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Re: Ma'an, Jordan in state of rebellion!!

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  • thekoba@aztec.asu.edu
    ================= Begin forwarded message ============== Dear Kevin, Apparently it s not over in Ma an yet. Today the authorities released the former
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 11, 2002
      ================= Begin forwarded message ==============

      Dear Kevin,

      Apparently it's not over in Ma'an yet. Today the
      authorities released the former al-Jazeera reporter
      and his brother, a writer for a local newspaper but
      the reports noted that the authorities can keep the
      charges kind of "open" and re-arrest him later if they
      feel like.

      Meanwhile, the army has been brought into Ma'an
      "thousands of troops" and government reports suggest
      that most of the town is now occupied. The government
      claims that it's captured 25 of, I think, 40 Islamic
      "fugitives" that it wanted. That's not all the
      arrests; they say in total they've arrested about 50.
      The Jordanian authorities say they've arrested a
      number of non-Jordanians as well -- Iraqis, Egyptians,
      a Syrian and an Indian -- most likely Islamicists --
      as well as Jordanians there. Residents said the
      Egyptians and Iraqis were arrested while trying to get
      arms belonging to al-Takfir wa-al-hijra out of Ma'an.
      The Syrian and Indian were arrested when they were in
      the ranks of the armed fighters.

      The government says all is quiet, eyewitnesses report
      gunfire can still be heard, but it's nothing like the
      hundreds of armed men in the streets in the last
      couple days.

      Last night I read that al-Shalabi, the one leader who
      eluded them had been captured, but I haven't heard any
      more on that. Initially he was arrested in a gunfight
      after some US diplomat was assassinated and the
      authorities started rounding up people. Wounded,
      al-Shalabi was taken to a hospital where his
      supporters found him and just took him out by force.
      Since then he was a "fugitive."

      There's one neighbourhood, however, where members of
      al-Takfir wa-al-hijrah (which also was the name of the
      Islamic group that assassinated Sadat) are holed up
      and refuse to surrender. The Jordanian army has been
      launching air assaults there with helicopters and
      gunfire is occasionally heard.

      Ma'an is said to be one of the poorest cities in
      Jordan, and a place where the fundamentalists are
      particularly active. There are secular Arab
      Nationalists active too there and they, to use the
      government's language, "do not put the authentic
      interests of Jordan first," -- in other words, they're
      not content with a few American crumbs in return for
      turning Jordan into a base from which to attack Iraq.

      The government is also saying that the fundamentalists
      are working with drug smuggler gangsters. Whether
      that's an interesting sociological development or just
      plain slander I don't know. Fundamentalists would
      abhore drug use among themselves and the Muslims in
      general. Also, one must remember that in a tribal or
      family oriented society, poverty might drive some
      members of a family to religious and/or political
      activism and other family members to crime. Yet they
      might all come together if attacked by the government.

      According to As-Safir, the Jordanian government is
      trying to make an example out of Ma'an to show what
      will happen to anyone who disturbs the tranquility of
      the country. Obviously they are concerned that things
      might get pretty hot if the US invades Iraq,
      particularly if it does so from Jordanian territory.

      Iraq's parliament went into a special session at the
      request of President Saddam Husayn to discuss
      Resolution 1441. Saadoun Hammadi, the Speaker of the
      People's Assembly, denounced the resolution as unjust
      and the Foreign Affairs committee of the Assembly
      recommended that Iraq reject the resolution because it
      is unjust and illegal (in terms of international law),
      out of keeping with past resolutions, doesn't
      acknowledge what Iraq has done to cooperate with the
      Security Council even though those earlier
      inspections, etc., were also unjust, and because this
      resolution violates Iraq's sovereignty and dignity.

      Some statement was made urging President Saddam Husayn
      to "do what he thinks best" regarding the response to
      the resolution but the People's Assembly has
      adjourned, having decided to continue the debate on
      Resolution 1441 tomorrow.

      The US has summoned the new Zionist defense minister
      Shaul Mufaz to Washington for a briefing on America's
      war plans. "As-Safir" said he was to respond to the
      invitation and arrive in Washington in very early

      Meanwhile, the Anadol News Agency says that a team of
      25 Americans made up of CIA scum and people from the
      US Departments of State and Defence are accompanying a
      or the Deputy Director of the CIA, one John McLoghlin
      (approximate spelling) in talks in Turkey designed to
      get Turkey involved in the aggression against Iraq in
      the way that the US wants.

      The Zionists have martyred three Palestinians and
      wounded four others (mostly children) as they plan
      more aggression in response to the guerrilla attack on
      a Zionist Kibbutz yesterday. In that attack a number
      of guerrillas (evidently associated with the Al-Aqsa
      Martyrs Brigades, the military wing of Fateh) shot
      several Zionist settlers, killing five, I believe,
      though more were expected to die soon since their
      wounds were severe. Some of the guerrillas were
      killed, but evidently some escaped. A Zionist paper
      said they plan to attack the Fateh people in Nablus --
      the West Bank city that they think the guerrillas came

      Meanwhile Arafat has ordered an investigation into the
      guerrilla raid on the Zionist kibbutz and the Fateh
      leadership has disavowed any connection with the

      Netanyahu, the new foreign minister designate of the
      rapist state, has called for getting rid of Arafat
      because he's "responsible" for the "terrorist"

      Interestingly, Netanyahu, who plans to run against
      Sharon in elections early next year, and who
      represents at least an equally racist Jewish current,
      has been holding meetings with a view to his election.
      He told one closed meeting that his plan to cope with
      the Zionist entity's crumbling economy involves
      getting rid of the Shekel and making the US dollar or
      maybe the Euro the official currency.

      Well, that's the big news from over there. I think
      Bush made some threatening remarks against Iraq in
      connection with ... whatever today is now called ...
      the former Armistice Day. (I can't remember if it's
      Veterans' Day or Memorial Day.) The post office,
      which was closed, flew that black and white pirate
      flag -- otherwise known as the MIA flag. A stupid
      gesture, since the MIA issue was a propaganda red
      herring raised by Nixon to begin with and now is
      completely ludicrous. After all, the USA with its
      sink hole in Guantanamo and its various prisons across
      the country probably holds the largest number of MIAs
      in the world right now.

      Well, that's pretty much the rundown. Oh, did you
      ever see the photos that were leaked out showing how
      the US flies its prisoners to Guantanamo? All bound
      and blindfolded in a transport plane. Extremely
      uncomfortable for a trip that must last about 25 to 30
      hours. If you haven't seen them, I got some from an
      Islamic site and can forward them to you if you remind
      me of the e-mail address where you can recieve
      pictures. There's a big scandal now, because the US
      government is concerned about who leaked the pictures
      (that were sent anonymously to a website, apparently).
      Most likely it must be a soldier or else somebody that
      got them from a soldier. Obviously the US authorities
      are concerned about their image, though, not about the
      conditions aboard the planes.

      Oh, yes another interesting tidbit. When I wrote that
      "appreciation" of the UN Resolution 1441 the other
      day, I thought I might be going out on a limb when I
      said that the inspectors might try to arrest President
      Saddam Husayn for interrogation. But last night I
      read in al-Quds al-Arabi that the USA correspondent
      for a pro-Saudi Arabic paper asked Hans Blix
      specifically about this -- whether the inspectors
      would try to take Saddam Husayn into custody for
      interrogation -- and he refused to comment!


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