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Re: Anti-war rally this weekend

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  • thekoba@aztec.asu.edu
    ... Mr. Bronke: No need to avoid their rallies. On the contrary, be right there to fight their crooked line, and if they throw you out, be right next to them.
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 7, 2002
      >One guy who wore a sign saying nuke Israel not Iraq evoked anger in many of
      >the people he came in contact with or so he told me. The event was sponsored
      >by a Jewish organization and although that does not give them the right to
      >pledge allegiance to another country they will feel that they have the right
      >to give you as much shit as they feel like. I saw that coming and let people
      >fill in the blanks on their own. If people asked me personnally I sometimes
      >went further. you have to beat them at their own game. After all, their
      >sponsoring of the event is their way of control. I will avoid their rallies
      >in the future.

      Mr. Bronke:

      No need to avoid their rallies. On the contrary, be right there to fight
      their crooked line, and if they throw you out, be right next to them.
      That's what I do. If they get in my face, I go right to them. I have told
      them at a rally they inauspiciously held last 20 April in Tempe, "As a
      white American I proudly wave the flag of free Palestine on this Hitler's
      Birthday, and if you Jews think you can stop a white man from expressing
      his opinions in his own country, you're very much mistaken."

      One said, "This is a peaceful demonstration!"

      I said, "I know it is, and I'm not here to hurt anyone, but you can believe
      I will defend myself if you try to silence me." My firm stand worked. I didn't
      have to go for my .45.

      On 20 October 2001 I attended their rally against the war in Afghanistan
      at Wesley Bolin Plaza in Phoenix. I carried signs that said:

      Death to Israel and it's lackeys in Congress


      Congress works for Jew money. Execute the AIPAC traitors.

      They excluded me from the ampitheatre, but I stayed right by the entrance,
      even though they sent Captain Swart of the Capitol Police to spy on me.
      You can't fight the Jews by running from them. Like any bully, their power
      is gone when people boldly stand up against them.

      >The police are in a similar spot that our servicemen are. They don't make
      >the laws but they have to enforce them.

      The draft was abolished in 1972, and police have never been drafted. They
      are not forced to enforce these unjust laws. They freely chose to enter
      these services, knowing what they would be asked to do. Even if the USA did
      conscript soldiers and police (as may well be the case, perhaps not in
      the very distant future either), a draftee for the enemy is still an enemy.
      We would like such cops and soldiers to turn their guns on their officers
      and the government, but as long as they are pointed at us, we must be
      prepared to return fire.

      >They sometimes do a lousy job. I'm
      >sure they don't like the idea of the US breaking internation laws.

      There are perhaps a few soldiers like that. I suspect, however, that most
      are amoral mercenaries who just want to get job skills or money for college.
      Even so, if these soldiers who are subjectively consciencious objectively
      attack us or oppressed people, they are objectively our enemies and must
      be fought. I'm all for disciplined demonstrations. I'm tactically
      opposed to attacks on the cops that can only provoke problems for the
      movement. If, however, the cops try to stop us from exercising our rights,
      we must meet force with force. Our rights are only as good as our ability
      to protect them. If we are not willing to fight for them and want to depend
      on the goodwill of the cops, they don't exist.

      >It is a joke on who we have the choice to vote on yet we still are obligated
      >to find someone who will run for election that we can trust.

      I'm very glad you recognize that. Pray tell then, why you think the struggle
      can be won at the ballot box? Why are you obligated to vote for someone
      you can trust when there is no one you can trust? Did Lenin get into power
      by voting? Did Mao? Did the patriots of the American Revolution? No,
      there are very few examples of anything worthwhile being accomplished by
      voting. Revolutions are won on the battlefield. We cannot compete
      financially with the Jews' media machine. Our expression of democracy will
      be on the streets.

      --Kevin Walsh
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