, Suite WG-1,
      Washington, DC 20024, 202-863-2951, fax 202-863-2952, email count@...,
      www.cnionline.org. Please contact us with requests of information or a interest in becoming
      a supporter of CNI Foundation.

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