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The BOOK: Presiden G. W. Bush Is A Moron: Islam Is NOT Peace

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  • thekoba@aztec.asu.edu
    ... Dr. Tulbure will get no argument from me for asserting that G.W. Bush is a moron. Islam certainly is not pacifism. Islam teaches people to fight when
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 11, 2002
      >The BOOK: Presiden G. W. Bush Is A Moron: Islam Is NOT Peace
      >You can get it cheaper from here:
      >In the book President G.W. Bush Is a Moron: Islam Is NOT Peace, Dr.
      >Solomon Tulbure explains that the Islamic concept of "peace" merely
      >means converting the "land of warfare" (the non-Muslims) to Islam.
      >Indeed, as Dr. Tulbure points out, Islamic nations have not been
      >very peaceful, even among the different sects of Islam. Islam is
      >nearly inseparable from Arab culture, and respect for human rights
      >is almost nonexistent in either.

      Dr. Tulbure will get no argument from me for asserting that G.W. Bush
      is a moron.

      Islam certainly is not pacifism. Islam teaches people to fight when
      attacked or oppressed. Islam does, however, teach that unwarranted and
      unprovoked aggression is sinful.

      Islam is certainly separable from Arab culture, as not all Arabs are
      Muslims. Half of Lebanon's population is Christian.

      Human rights is a loaded term and means whatever the ruling class wants
      it to mean. Jews and their academic lackeys generally think it means
      freedom of Jews to screw over the rest of the world's people and not be
      held accountable for it and freedom for Jew lackeys to spew their
      propaganda and buy elections and governments. The Quran definitely does
      define conduct that is and is not sinful and rights that both men and
      women have.

      >Unlike Christianity, Islam has not had an era of Reformation or

      Islam had its initial scholarly enlightened era long before Christianity,
      in the 9th and 10th Centuries. Chistian Europe learned the following
      things from Muslim Arabs:

      --the use of the mathematical concept of zero

      --algebra (al-jabar in Arabic)

      --the use of mechanical clocks to tell time

      --a ten-digit numerical system to replace unwieldy Roman numerals

      --the use of forks for eating food

      --many of the ancient writings that had been lost to Europe had been
      preserved by the Arabs (Aristotle's writings etc.)

      --carpets for floors

      Christian Europe owes its own enlightenment to the earlier Arab
      enlightenment. The Dark Ages would have been a lot darker and gone
      on a lot longer without the knowledge of the Muslim Arabs.

      >Dr. Tulbure argues that there are no moderate or
      >liberal sects of Islam and that all Muslims believe in a literal
      >interpretation of the Koran. He gives several examples of ordinary
      >Muslims forming mobs calling for the death of those accused of
      >blasphemy or apostasy. In another example, Muslims stoned an
      >abandoned infant to death on the assumption that it was conceived

      These examples certainly do not represent all Muslims, and there have
      been many scholarly debates over interpretation of the Quran over
      the centuries, and these continue to this day.

      >This aversion to free speech should not come as a surprise to anyone
      >familiar with the history of Islam. Mohammed was a shrewd politician
      >and brutal warlord in addition to being Islam's prophet. He married
      >the religion of Islam to Arab nationalism and culture to such a
      >degree that people from non-Arab nations adopt Arab culture when
      >they adopt Islam.

      Malaysian, Indonesian and Filippino culture are certainly different from
      Arab culture despite a preponderance of Muslims in these countries.

      The marriage of religion to nationalism is certainly nothing new or
      unique to Muslims. Joan of Arc managed to marry Christianity to French
      nationalism, and even in modern times Hinduism and Indian nationalism are
      often inseparable.

      >Islam in turn is married the theocratic politics
      >of Islamic Law, which is inherently totalitarian. Islamic Law
      >controls every facet of a person's life. It is against democracy,
      >free speech and other basic, human freedoms. Throughout the Muslim
      >world, heresy, blasphemy and apostasy are crimes punishable by death.

      These sins are not even punishable as crimes in Iraq, Libya, Egypt and
      Syria, certainly not as capital crimes. There are active atheists in
      all of these countries who often form Marxist political parties.

      >This in turn, is entirely consistent with the interpretation of
      >Jihad being that of "Holy war" against all non-Muslims. In Islam,
      >Muslim men are encouraged to kill or be killed for Allah, and taught
      >that infidels are the "party of Satan" and have no rights. Muslims
      >are even told to reject their own parents or children if they are
      >non-Muslims. In Muslim countries in which infidels who do not openly
      >criticize Islam are allowed to live, non-Muslims must pay a
      >humiliation tax.

      In the first place this is not generally true today. Secondly the tax
      was not for humiliation but for the support of society given that non-
      Muslims did not observe the pillar of alms-giving. The tax was to
      substitute for the giving of alms to the poor. The mere fact that someone
      is not a Muslim is not in and of itself generally considered a valid
      excuse to make war on that person. Jihad is war against a real injustice
      or oppression.

      >This book also explains Islam's bloody history,
      >including the destruction of the Egyptians and Persians,

      As far as I know the Egyptians and the Persians are still here. The
      Persians just call themselves "Iranians" nowadays.

      >as well as
      >the recent violence between the Shiites and the Sunnis. Dr. Tulbure
      >argues that not only is Islam not peaceful, but that there has been
      >so significant Muslim contribution to humanity.

      I have already outlined a few of the contributions to humanity of people
      who happened to be Muslim (though I don't believe Islam itself is a
      contribution to humanity). As to the faith of people named "Solomon"
      and their contributions to history, such "contributions" of lies,
      exploitation and oppression merit only the firing squad and the concentration

      >In President G.W. Bush Is a Moron: Islam Is NOT Peace, you will also
      >find thoughtful criticism of the Koran, as well as arguments against
      >the Biblical God of the Muslims, Jews and Christians, dealing with
      >issues such as freewill and the problem of evil.

      Secular Judaism and other such bunk.

      >The main appeal of Islam is the promise to men of sex in the
      >afterlife, as well as giving men complete control over women. Islam
      >sees women as evil creatures out to tempt men into sin. In marital
      >relations, a wife's only right is to be fed and clothed by her
      >husband but only on the condition that she obeys him.

      A Muslim wife also has the right to sexual satisfaction and to half
      share inheritance.

      >Just as the
      >relationship of Allah to Muslim men is that of master-slave, the
      >marital relationship in Islam is also a master-slave relationship to
      >the point where the concept of sexual consent is not recognized. A
      >wife has no right to refuse sex to her husband, and the Koran
      >encourages men to beat wives who do so. Even outside the marital
      >bed, consent means very little. When a man rapes a woman, or even a
      >little girl as young as six, it is she who is punished, often by
      >being burned to death. Birth control is forbidden.
      >A child as young as nine is considered a "woman", and Muslim women
      >do not have the right to choose their husbands. A Muslim woman gets
      >one husband, while men can marry many wives. It is claimed that
      >Muslim women have the right to a divorce, but they must show "just
      >cause" to a male judge who usually denies her request. The testimony
      >of a woman in a divorce hearing, or any other court case, is worth
      >half that of a man's, and she cannot introduce evidence. A man can
      >get a divorce for any reason, and automatically gets custody of the
      >children. In addition, a woman can only inherit half of what a male
      >relative would.
      >Our naivety regarding the Muslim world, as well as our dependence on
      >Arab oil has blinded us to the danger Islam and Arab culture poses.
      >We must continue to respect religious freedom, yet at the same time
      >recognize that one person's religious freedom should never be at the
      >expense of the basic human rights of another person. This book
      >reveals the ignorance of President Bush on the subject of Islam, as
      >well as the subject of stem cell research discussed in the last
      >--Lynne H. Schultz, editor
      >You can also buy it through Amazon.Com

      The real danger to our society is the Jew culture that controls our media,
      our entertainments, our academia, and our government. That is the yoke
      that must be thrown off for progress. I agree that a person's religious
      freedom should never be at the expense of the rights of other people. We
      must rigorously apply that criterion to the Jews and kill every one of them
      who tries to control our country or the countries of the Arabs.

      --Kevin Walsh
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