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damned "leftists"

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    Eric Mueller sends his response to the flap on my presence on the azpeace board. --Kevin ================= Begin forwarded message ================= Dear
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      Eric Mueller sends his response to the flap on my presence on
      the azpeace board.


      ================= Begin forwarded message =================

      Dear Kevin,

      Your posts (not you, your "progressive" interlocutors)
      coupled with other stuff I've been reading got me

      These people refuse to listen. They want to pretend
      that Jews and Zionists are not in any way related. My

      Why don't we just go joust windmills?!

      The so-called left is ready every step of the way to
      trip up the anti-imperialist anti-Zionist movement.
      It's getting really tiresome.

      I know that Mr. David Duke can't see the role of oil
      (even though it's actually many-faceted -- I mean even
      Iraq wouldn't be such an important target for the jews
      if it weren't for the fact that its oil wealth ENABLES
      Iraq to pose a real and meaningful threat to
      imperialism and Zionism.)

      BUT, these "leftists" not only have twisted views,
      they sabotage the movement.

      Today they were saying in one email I got that we must
      "let the inspectors do their job." While Iraq is
      seeing the inspectors as spies and denouncing them as
      such (today). What the US and so-called UN are up to
      is just too obvious.

      So we raise the slogan "defend Iraq!" and the
      so-called left says, "well, but Iraq is a bloody

      We say, "down with Zionism!" and the "left" says,
      "well, down with the Zionist occupation from 1967, but
      not the 1948 occupation, and down with Jewish
      chauvinism and Arab chauvinism too, long live a
      non-national secular state where all the 'Israeli'
      Jews can continue living as if occupying somebody's
      country weren't a problem. oh, and down with the 1967
      occupation, but let's not have any killings of
      'innocent' 'Israeli' jew civilians (that would be
      racist) yes to armed struggle as long as that means
      Palestinians taking a pistol or a rifle to oppose
      Zionist troops armed to the teeth in helicopters,
      tanks, with machineguns, but no killing of the

      You know, it wouldn't have worked out well for the
      Russians or Chinese, but if Hitler had won the war,
      the Middle East would be a damn sight better off.

      Here's a translation I did today from as-Safir of 4
      December 2002 on the appointment of jew fanatic Elliot
      Abrams to the post of Near East director in the
      National Security Council.

      Of course to our "leftist" "friends", Abrams' judaism
      is irrelevant, and indeed it is a fact that the
      so-called peace process that he will supervise is
      better off run by a Jewish supremacist nut than by a
      person who can pass himself off as a human being.
      This way it will fool fewer people.

      But clearly his jewish supremacist nature is an
      important angle here, and when even the Harpal Brar
      types still inveigh against anti-Semitism and ignore
      the relationship between Judaism and Zionism we are
      dealing with serious dead weight around the neck of
      the struggle.

      If you can't figure out who your enemy is, my God,
      you're going to have damned hard time fighting him!



      As-Safir, Beirut, Wednesday, 4 December 2002.

      Washington: The worst man in the worst place, Elliot
      Abrams put in charge of the Middle East in the US
      National Security Council.

      By Hisham Milhem.

      Yesterday the White House announced the appointment of
      Elliot Abrams as Senior Director of the department for
      Near East and North African Affairs in the National
      Security Council, in a new confirmation of the growth
      of the extreme rightwing, pro-Israel line in the
      American government. The appointment was also another
      indication of the George Bush Administration�s
      inclination to re-appoint some of the most
      controversial political personalities who were
      responsible for serious scandals such as �Iran-Contra�
      and who did not shy away from misleading the American
      people and Congress. Abrams, who served in the
      Administration of Ronald Reagan, is among them.

      With the appointment of Abrams to this sensitive post,
      the activities of the elements within the current US
      government � in particular those occupying sensitive
      positions in the office of Vice-President Dick Cheney
      and the Department of Defense � who support the
      hardline Israeli Likud Party have been strengthened.
      Abrams is regarded as one of the most prominent
      supporters of the extremist Likud line and in
      particular the line of Ariel Sharon. He is known for
      his criticism of moderate Jewish currents in America,
      of the Israeli Labour Party, and of what he calls the
      �Barak experience� and its efforts to reach a peace
      accord with the Palestinians. He is also famous for
      his scorn of the supporters of the �peace process� and
      for his criticisms even of the Oslo Accords.

      Abrams was appointed in June 2001 to the National
      Security Council as the Senior Director of the Office
      of �Democracy, Human Rights, and International
      Operations.� During his period of service in the
      Reagan Administration Abrams described himself as a
      �fighter� for the Reagan Doctrine in Central America �
      a doctrine predicated upon giving support to military
      regimes and supplying arms to organizations like the
      Contras in Nicaragua (something that Congress had made
      illegal) as they waged a fierce war against the
      leftist regime of the Sandinistas in Nicaragua �
      activities that involved brazen violations of human
      rights. In 1991 it became known that Abrams had
      mislead the Congress on two occasions in the course of
      public testimony that he gave in 1986 concerning his
      knowledge of and involvement in the matter of
      illegally supplying arms to the Contras. He also
      concealed from the Congress information about his role
      in obtaining $10 million from the Sultan of Brunei to
      be given to the Contras. Abrams had met the Sultan in
      London in 1986 under an assumed name. Had it not been
      for the intervention of President George Bush (senior)
      who issued a Presidential Pardon on Christmas night of
      1992 � that is, just days before the end of his term �
      Abrams would have been sent to prison for his
      violations of the law. Abrams was also known for the
      severity of his criticism of those who cast doubt on
      Reagan�s policies, whom he called �serpents.�

      After his appointment in 2001, White House spokesman
      Ari Fleischer described Abrams�s controversial role in
      the Iran-Contra scandal as �a matter of the past.�
      But Abrams� unsavory history and record were not
      discussed in Congress at that time and will not be
      discussed now because these posts in the National
      Security Council do not require specific Congressional
      confirmation. During sessions of the investigation of
      the Iran-Contra scandal, Abrams was subjected to
      intense criticism. At one point Democratic Senator
      Thomas Eagleton said that Abrams� testimony almost
      made him puke. For his part, retired Admiral and
      former diplomat, William Crowe described Abrams as a
      �snake who is hard to kill.�

      Condoleezza Rice, National Security Adviser, announced
      the appointment of Abrams to his new post on Monday
      night. The position had previously been occupied by
      Zalmay Khalilzad, originally from Afghanistan, who has
      been moved, as a part of an effort to reorganize the
      National Security Council, to the position of
      President Bush�s special envoy to the �Free Iraqis.�
      This was yet another indication of the Bush
      Administration�s determination to strengthen its
      relations with the Iraqi opposition in preparation for
      the expected confrontation with the regime of Iraqi
      President Saddam Hussein.

      Abrams, in his new post, will be responsible for the
      Middle East �peace effort� and American policy in the
      Gulf. He will be assisted in this job by Flynt
      Leverett, who is described as being �on detail from
      the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.),� who will be
      directly responsible for the issue of the Arab-Israeli
      Conflict under Abrams� supervision.

      Abrams, 55 years old, is regarded as one of the most
      prominent stars of the rightist pro-Israel current
      that emerged towards the end of the 1970s as a
      response to the moderate policies of former President
      Jimmy Carter. Other representatives of this
      right-wing, pro-Israeli element are Richard Perle,
      Jean Kirkpatrick, Frank Gaffney, and others who have
      organized themselves in groups like the �Committee on
      the Present Danger� and the �Jewish Institute for
      National Security Affairs (JINSA)� � organizations
      that are dedicated to supporting the American
      strategic alliance with Israel.

      Abrams has published a number of studies and books,
      including �Faith and fear: why American Jews fear
      religion�and why only religion can save them,� in
      which he called upon Jews to safeguard Judaism in
      America by focusing on Jewish religious practice and
      not on their blood ties. Abrams is regarded as one of
      the most prominent advocates of the establishment of
      �alliances with Evangelical Americans, the Christian
      group that most intensely supports Israel,� as he said
      in an article that he wrote after the election of
      President Bush. On the other hand, Abrams leveled
      harsh criticism of other Christian churches that dared
      in his opinion to criticize Israeli treatment of the
      Palestinians or that support the Palestinians� right
      to independence.

      Abrams criticized the policies of former Israeli Prime
      Minister Ehud Barak in withdrawing from Lebanon and
      during the negotiations in Camp David with the
      Palestinians. He believed that Barak�s policies were
      a threat to the security of Israel. Abrams hailed the
      election of Sharon, considering it a rejection of the
      Barak line and a victory for Israeli democracy and for
      the concept of security through strength. Abrams has
      chided Americans who criticize Israel, saying that
      they forget that it is the �only democracy� in the
      Middle East, surrounded by �gangland activities.�
      Abrams called on American Jews to arise from their
      slumber after a decade of dreaming � a reference to
      the decade of the 1990s after the conclusion of the
      Oslo Accords � so that they might �face the fact� that
      the Palestinian leadership does not want peace with
      Israel, and so that they might understand that �peace
      will never happen.�

      Abrams castigated American Jewish leaders who continue
      to call for peace and agreements with the
      Palestinians, demanding that they �stop calling for
      negotiations, and instead put forward a simpler and
      less costly option (for Israel) namely: solidarity and
      support.� Abrams added in an article that he
      published shortly after Sharon�s election victory that
      �years of American pressure on Israel that have
      coincided with winking in Arafat�s direction, and
      ignoring (Palestinian) violations of the agreements
      that they have signed, must come to an end.�

      Abrams defended Sharon and his role during the Israeli
      invasion of Lebanon in 1982, pointing out that the
      Maronite Christian militias were the ones that carried
      out the massacres as Sabra and Shatila, not the
      Israeli troops under Sharon�s orders. Noting that
      Sharon had resigned after the Israeli investigations
      into his 1982 role, Abrams compared Sharon to Winston
      Churchill. Britons, he said, turned to Churchill when
      they sought to confront Hitler, despite the military
      disaster that Churchill had caused in the First World
      War when he tried to seize the Gallipoli Peninsula in
      Turkey in 1915. Abrams said that Sharon had saved
      Israel as Churchill had saved Britain.

      This is the record of the man whom President George
      Bush has chosen to supervise the �peace process�
      between Israel and the Arabs.
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