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[nebukhadhnasar@yahoo.com: Ahenakew troubles]

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      From: nebukhadhnasar@... (Abdallah Tahhan)
      To: thekoba@...
      Subject: Ahenakew troubles
      Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 07:14:02 -0800 (PST)

      Dear Kevin,

      Thanks, belatedly, for alerting me to the article
      about former Chief Ahenakew, the Native American with
      the non-politically correct views.

      Today I got a post from a Canadian White activist,
      Paul Fromm, who got David Irving's award in
      Cincinnati, and who reports that that Ahenakew is
      predictably the target of a hate campaign (sorry, I
      guess it must be a "love campaign" since they don't
      believe in hate, only Nazis do) on the part of the
      Jewish media.

      I don't share Fromm's concern to bolster the White
      population in Saskatchewan, nor would I even care to
      echo his criticisms of Ahenakew, but at least he
      provides some further follow-up information.

      I see that Powell has now made statements impugning
      the Iraqi mass destruction weapons report. One step
      up on the White House escalation scale I suppose.
      Meanwhile in Jordan they're recruiting vollunteers to
      form brigades of human shields for sites in Iraq.

      The NY Times yesterday said that the US defense dept.
      was planning a big disinformation offensive to help
      out America's image in the Islamic world. One tactic
      is to be the funding of pro-American mosques and
      religious schools and the discrediting of the
      anti-American ones. "Kosher Islam" one might call it

      I wonder what this PBS special about Muhammad the
      Prophet will be like. In our area it's supposed to
      air tomorrow. US-based Islamic groups are pushing it,
      so it probably says how he preached love and how
      Muslims are really decent people except for a few
      misguided baddies who fly planes into buildings
      because of their "mixed up" "erroneous" theology. It
      might even have sickening scenes of Bush visiting
      mosques to emphasise that we Americans -- Muslims,
      Christians, and Jews -- all believe in love and
      tolerance under our wise leader.

      Then again, maybe it'll be "strictly" historical.
      Somehow, in the present atmosphere, I doubt that




      Dear Free Speech Supporter:

      It didn't take long for the universe to descend like
      a ton of bricks
      the Thunderbird's wrath on David Ahenakew, the Indian
      leader who gave
      original take on World War II in a speech on the
      weekend. Ahenakew's
      on Hitler and the Jews are controversial, many would
      say wrongheaded

      Still, why should he not have a right to express
      himself? If he's so
      base, his monied opponents, with all the armament of
      the Asper press at
      their disposal and free access to other media, can
      blow him out of the
      water. They can, for instance, explain how he's dead
      wrong that the
      own a large share of the Canadian mass media and
      "that's power." Of
      Ahenakew's views are sweeping and overly broad -- the
      type of talk
      hear late at night in a bar. So what? Where he's
      wrong, he should be

      Instead, we see the choking hand of totalitarianism
      threatening. The
      Canadian Jewish Congress did not take long to demand
      that Ahenakew be
      stripped of his Order of Canada medal. We don't know
      what he received
      for, but presumably his past achievements or position
      merited it. His
      recent statements don't nullify his past. We equally
      opposed the rush
      strip Alan Eagleson of his Order of Canada award, when
      he was convicted
      financial chicanery. His crimes did not negate his
      contributions to the
      hockey world for which he'd been honoured.

      The National Post (December 16, 2002), the flagship
      of the Asper Press
      surprisingly, jumped on the CJC bandwagon, endorsing
      its demand that
      dissident be stripped of his honours. As well, the
      Post fell to
      the Saskatchewan Federation of Indian Nations on what
      to do to Chief
      Ahenakew: "The position of FSIN "senator" is
      ceremonial. But clearly,
      Ahenakew's views are so toxic that the group should
      strip him of the
      and explicitly repudiate his remarks. Mr. Ahenakew is
      also a member of
      Order of Canada, our country's highest honour for
      achievement. He
      lose that too."

      Alliance leader Stephen Harper, sadly, just doesn't
      get it. He's
      leaped on
      the suppression bandwagon. He wants a "hate crimes"
      investigation. Now,
      that's real "reform." The price of dissent is prison,
      fines, personal
      destruction. What ever happened to manly, muscular
      debating? Why must
      strange ideas risk sending he who utters them to
      prison or the poor

      By mid-day, Harper had his wish. The Saskatchewan
      government had asked
      RCMP to initiate a thought crimes, I mean "hate
      crimes", investigation
      against the chief.

      Interestingly, Ahenakew, who doesn't seem to like
      Whites much either,
      predicting that, within 40 years, Indians will be a
      majority in
      Saskatchewan and, then, Whites will become the
      Indians. "You
      are going to be the Indians and we're going to be the

      If Harper and others really represented ROC -- the
      Rest of Canada;
      is, other than privileged minorities -- he might be
      honouring us with
      as to how to prevent the Indian takeover of
      Saskatchewan. How might we
      encourage Euro-Canadians to settle in Saskatchewan to
      keep the numbers
      Sadly, as so often happens, the entire issue seems to
      revolve around
      feelings of one particular minority group.

      Is there a single leader is this once great Dominion
      prepared to put
      Canada -- not minorities! -- first?

      You can contact the Saskatchewan Federation of Indian
      Nations at
      Suite 200-103 A Packham Avenue
      Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
      S7N 4K4
      Telephone: (306) 665-1215
      Fax: (306) 244-4413

      Paul Fromm
      Native leader defends Hitler
      Order of Canada member: Calls Jews 'disease' and says
      Nazis were right
      'fry' them

      Les Perreaux
      National Post, with files from Southam News

      Monday, December 16, 2002

      CREDIT: Bill Keay, The Vancouver Sun

      Native leader David Ahenakew has been accused of
      racism after remarks
      made on Friday.

      The Canadian Jewish Congress is calling on members of
      the Order of
      to mobilize against a fellow member, a First Nations
      leader who said
      people are a disease and Hitler was right when he
      ''fried'' six million

      David Ahenakew, the former chief of the Assembly of
      First Nations and
      Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN),
      defended the
      Holocaust to
      an assembly of native leaders, saying it was an effort
      by Hitler to
      up the world.''

      In a rambling 45-minute speech to an assembly of
      native leaders in
      Saskatoon on Friday, Mr. Ahenakew attacked Jews and
      Asians. Later, when
      reporter asked him to clarify his remarks, Mr.
      Ahenakew, for many years
      respected senator in the FSIN, repeated his position.

      ''How do you get rid of a disease like that, that's
      going to take over,
      that's going to dominate?'' he told the Saskatoon

      Keith Landy, president of the Canadian Jewish
      Congress, said yesterday
      hopes Mr. Ahenakew's fellow Order of Canada members
      will speak out
      him and pressure the Governor-General to revoke his
      membership. Mr.
      Ahenakew was named to the order in 1978.

      ''This is really a vile speech. Before I realized who
      this was, I
      it was someone who was totally ignorant and had no
      knowledge of history
      the kind of suffering our respective peoples have had
      to endure,'' Mr.
      Landy said.

      ''To hear this kind of vitriol from the mouth of
      someone who has that
      of stature sickens the heart. I would like to leave it
      to his fellow
      travellers in that order to take it upon themselves to
      decide what to

      Stephen Harper, the leader of the Canadian Alliance,
      called on
      to launch a hate crimes investigation.

      ''This is quite shocking. I have seen a lot of vile
      political stuff in
      life, but I have never seen anything this bad,'' Mr.
      Harper said

      During a conference on native health care in Saskatoon
      on Friday, Mr.
      Ahenakew's profanity-laced rant attacked immigrants
      and Jewish
      ownership of
      corporate interests.

      ''The Jews damn near owned all of Germany prior to the
      war,'' said Mr.
      Ahenakew. ''That's how Hitler came in. He was going to
      make damn sure
      the Jews didn't take over Germany or Europe. That's
      why he fried six
      million of those guys, you know. Jews would have owned
      the goddamned
      And look what they're doing. They're killing people in

      Mr. Ahenakew, 68, said he learned about the Second
      World War and the
      Holocaust while serving with the army in Germany in
      the 1950s and in
      in 1964.

      ''All I know is what the Germans told me, '' he said.
      ''I believe them.
      saw the Jews kill people in Egypt when I was there.
      The Palestinians,
      Arabs. I saw them [Israel] f---ing dominate

      Mr. Ahenakew took aim at Jewish owners of media,
      including Israel

      ''Look at here in Canada. Izzy Asper, he controls the
      media. What the
      does that tell you? That's power. That's f---ing

      Mr. Asper is chairman of CanWest Global, owner of the
      National Post,
      StarPhoenix and other major Canadian newspapers.

      ''The hell with the Jews,'' Mr. Ahenakew concluded.
      ''I can't stand
      And that's it. I don't want to talk about them.''

      Membership in the Order of Canada can be terminated by
      if such a recommendation is made by the Advisory
      Council of the Order
      Canada. The council consists of high-ranking
      bureaucrats and other
      recipients and is chaired by Beverley McLachlin, the
      Chief Justice of

      Madame Justice McLachlin could not be reached

      In the 36-year history of the Order of Canada, only
      one has been
      In 1998, former hockey czar Alan Eagleson was stripped
      of the order
      he was convicted of fraud.

      In the immediate aftermath of the speech, native
      leaders in
      said Mr. Ahen-akew's views do not represent his
      organization or Indian
      people, although they added Mr. Ahenakew has a right
      to speak his mind.

      Perry Bellegarde, the chief of the FSIN, was somewhat
      more stern

      ''Dave was a national leader, a regional leader and a
      veteran. We
      him for the work he has done,'' he said. ''Having said
      that, I'm going
      be meeting with Dave and the senate executive. Dave's
      gotta account for

      Friday's conference was intended to mobilize First
      Nations leadership
      fight a plan by the federal government to require
      Indians to sign a
      form giving up some privacy rights in their health

      Indians say the measure is unethical, an affront to
      human dignity and
      natives in a second-class category.

      Human rights and government coercion were supposed to
      be the theme of

      ''There is irony there, no question,'' Mr. Bellegarde

      A deep split was apparent yesterday in the native

      Delia Opekokew, an aboriginal lawyer, said Mr.
      Ahenakew should resign
      his senate position on the FSIN.

      ''This is not an issue of freedom of speech. It is
      downright bigotry
      racism and I am calling upon Senator Ahenakew to
      resign his seat
      because he
      is unfit to serve.''

      Meanwhile Lawrence Joseph, a vice-chief beneath Mr.
      Bellegarde who is
      charge of justice issues, lashed out at the media for
      reporting Mr.
      Ahenakew's comments. He accused the press of ''selling
      newspapers on
      backs of Indians.''

      Mr. Bellegarde said there is no mechanism currently in
      place to remove
      Ahenakew from the FSIN senate.


      � Copyright 2002 National Post
      Ahenakew's disgrace

      National Post

      Monday, December 16, 2002

      Call us pawns of the vast Jewish conspiracy that
      exists in David
      hate-addled mind, but we were shocked and repelled by
      the Saskatchewan
      Indian leader's statement that Hitler did the world a
      favour with the

      "The Jews damn near owned all of Germany," he said on
      Friday. "That's
      Hitler came in ... That's why he fried six million of
      those guys ... I
      don't support Hitler but he cleaned up a lot of
      things, didn't he? You
      would be owned by the Jews right now the world over
      ... The hell with

      Were this man an ordinary citizen, he might be
      dismissed as a pitiable
      bigot. But Mr. Ahenakew is a former head of the
      Assembly of First
      Canada's leading native lobby group. His comments were
      delivered at a
      conference organized by the Federation of Saskatchewan
      Indian Nations,
      which he is a senator and a former chief.

      The position of FSIN "senator" is ceremonial. But
      clearly, Mr.
      views are so toxic that the group should strip him of
      the title and
      explicitly repudiate his remarks. Mr. Ahenakew is also
      a member of the
      Order of Canada, our country's highest honour for
      achievement. He
      lose that too.

      Mr. Ahanakew would not be the first Order of Canada
      recipient to give
      his membership: In 1998, an advisory council opted to
      strip disgraced
      hockey czar Alan Eagleson of his award after he was
      convicted of fraud.
      With this in mind, taking back the honour from a man
      who regards the
      as a "disease" should not be controversial.

      � Copyright 2002 National Post

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