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[nebukhadhnasar@yahoo.com: Re: blaming everyone but the real culprit]

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    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 22, 2002
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      From: nebukhadhnasar@... (Abdallah Tahhan)
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      Subject: Re: blaming everyone but the real culprit
      Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2002 06:47:54 -0700 (PDT)

      Dear Kevin,

      I agree. This age of both parents working has
      apparently inculcated into people the idea that 'child
      rearing' means going off and leaving small children to
      wander about at will -- and not only going off to
      work, but going off to party, watch the game, get
      high, take a nap, etc.

      In Dallas I can remember a few cases where drive-by
      shootings or hit-and-run drivers claimed the lives of
      young children -- who, it turned out, were playing in
      their front yard at 1 or 2 am. What's wrong with that
      picture? And while I don't condone kidnappings, many
      of them too are facilitated by inadequate parental or
      adult supervision. Even when children are abducted
      from homes it frequently turns out that nobody
      bothered to lock the doors when going to bed.

      Of course in kidnappings, the blame is entirely put on
      whomever they arrest for the crime. In situations
      such as this, however, some people want to blame
      "society" and then make a profit in the bargain. That
      is doubly shocking.

      The individualist, me-first capitalist society in
      which we live teaches everyone that tending to his own
      personal pleasure is the top priority; everybody else
      must look out for himself. Social consciousness and
      responsibility are "dangerous" traits because they
      might make people question the wisdom of their
      war-crazed presidents.

      Like those irresponsible parents, "our" leaders draw
      up hit lists of "rogue states" to be overthrown,
      commit or contribute to wholesale slaughter of people
      and destruction of nations in such places as Palestine
      and Iraq. But then, like those parents in your
      letter, they scream "somebody's going to pay for
      this!" when they receive disproportionately small
      retaliation for their outrageous behaviour in the form
      of attacks on their world trade towers and military
      headquarters building.


      --- K J WALSH <thekoba@...> wrote:
      > 21 September 2002
      > Kevin James Walsh
      > 5059 N 38th Place
      > Phoenix AZ 85018-1503
      > (602)956-0997
      > thekoba@...
      > Letters to the Editor
      > The Arizona Republic
      > Phoenix AZ
      > Dear Editor:
      > John and Carin Johnson has lost their son. He
      > drowned in an apartment complex
      > swimming pool ("Closing Gates on Tragedy", 9/21/02).
      > They blame and seek to
      > sue the complex for having a faulty latch and the
      > county for sending a pool
      > inspector who failed to notice the faulty latch. If
      > they win this suit,
      > the burden of making them wealthy over the loss of
      > their son will fall upon
      > the county taxpayers and the complex residents who
      > will have to pay higher
      > rent. They will have profited from their own
      > irresponsibility at the expense
      > of all of us.
      > The notion that society has a duty to make it
      > impossible for children to
      > come to harm when left unsupervised is patently
      > absurd. By that logic,
      > there should be fences on the side of every street
      > and lockable gates at
      > crosswalks so that no unattended child can run into
      > a busy street and be
      > run down by a car. By that logic there should be
      > fences around inedible
      > plants to keep unsupervised children from
      > inadvertently poisoning themselves.
      > Adults would not tolerate such inconveniences, nor
      > should they have to
      > tolerate the stupidity of fences around swimming
      > pools.
      > The world contains many dangers and cannot be made
      > childproof. It is the
      > responsibility of the parents and guardians of the
      > children to supervise
      > them until they are old enough to understand basic
      > personal safety. The
      > Johnsons foolishly allowed a 2-1/2 year old boy to
      > wander unattended in
      > an apartment complex. They should not be allowed to
      > profit from that.
      > Indeed they should be prosecuted for negligent
      > homicide. The Johnsons should
      > not look to the apartment complex or the county
      > health department to find
      > those responsible for their son's death. They need
      > look no further than the
      > nearest mirror.
      > Sincerely,
      > Kevin Walsh

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