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Re: President Hussein reelected

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  • thekoba@aztec.asu.edu
    ... Dear Faisal, The reaction of our American spin doctors (propagandists) on the radio and television to this election is beyond belief. They are saying
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 17, 2002
      >Hello ,
      >Congulaculations to President Hussein. Bush thought that all the Iraq people would vote against their president .It is impossible and now it is time for the USA government and the UN Security council to see where they are heading to if they raid and fight Iraq. The peole of Iraq have faith in their leadership so America should stop blind folding the ignorant people that they fighting the governments which are oppressing the people. 100% support , waw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      >Freadom and Peace,

      Dear Faisal,

      The reaction of our American "spin doctors" (propagandists) on the radio
      and television to this election is beyond belief. They are saying that
      President Hussein forced his whole country to vote for him. They don't
      explain how a whole country could be forced to vote against its conscience
      by a small clique of unpopular officials, especially given how well-armed
      ordinary Iraqi citizens are. The trouble is that most Americans are stupid
      enough or ignorant enough to believe these lies.

      I dare say that President Hussein does have his critics in Iraq, but these
      people probably voted for him to show President Bush that the Iraqi people
      will not accept foreign dictation on whom they will have as president.
      I can imagine that if some foreign government tried to force Americans to
      choose a particular person as president with the threat of a devastating war,
      we would rally behind our current president, even if we didn't particularly
      like him.

      Last night on one of our television shows, there was a report of the dangers
      of Iraqi nerve gas. I had to laugh at the hysteria the media are trying to
      spread. Well, if Mr. Bush is foolish enough to go ahead with this war,
      nerve gas will be the least of his worries.


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