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Re: Stalin murdered?

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    ================= Begin forwarded message ================= Dear Kevin, Although I discount the idea that Stalin wanted to provoke World War III, the idea that
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 26, 2003
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      Dear Kevin,

      Although I discount the idea that Stalin wanted to
      provoke World War III, the idea that he was about to
      start a crackdown on Zionists is not far fetched at
      all. In fact some sort of a crackdown had begun. It
      was not directed at Jews as such, but against
      Zionists. The fact that the western and Zionist
      historians insist that it was to be a "second
      holocaust" or a massive "anti-Semitic pogrom" only
      indicates that they regard Jew and Zionist as
      synonyms. Well, if the shoe fits. . . .

      If comrade Stalin had lived and/or if that crackdown
      on Zionism had been pursued consistently in subsequent
      years, there might still be a Soviet Union.

      I'd like to know where all those supposedly
      "anti-Semitic" Russians are now who are supposed to be
      so plentiful there today. Why aren't they
      investigating and writing about this?

      I suppose many of them are the anti-Communist
      Solzhenitsyn types who dream of their lost Tsar. (I
      think I read that Solzhenitsyn wrote a book exposing
      the Jews in pre-revolutionary Russia recently. I
      can't remember where I saw that. But it's possible --
      in fact, knowing Solzhenitsyn, it's probable -- that
      it's just IHR-style superficial history "Jews produced
      Communism" stuff.

      I looked up Molotov on Stalin's death. He says that
      Beria just before he was arrested or died said
      something like "I saved all of you" implying either
      that he (Beria) had killed Stalin, or had kept medical
      care from getting to him in time.

      But if Beria did it, it's possible that he was a "fall
      guy" acting on behalf of others.

      After all, those Jewish doctors whom Stalin imprisoned
      in the "doctors plot" just before his death and who
      were actually denounced in the Soviet press as Zionist
      and US agents, those guys were all released after
      Stalin's death.

      I don't remember if it was Beria who ordered their
      release of if that occurred after Beria left the
      scene. But in either case, the Jewish doctors were
      never re-arrested and that plot was put down in
      Khrushchyov times to the idea of "Stalin's paranoia".

      Khrushchyov did combat some of the Jewish "Communists"
      in Eastern Europe (Poland for example) after Stalin's
      death, so some have seen him as "anti-Semitic" too,
      though how much of that was a matter of principle and
      how much it was a way of getting his own protege's in
      charge there I can't say. But if Khrushchyov did
      combat some Zionists, I don't think he did so
      consistently and certainly not with any profundity --
      only superficially.


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