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Imam tells American Muslims to collaborate with imperialism

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  • thekoba@aztec.asu.edu
    As Ibrahim Alloush correctly pointed out in the Free Arab Voice (www.freearabvoice.org), the real suicidal Muslims are the Muslims in the USA and other
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 12, 2003
      As Ibrahim Alloush correctly pointed out in the Free Arab Voice
      (www.freearabvoice.org), the real suicidal Muslims are the Muslims
      in the USA and other imperialist countries who think they can win
      respect and rights by kissing the hands of their imperialist and
      Zionist oppressors. The following article is another illustration
      of that. It appeared on page B2 of the Wednesday, 12 February
      2003 edition of <The Arizona Republic> and is credited to reporter
      Michael Clancy of the same paper.

      --Kevin Walsh
      Phoenix, Arizona, USA



      Thousands Gather To Commemorate Conclusion Of Hajj

      Muslims must remain united and stand as a model for peace and tolerance,
      a gathering of thousands of Valley Muslims was told Tuesday.

      They were there to celebrate Eid-ul-Adha, the end of the month of
      pilgrimage to Mecca.

      With men in front and women in back, many dressed in national costume
      and others attired for work, Muslims of a variety of traditions prayed
      together at the Exhibits Building on the grounds of the Arizona
      Exposition and State Fair Park. The event was put on by seven valley

      They were addressed by Imam Marwan Saddeddin, who told them that even
      in a time of anxiety and anger, Muslims need to remain unified in the
      face of intolerance.

      Deedra Abboud of the Arizona office of the Council on American-Islamic
      Relations said 10,000 Muslims reside in Maricopa County. Many of them
      were born in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, she said.

      An estimated 4,000 attended the event.

      Security was present but not intrusive. A.J. Manasier, head of security
      for the event, said the government's orange alert status required a
      heightened level of awareness, if not an overwhelming security presence.

      The event took place peacefully, highlighted by Saddeddin's remarks.

      He said the United States stands for respect and freedom, despite
      what appears to be imminent war against Iraq. He said that Islam
      historically has been a peaceful religion and never forced anyone
      into the faith.

      "Be proud to be Muslims," he said. "Be proud of who you are."

      He said Muslims should ignore verbal assaults.

      "Let's come together," he said. "Let us avoid nationalism and tribalism.
      We have to establish a strong Muslim community to have an impact on this
      society and show that we are good people."

      After his talk, Saddeddin said President Bush is taking advantage of
      the war on terrorism to go after Islam and Iraq.

      "I'm an American citizen," he said, "and I have sworn to be loyal to
      this country. At the same time, I must be loyal to my faith."
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