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the marginal pacifists

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    ================= Begin forwarded message ================= Dear Kevin, I was not aware that I was a MoveOn member -- whatever or whoever they are -- but I got
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      ================= Begin forwarded message =================

      Dear Kevin,

      I was not aware that I was a MoveOn member -- whatever
      or whoever they are -- but I got this e-mail.
      Evidently it is one of the Anti-War Lite groups that
      CounterPunch's "Black Commentator" wrote about.

      I suppose we must march with these people if they show
      up for an anti-war rally, but I would just as soon
      hang them personally, as Lenin said of some capitalist
      he had to do business with in the NEP period.

      "Win without war" is their slogan. Imagine that! How
      far has "pacifism" come, that certain wings of it not
      only do not endorse anti-imperialist war, but they
      endorse imperialist aggression so long as it's carried
      out in some "surgical" or "low profile" manner.

      I suppose Win without War means "let the sanctions
      starve all the Iraqi population, then our oil
      companies and Jewish settlers can take over" or "Send
      in the CIA to overthrow the Iraqi regime and install
      puppets so 'our boys and girls' in camo don't have to
      risk their useless lives" or something to that effect.

      What a world! Now the "pacifist," "anti-war" camp is
      in effect idolising black ops and mass murder.


      Dear MoveOn member,

      We hope you're having a relaxing and peaceful holiday.
      Unfortunately, with the New Year coming, we must
      prepare to
      respond to elements of the Bush administration as they
      crank up
      their push for war. In anticipation, we're planning
      the next
      stage of our "Let the Inspections Work" campaign.
      Thanks for all
      your support in making this possible.

      We now have collected more than $400,000 in donations
      for our
      ad campaign, of which about $130,000 has been used on
      two full page
      New York Times ads and a USA Today ad. You can see
      these ads on
      our home page at MoveOn.org.

      Two weeks ago we announced a follow-on radio campaign,
      and we've
      received hundreds of radio scripts from members.
      Thanks so much
      to those of you who took the time to create and rate
      these scripts.
      You can see all this incredible work at:


      We've recorded the top rated ad, written by Betsey
      Binet of
      Los Angeles, and we'll be running it during the week
      of January 6th
      in Washington D.C., on local news-radio stations.
      Here's the ad,
      in RealAudio format (a 178K download):


      We decided to run a 30 second radio ad rather than a
      60 second ad,
      to be able to run it more often. So this is an
      abbreviated version
      of Betsey's ad, but very effective, we think. Thanks,
      And thanks everyone for the great submissions.

      The ad campaign will ramp up in January. We've just
      Stay tuned.

      Perhaps the biggest impact of our work is that our
      efforts have
      helped catalyze other mainstream coalition efforts.
      For example,
      we are founding members of the Win Without War
      coalition, which
      has received a tremendous amount of media coverage,
      including a
      recent piece in Salon. Here's an excerpt:

      Salon.com / December 12, 2002

      by Michelle Goldberg

      "The Win Without War coalition includes the National
      Council of
      Churches, NOW, NAACP, the Sierra Club, MoveOn,
      Working Assets,
      Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities, Physicians
      for Social
      Responsibly and Veterans for Common Sense. Taken
      together, these
      groups represent a vast swath of America -- the
      National Council of
      Churches alone indirectly represents 50 million
      congregants -- and
      they aim to channel their millions of members into
      antiwar activism.

      "The broad-based support for Win Without War's
      message is
      evident in the fundraising to disseminate it.
      MoveOn, an online
      progressive organization that formed to fight
      President Clinton's
      impeachment, solicited donations on its Web site to
      pay for the
      New York Times ad, which cost $40,000. In less than
      a week,
      it had raised $370,000.

      Of course, the American public has always been very
      skeptical about
      the Bush administration's obsession with Iraq.
      Efforts by elements
      of the administration to sell this war are simply not
      A recent poll by the LA Times shows a remarkable
      erosion of public
      support, highlighting that "Only 26% said they were
      willing to
      support war if the United States acted alone."
      (See the complete USA Today article below.)

      Opposition to war in Iraq is broad and mainstream.
      There is good
      news for the coming New Year: the American people do
      not support
      a uni-lateral, pre-emptive war.

      We will not stand idly by. Thanks for all you do.

      And Happy New Year,

      -Wes Boyd
      President, MoveOn.org
      December 26, 2002

      P.S. To sign the "Let the Inspections Work" petition
      go to:


      Contributions to support our efforts can be made at



      USA Today / December 17, 2002

      LOS ANGELES (APOnline) -- More than two-thirds of
      Americans believe
      the Bush administration has failed to make its case
      that a war
      against Iraq is justified, according to a poll by the
      Los Angeles
      Times published Tuesday.

      Ninety percent of respondents said they don't doubt
      Iraq is
      developing weapons of mass destruction. But without
      new evidence
      from U.N. inspectors, 72% of respondents, including
      60% of
      Republicans, said the president has not provided
      enough evidence
      to justify starting a war.

      The Times poll, which interviewed 1,305 adults
      nationwide, was
      conducted from Thursday to Sunday, in the week after
      Iraq handed
      over its massive report on its arsenal to the United
      Nations. The
      margin of error was plus or minus 3 percentage points.

      Support for a possible war appears to be weakening,
      with 58% saying
      they support a ground attack on Iraq, according to the
      poll. In an
      August Times poll, 64% said they would support a
      ground attack.
      In January, the Times and other polls found support
      for military
      action more than 70%.

      Yet almost three-quarters of Americans support the way
      Bush is
      handling the threat of terrorism, and nearly three in
      five like
      how he's handling the country's affairs.

      Sixty-three percent of those polled said war would be
      only if the United Nations finds a pattern of serious
      by Iraq. Only 22% agreed with the administration's
      position that
      any error or omission in Iraq's arms declaration is
      adequate to
      justify war; 6% said it would depend on the nature of
      the omissions;
      and 9% said they were not sure or declined to reply.

      If U.N. inspections fail to find evidence of Iraqi
      programs, almost half said they would oppose war. Only
      41% would
      favor war, and 10% said they were undecided. Only 26%
      said they
      were willing to support war if the United States acted

      Respondents also believe war would have serious
      at home and abroad. Sixty-seven percent said war would
      increase the threat of terrorist attacks in the United
      51% said they feel it would destabilize the Middle
      East; and
      45% said it will adversely impact the U.S. economy.
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