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[nebukhadhnasar@yahoo.com: Re: the 911 debate continues]

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  • thekoba@aztec.asu.edu
    ================= Begin forwarded message ================= Dear Kevin, Again, over all, I think the left has to get out of its intellectual rut. I guess we
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2002
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      Dear Kevin,

      Again, over all, I think the left has to get out of
      its intellectual rut.

      I guess we all probably at one stage conjured up a
      mental image of the revolution that goes something
      like this.

      The plain, downtrodden workers finally can't take any
      more. They down tools grab big red flags and banners,
      join hands with their womenfolk who no longer will
      toil at domestic slavery any more and march on the
      government. The troops at first fire on the rebels,
      yielding martyrs, but then decide that they too are
      working people and as a few capitalists scurry out the
      back the working people triumph and men, women and
      liberated soldiers arm in arm great the new dawn.

      Well, Marx wasn't wrong, the revolution is actually
      happening. Only it's not all in one country at a
      time, it pits poor countries against rich ones (and,
      imperfectly, rich against poor in each country).
      Because the left hasn't done very well articulating
      the anti-imperialist struggle, the rebels are waiving
      green flags, not red ones, and they pause to stone
      adulterers, men and women, to death on their way to

      The soldiers and even the working people in the
      imperialist countries are now welcoming their comrades
      from the third world to their side in the struggle
      against capital, but mostly they are siding with
      capital against the third world workers.

      So, the play has begun, but everybody is not reciting
      the lines he's supposed to have learned!

      Well, so now we have to deal with it.

      The revolution won't be like 1789 or 1917. It won't
      be so neat. We're finding neo-Nazis and Islamic
      fundamentalists in the trench with us and former
      liberal "comrades" in the opposing trench.

      In short, it's messy. But we can't wish for that
      fairy tale revolution with the invincible columns of
      workers singing the Internationale; we have to
      orientate ourselves to reality as it is today.

      Anyhow, given all the "mess," yes "innocent" people
      die and that is not nice. The twin towers held
      bankers and exploiters and also secretaries and office
      boys too. But that just means all the more that we
      need to get a proper orientation. Unfair that they
      died, yeah, I guess. It's unfair that Muhammad Ata
      had to die too, and that 1.73 million Iraqis have died
      and all the Palestinians, etc. Somehow the struggle
      must go on or we get lots more innocent deaths, mostly
      in the third world.

      Getting a proper orientation won't save us from
      friendly fire by revolutionaries who think we're part
      of the enemy camp, but it helps some. I mean, if you
      were a Communist working in the underground movement
      in Berlin in World War II would you be safe from
      Allied bombs and Red Army shells and rockets? No.

      But in a democratic age nobody can reasonably expect
      to be "left alone". People who want that usually are
      just drawn into the ranks of imperialism, either as
      willing draftees or as vollunteers seeking a secure



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