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the plight of David Duke

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    ================= Begin forwarded message ================= Dear Kevin, I wrote the David Duke site yesterday over the plea bargain that he was forced to agree
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 21, 2002
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      Dear Kevin,

      I wrote the David Duke site yesterday over the plea
      bargain that he was forced to agree to and, though his
      site can't comment for legal reasons, Vincent
      Breeding, the director of EURO sent this article (also
      to be found on stormfront.org) by a leader in the
      Stormfront about the case.

      I basically figured that, whatever the facts in the
      case, the government wasn't going after David Duke for
      legalistic or moral reasons. He's been targeted
      politically, whether it was his mistakes or those of
      others that provided the "Feds" with the basis for
      their case. This article sheds some light on the




      The Federal Persecution of David Duke

      My Opinion on the David Duke Case

      By Don Black

      As someone who has known the Hon. Representative David
      Duke for over 30 years, I want to offer you my honest
      opinion on his accepting a plea agreement in the
      federal government�s legal case against him. David
      Duke is now under federal jurisdiction and cannot
      speak freely on the specifics of his case. But I can,
      and so I will.

      Jewish agents in the federal government have mounted
      an unrelenting, brutal effort against David Duke for
      most of his political life. After his election to the
      House of Representatives in Louisiana, this effort
      greatly accelerated. Jewish supremacists were scared
      to death that he would be elected to the United States
      Senate, and they mounted the most intensive political
      attack against a candidate in American history. David
      Duke was the only elected official in recent times
      that dared to openly oppose the Jewish supremacist
      power in the United States. Even so, he came very
      close to being elected and won a landslide (over 60
      percent) of White voters in Louisiana. Duke got more
      votes in Louisiana alone than Patrick Buchanan did in
      the entire United States of America. Zionist traitors
      have long viewed him as the greatest political threat
      to their power in the United States.

      America has no laws restricting political speech, but
      the federal government has long been known to harass
      its dissidents with trumped up charges on taxes and
      other matters. Such political targeting has even been
      admitted and proven by official investigative
      committees of the United States Congress.

      The official in the U.S. Justice Department directing
      this persecution of David Duke is a rabid Zionist,
      Michael Chertoff, who is head of the Criminal
      Division. Chertoff is also in charge of prosecuting
      terrorists in America and has repeatedly promoted the
      denial of American Constitutional liberties in
      testimony before the United States Congress. Chertoff
      is the official who stopped the Federal prosecution of
      the 200 Israeli spies who were caught in the months
      before and after the 911 attacks. He even allowed the
      Israeli spies who had closely monitored to the 911
      hijackers were allowed to return to Israel so as to
      cover up the Israeli complicity and treachery in the
      September attacks. Chertoff now seeks to persecute and
      silence the man who has been the most prominent voice
      in the world exposing the Israeli Mossad�s role in
      911: David Duke.

      The efforts against David Duke have been extreme.
      Right after his election to the House of
      Representatives in Louisiana, seven separate
      investigations were launched against him, all of which
      came to nothing. After the completion of his opus, My
      Awakening, and his concentration in more recent years
      against Jewish supremacism, those efforts have become
      exceptionally intense. His new book, Jewish
      Supremacism, is certainly the most convincing and
      powerful book ever written exposing Jewish racial and
      religious supremacism. Jewish agents in federal
      government will go to any lengths to silence and
      discredit him.

      Newsweek magazine recently reported that, during David
      Duke�s recent speaking tour in the Persian Gulf, the
      U.S. Government The man leading the persecution of
      David Duke, Justice Department official, Michael

      issued a formal protest to the international Arabic
      Satellite TV channel for daring to have him on their
      most popular tv talkshow! Since when does the US
      Government have the right to interfere with the
      freedom of speech of an American citizen? Now that he
      has become one of the world�s best known opponents of
      the Zionist control of American foreign policy and
      it�s proposed Iraq war; the federal government has
      mounted a ruthless effort to jail him and discredit

      In 1999, the federal government disclosed that it was
      investigating the fact that David Duke had quietly
      helped Mike Foster win election as Louisiana�s
      governor. After it became apparent that nothing
      illegal occurred, the federals then massively expanded
      their investigation in a four-year effort against him.
      An error was discovered in his tax returns. David
      Duke�s accountant openly took, pointing out that while
      his wife was dying of cancer, he had made some
      innocent mistakes in preparing Duke�s tax return. On
      his later learning of the error, Duke immediately
      amended his returns and paid some additional taxes and

      As the federal investigation grew, it expanded into
      other areas such as mail fraud and other allegations,
      such as money laundering. As you are probably aware,
      in most financial matters, the government can pile on
      charges almost without limit in technical cases, such
      as in tax charges. For instance, if they claim you hid
      taxable income, they can charge you with multiple
      counts of �money-laundering,� using the mails
      fraudulently, filing false statements, etc. Almost any
      supposed offense can be expanded to dozens of charges
      and counts. �Money laundering,� was a law originally
      meant to give drug dealers long sentences, but now it
      can be added to almost any tax or other kinds of
      financial charges the government levies against a
      defendant. The mail fraud part of the federal
      allegations is primarily to make it appear as though
      David Duke misused gifts from his supporters in
      gambling and other disreputable activities. The effort
      at character assassination should be transparent to
      every patriot. Making these kinds of charges and
      allegations is the most effective way to weaken the
      financial support (which is very modest) that Duke
      needs to fund his work. If the government is able to
      instill doubt in the minds of his supporters with
      these spurious allegations, they are can choke off his
      support and greatly silence his voice.

      Ultimately, David Duke had a terrible choice to make.
      The Justice Department (an Orwellian term), led by Mr.
      Chertoff in Washington, threatened to indict him on
      serious, multiple charges. His trial would be held in
      New Orleans, a city that is 70 percent Black. He would
      have been tried before a mostly black jury. If he lost
      the trial, he would certainly face a sentence of 25
      years or more. His only alternative was to accept a
      plea agreement. Of course, David Duke wanted to defend
      himself against the charges in court, but attorneys
      and friends and with long experience in these matters
      pointed out that doing so would be an enormous risk.
      He had to make the most difficult decision of his
      life, a decision made with both the head and the

      He had to decide whether to accept a plea and face the
      stain of accepting a federal conviction and possibly
      face some jail time, or to fight for his life before a
      mostly black jury in federal court. One of the most
      important weapons of a legal defense is the right to
      strike a certain number of prospective jurors without
      explanation. It is called preemptive strikes. Both
      prosecution and defense has a certain number of
      preemptive strikes, but recent federal court rulings
      prevent the defense from using preemptive strikes to
      remove prospective black jurors.

      In addition to a hostile jury, half of the federal
      Judges in his district are Jews. Does a man constantly
      labelled by the media as �former Ku Klux Klan leader
      and neo-Nazi David Duke� have a realistic chance to be
      found innocent before a mostly black jury and possibly
      a Jewish Judge?

      By contesting the charges in court, he faced the real
      risk of not only the stain of conviction, but also
      incarceration for many years. A conviction could have
      also brought a huge government fine that would
      confiscate his home and office, publishing equipment,
      and even the stock of his vital book, My Awakening.

      In addition to a stacked and hostile court, he would
      have to face a vicious Jewish press led by the
      radically pro-Zionist and anti-Duke Times-Picayune
      newspaper, a daily which is part of the New York-based
      Newhouse newspaper chain. Duke would have been
      crucified every day in the long and nasty trial, and
      this New Orleans Zionist newspaper�s reporting would
      be the major source of news about the trial around the
      whole world.

      By accepting the plea agreement, he knew that he could
      protect his loyal accountant and other officers of his
      organization from possible government prosecution. His
      time in jail will be limited and the fine limited.
      After a year or less in prison, he will be able to
      continue promoting his message to the United States
      and the world.

      So he was faced with the option of accepting a plea
      agreement from the Federal Government and a limited
      prison sentence, or attempting to fight in court and
      risk the prosecution of his loyal staff, suffer the
      end of his work and very possibly spend the rest of
      his life in prison. We who are his friends and
      supporters were committed to supporting him, no matter
      what course he chose in this matter, but, when one
      examines the facts, he had little choice but to accept
      a plea agreement.

      Some patriots labored under the misconception that
      David Duke could have simply stayed in Europe and
      avoided federal prosecution. The obvious truth is that
      if the federal government indicted him, they would
      certainly do whatever it took to bring him back in
      quick order. In fact, if he was indicted and became a
      fugitive, his work would be effectively stopped. Over
      the past few years, David Duke has traveled the world
      exposing the Jewish power over Washington, DC. Those
      efforts would be completely ended. Duke was and is not
      willing to live as fugitive. He wants to continue
      taking his message to America and the world and the
      only way to that is to get this matter behind him.

      We cannot risk losing David Duke�s voice and efforts
      over the next 20 years. Yes, it is true that this
      conviction will be one more way the Jewish
      supremacists will try to stain his character and
      integrity, but the Jewish media have always viciously
      and relentlessly attacked his character. Yet, in spite
      of being labelled �former Ku Klux Klansman David Duke�
      in every news account about him, the power of his
      words, his intelligence and his commitment have won
      him millions of votes, as well as educated and
      motivated millions of people all over the world. No
      matter what they might say about him now or in the
      future, whenever he appears on talkshows, his powerful
      and articulate presence will continue to educate and
      motivate millions of our people. Those who are
      fair-minded and intelligent will understand that he
      faced this government persecution only because he has
      dared to stand up to the Jewish treason in the
      American government. He is truly a living martyr for
      our cause!

      Sometimes we cannot win every battle in this war for
      our people�s freedom and survival. The main thing is
      to be able to keep on fighting. The Southern men who
      sacrificed their lives in the suicidal frontal assault
      at Cemetery Ridge were heroes, but by that largely
      suicidal frontal assault, the war was lost. Southern
      ideals and liberty were crushed and the South suffered
      under an intolerable occupation for many years.
      Sometimes a strategic withdrawal is necessary to win
      the struggle ahead. Like Nathan Bedford Forrest
      understood, sometimes you have to cede some territory
      to the overwhelming force of the enemy. You need to
      pick your own battles and not let the enemy pick them
      for you. You have to fight not only with your heart
      but also with your head. The key to eventual victory
      is being able to continue to fight.

      Though he hated to give any ground to the federals,
      David Duke did what he needed to do in this matter, so
      he could continue researching, writing, speaking,
      publishing, and fighting for us. The enemy has
      inflicted many scars upon his character, and he has
      suffered mightily for his courage and truth-telling,
      but he keeps on trudging ahead for all of us, never
      giving up.

      Now this great American patriot faces his darkest
      hour. He faces this persecution for one reason and one
      reason only: he has stood up courageously and
      effectively against our mortal enemies. I hope you
      agree that we truly owe him our continued support and
      prayers. We urge all of our readers to stand by our
      friend and great Patriot, David Duke. Now more than
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