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[nebukhadhnasar@yahoo.com: Korean and Jugoslav news]

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      Subject: Korean and Jugoslav news
      Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 08:14:17 -0700 (PDT)

      Dear Kevin,

      First, here's a Korean Central News Agency summary of
      an article from yesterday in the Rodong Sinmun on the
      US strongarm policy that mentions that Kelly person
      whose mission to Pyongyang started the current row
      over Korean "nuclear weapons."

      Then there's another item on international support for
      the DPRK's proposal for a federal republic for a
      united Korea. I haven't been paying sufficient
      attention to Korean matters and wasn't aware of this.
      I suppose it's the only way they can achieve unity
      short of war and revolution, but I'm not sure what
      kind of unity would come out of it. I suppose it
      would be worthy of support if it pulls the south out
      of the US orbit, at least, though I don't know how
      possible that is.

      Finally, there's a pravda.ru report on the US inspired
      crackdown on Jugoslavija's sales of weapons and
      defensive radar to Iraq. Sad news.




      U.S. urged to drop strong-arm policy
      Pyongyang, October 22 (KCNA) -- The U.S. ruling
      quarters are now resorting to highhanded practices and
      war to retrieve their foreign and domestic policy
      setbacks. They should stop such criminal attempts and
      behave themselves, lending an ear to the demand of the
      world people for peace. Rodong Sinmun today says this
      in a signed article as regards the strong-arm policy
      still pursued by the United States in the
      international arena in a bid to dominate the world.
      Proceeding from the hegemonistic way of thinking
      based on upperhand in strength, the U.S. arrogantly
      insists that all other countries should accept its
      demand and unconditionally carry out what it dictates,
      whether they like or not, the article notes, and says:

      Some time ago, the U.S. Congress adopted a
      resolution that allows its president to use armed
      forces against Iraq. This means that the present U.S.
      chief executive is allowed to start any war of
      aggression against Iraq and other countries anytime.
      The U.S. strong-arm policy was manifested in what
      Kelly did while visiting Pyongyang some time ago in
      the capacity of the U.S. President's special envoy.
      Kelly made an ultimatum-style notice that the
      DPRK-U.S. dialogue can not be expected and the
      favorably developing inter-Korean relations and
      DPRK-Japan relations might collapse unless the DPRK
      clears the U.S. of its "security concerns". Such
      threatening and highhanded practice of the envoy was a
      vivid expression of the U.S. imperialists' brigandish
      and arrogant nature.
      The U.S. is now calling for "arms reduction" of
      the DPRK, making a hue and cry over its "threat". But
      such row does not stand to reason and it will get the
      U.S. nowhere.
      If the U.S. persists in its moves to apply
      pressure and stifle the DPRK by force, the latter will
      have no option but to take a tougher counteraction.
      The U.S. will stand further isolated due to its
      anachronistic hardline policy to stifle the DPRK. The
      only way out for the U.S. is to opt for reconciliation
      and peace, not strong-arm policy.
      The U.S. is now rejected with its influence waning
      in the Mideast and Northeast Asia including the Korean
      Peninsula. This is an inevitable result of the policy
      of the U.S. which acts an international gendarme.


      Federal formula for Korea's reunification supported

      Pyongyang, October 22 (KCNA) -- Statements have
      been released and functions held in different
      countries on the occasion of the month of support for
      the proposal for founding the Democratic Federal
      Republic of Koryo. The group for the study of the
      Juche idea of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in Vienna,
      Austria, in a statement on Oct. 11 said that the
      reunification of Korea by federal formula is an option
      for reunification in accord with the reality in Korea
      as there exist differing social systems in the north
      and south of Korea.
      All the issues arising in setting up and
      administering a unified state are comprehensively
      clarified in the proposal for founding the DFRK, the
      statement said, adding:
      The international community wants Korea to be
      reunified by federal formula at an early date.
      The Congolese Committee for Supporting the
      Proposal for Founding the DFRK released a statement on
      Oct. 14 fully supporting the reunification proposals
      set forth by the DPRK.
      Meanwhile, speakers at a friendly meeting in Paris
      on Oct. 10 said that the federal formula is the most
      realistic and reasonable reunification proposal as it
      is based on the three principles of national
      reunification--independence, peaceful reunification
      and great national unity--agreed upon between the
      north and south of Korea and recognized by the
      international community.
      Noting that Kim Jong Il formulated the three
      principles of national reunification, the ten-point
      programme for the great national unity and the
      proposal for founding the DFRK as the three charters
      for national reunification and has steered the
      struggle to realize them, they said that it is the
      brilliant fruition of his wise policy that the June 15
      North-South Joint Declaration is being steadily
      implemented and there is a bright prospect of Korea's
      A lecture on the subject of "the proposal for
      founding the DFRK is the most reasonable way for
      Korea's reunification" was given at the Sunbula
      International Friendship Club in Libya on Oct. 9. A
      message of solidarity to Kim Jong Il was adopted



      13:53 2002-10-23

      Scandal: Yugoslavia Accused of Weapons Sales to Iraq

      Yugoslavia is experiencing a loud scandal. The
      government called an extraordinary session to dismiss
      the director general of the Yugoimport export trading
      company, Jovan Cekovic, and Yugoslav Deputy Minister
      of Defense General-Colonel Ivan Jokic. The dismissal
      is caused by the fact that information appeared
      proving illegal arms sales of Yugoimport to Iraq. The
      deputy defense minister was also accused of illegal
      sales of arms and military equipment to Iraq.

      Yugoimport is a state-owned company; Serb Minister for
      Internal Affairs Dusan Mihailovic is the chairman of
      the Board of Directors in the company. Right before
      the extraordinary session of the government, Dusan
      Mihailovic said he knew nothing about the arms sales,
      but agreed that the issue must be settled. The
      Ministry of Defense also denies its guilt.

      The Yugoslav government asked competent authorities to
      audit the work of Yugoimport and other organizations
      involved in the arms trade. The people guilty of the
      illegal arms sales are to be brought into criminal
      account; The Yugoimport representative office in
      Baghdad must be closed and a special commission to
      examine activity of the Defense Ministry must be set
      up. Russian news agency RIA Novosti informs that the
      Yugoslav government once again proves its
      participation in �the struggle against terrorism.�

      Belgrade�s newspaper Blic reported yesterday that the
      Bosnian factory Orao was probably connected with
      Yugoimport (Americans suspect Orao of supplying
      aviation equipment to Iraq). The newspaper provided
      evidence alleging that international peacemakers in
      Bosnia found documents at the plant that prove that
      military equipment had been supplied to Iraq through
      Yugoimport. It is supposed that Ex-Minister for
      Foreign Trade, and incumbent councilor of the Yugoslav
      Embassy in Iraq Borisa Vukovic authorized the

      International observers say that the embargo on weapon
      sales to Iraq was broken. In addition, as the AP
      informs, experts say that Yugoslavia not only sold
      weapons to Iraq, but even helped Baghdad with to
      create air defense systems.

      Radio Jugoslavija quotes Serb Minister for Internal
      Affairs Dusan Mihailovic as saying that if the
      investigation confirms the information on illegal
      weapons supplies, �officials involved in this criminal
      activity will be punished in accordance with the law.�

      Sergey Yugov

      Translated by Maria Gousseva

      Read the original in Russian: http://world.pravda.ru/world/2002/5/14/37/1680_Jugoslavija.html

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