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Fwd: [arab_nationalist] Iraqi Resistance Report: 14 - 16 June 2004.

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      > Subject: [arab_nationalist] Iraqi Resistance Report: 14 - 16 June
      > 2004.
      > Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Monday, 14 June 2004 through
      > Wednesday, 16 June 2004. Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu
      > Nasr, member editorial board The Free Arab Voice.
      > http://www.freearabvoice.org
      > Monday, 14 June 2004.
      > Powerful Resistance blast shakes downtown Baghdad early Monday, kills
      > suspected US intelligence agents.
      > A violent explosion shook downtown Baghdad early Monday morning
      > sending clouds of black smoke skywards, according to the Agence
      > France Presse (AFP). The Iraqi puppet police reported that an Iraqi
      > Resistance martyrdom attacker blew up a car in a crowded street on
      > Monday morning as a convoy of cars carrying foreign profiteers was
      > passing by. The blast destroyed a nearby building.
      > The Egyptian Middle East News Agency (MENA) reported that an
      > explosives-laden car had exploded in the center of the Iraqi capital,
      > destroying a number of storefronts and residences. MENA reported
      > Iraqi puppet police sources as saying that the type of vehicle
      > targeted in the Resistance attack was the type used by US
      > intelligence agents in Iraq.
      > The American Associated Press (AP) reported that at least 13 people
      > were killed in the explosion, among them one American profiteer and
      > four other foreigners working to exploit the Iraqi power industry.
      > According to a General Electric spokeswoman, the foreigners killed in
      > the blast were three employees of the monopoly General Electric and
      > two security contractors (i.e., mercenaries). Three of the victims
      > worked for Granite Services Inc., a wholly-owned GE subsidiary, said
      > Louise Binns, a GE spokeswoman in Brussels.
      > The US military said that the dead included two Britons, one
      > Frenchman, one American and a foreigner of undetermined nationality.
      > More than 60 people, including 10 foreign contractor profiteers, were
      > injured, the military said. An AP report said that two Filipinos
      > were also among the dead aliens. The bodies of the foreigners were
      > reportedly taken to Saddam International Airport where the US
      > aggressor troops have one of their largest bases.
      > A hospital source referred to one of the dead as Sudanese and another
      > as Iraqi.
      > The attack took place near the main thoroughfare as-Sa`dun Street on
      > the east bank of the Tigris River. At least eight cars were destroyed
      > in the Iraqi Resistance martyrdom attack. One car reportedly was
      > still smoldering from the blast on Liberation Square (Sahat at-
      > Tahrir) near as-Sa`dun Street, and the Iraqi puppet police closed off
      > the area.
      > Ambulances and fire trucks raced to the scene of the Resistance
      > attack which occurred just after 8:00am Monday, local time. US
      > aggressor forces told Reuters at the time that they had no
      > information on the blast at that time.
      > An officer in the Iraqi puppet police told Agence France Presse (AFP)
      > that the Resistance bomb attack came as two US aggressor four-wheel
      > drive vehicles were passing by. There were numerous reported deaths
      > from the Resistance bombing, and the fa�ade of a building was
      > severely damaged.
      > Iraqi puppet policeman Hasan al-Mali said that the Iraqi Resistance
      > martyrdom car was driving along the road and then exploded. He said
      > that there were deaths but was unable to assess how many.
      > Reuters reported that local people were trying to extract people from
      > the ruins of a building whose fa�ade collapsed as a result of the
      > bombing. Local people also attacked two cars that had been damaged
      > in the Resistance attack, beat the stricken vehicles and
      > chanted "America is the enemy of God!"
      > Witnesses said that foreigners had been killed in the attack and
      > their bodies were being pulled out of wrecked cars. Puppet police
      > fired automatic weapons into the air to break up crowds that had
      > gathered in the area.
      > Iraqi Resistance car bomb kills four in attack on puppet police in
      > Salman Pak.
      > An Iraqi Resistance car bomb struck near the town of Salman Pak
      > southeast of Baghdad on Monday. Puppet police said a gray Opel drove
      > between puppet police vehicles and exploded, killing four people and
      > injuring four others.
      > Resistance kills five Kurdish chauvinist stooge soldiers near Kirkuk.
      > Five Kurdish members of the puppet Iraqi "army" put together by the
      > US occupation forces were killed in northern Iraq by Resistance
      > fighters. Their bodies were subsequently burned, according to an
      > announcement made by a Kurdish collaborator official in Kirkuk after
      > the burial of the five stooges.
      > Jalal Jawhar, a member of the Political Bureau of the chauvinist so-
      > called National Union of Kurdistan lead by Jalal Talibani said that
      > the five dead Kurdish puppet troops belonged to both of the
      > collaborationist Kurdish chauvinist parties, the NUK and the so
      > called Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK). Jawhar told Agence France
      > Presse (AFP) that the five Kurdish chauvinists were shot to death,
      > then their bodies dumped in their car which was set ablaze.
      > According to Jawhar the car in which the five were traveling broke
      > down. When they went to find someone to fix it, they were attacked
      > and killed.
      > The funeral for the five chauvinist stooges was held in the
      > predominantly Kurdish neighborhood of Rahmawah, north of Kirkuk and
      > the Kurdish collaborator police and militias prevented journalists
      > from attending the event.
      > New Zealand aggressor troops targeted by Resistance mortars in al-
      > Basrah. British invader troops wounded in attack.
      > New Zealand Radio admitted that New Zealand aggressor troops in an
      > engineering unit came under mortar attack in southern Iraq on
      > Monday. According to a report by Agence France Presse (AFP) the
      > Radio quoted a New Zealand defence department official as admitting
      > that three mortar shells crashed into the New Zealand military camp
      > in al-Basrah, but caused no casualties among the New Zealanders,
      > according to preliminary information. A number of British soldiers
      > were wounded, he said, however. A New Zealand spokesman said that
      > communications with the camp were difficult, making it impossible to
      > give any more detailed information on the attack or the wounded at
      > that time.
      > New Zealand sent 80 aggressor troops belonging to an engineering unit
      > to southern Iraq where they cooperate with British invaders in
      > serving the American occupation of the country.
      > British Defense Minister Geoff Hoon paid a surprise visit to a
      > British base in al-Basrah on Monday. It was not immediately clear
      > whether his visit was connected with the Iraqi Resistance mortar
      > barrage.
      > US said ready for deal with Muqtada as-Sadr.
      > The puppet governor of an-Najaf, `Adnan az-Zarafi, announced on
      > Monday that the US aggressor forces had expressed readiness to sign
      > an agreement with Shi`i religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr about the
      > future of his Jaysh al-Mahdi militia. According to al-`Alam news
      > station, az-Zarafi said that the word of the American readiness came
      > in a note sent by the US commissioned ambassador Christopher Rols to
      > the Shi`i clerical establishment.
      > Az-Zarafi said that the Jaysh al-Mahdi on Monday released puppet
      > policemen it had taken hostage in an attack on Friday on a puppet
      > police station.
      > In a press conference on Sunday, US military spokesman Brigadier
      > General Mark Kimmitt expressed surprise over the number of weapons in
      > the possession of the Jaysh al-Mahdi and offered to buy them from the
      > militia.
      > American aggressors arrest aide to Muqtada as-Sadr in Karbala'.
      > The US invader troops captured an official in the Jaysh al-Mahdi
      > militia loyal to Shi`i religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr on Sunday.
      > The US aggressors made the arrest of Sayyid Ahmad Rida al-Husayni,
      > 33, in his office in Karbala', according to al-Husayni's brother,
      > Jamil, who spoke to Agence France Presse (AFP).
      > The US invaders stormed al-Husayni's home and stole US$2,000 and 2
      > million Iraqi dinars (about US$1,380).
      > Jamil al-Husayni said that he was unaware of the reasons for the US
      > raid and arrest of his brother, indicating that he was being held in
      > an American base in al-Ibrahimiyah district on the outskirts of the
      > city, which is located some 110km south of Baghdad.
      > It was the US arrest of Mustafa al-Ya`qubi in an-Najaf at the
      > beginning of April that sparked the uprising of Jaysh al-Mahdi forces
      > against the US aggressors.
      > American sources have failed to confirm the arrest of al-Husayni.
      > Sources:
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      > Tuesday, 15 June 2004.
      > Battle erupts west of Baghdad as Resistance attacks US convoy.
      > Americans shoot Iraqi bystanders in response.
      > Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a US military patrol on Tuesday west
      > of Baghdad in al-`Adl neighborhood. The Resistance ambushed the
      > patrol as it was escorting a group of non-military vehicles in
      > service to the US occupation.
      > According to al-Jazeera satellite TV, the battles began when the
      > Resistance pounded the patrols with rockets. One of the non-military
      > vehicles in the convoy was damaged.
      > US aggressor forces immediately closed off the area of the attack and
      > deployed their troops on neighboring rooftops to serve as snipers
      > firing at local residents. There was no immediate word on American
      > invader casualties.
      > Al-Jazeera reported one resident eyewitness as saying that the US
      > aggressor troops opened fire indiscriminately after the attack � a
      > standard American response to Resistance attacks. They shot at Iraqi
      > civilian bystanders, the eyewitness said, killing several of them.
      > Al-Jazeera reported that at least one Iraqi civilian was killed and
      > another Iraqi civilian was wounded.
      > A US military spokesman admitted on Tuesday that a group of Iraqi
      > Resistance fighters opened fire on a convoy of vehicles in which at
      > least three "contractor" profiteers and collaborators with the
      > occupation were riding near Saddam International Airport.
      > US Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt told the press that the Resistance
      > opened fire on the US convoy from an overpass on the road near the
      > airport. He said, however, that at the time it was impossible to
      > determine if any of the "contractors" had been killed or not. He
      > acknowledged that the attack "might have" resulted in deaths among
      > the Americans. Kimmitt also failed to identify the "contractor"
      > profiteers who were said to be riding in the heavily protected
      > convoy.
      > Late on Tuesday, US Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt, deputy director
      > of operations of the US occupation forces in Iraq, told the press
      > that a convoy of "contractor" profiteers working with the occupation
      > authorities had come under Iraqi Resistance attack near Saddam
      > International Airport. Kimmitt acknowledged that several of the
      > contractor profiteers were killed, but refused to disclose how many
      > had died or what their nationalities were.
      > Drive-by Resistance shooting of US vehicle kills driver.
      > An American military GMC car came under Iraqi Resistance automatic
      > weapons attack in the area of at-Taji on Tuesday morning. A
      > Resistance fighter stood up and fired from the moon roof of the car
      > in which he was riding past the US vehicle, spraying it with a hail
      > of bullets. Mafkarat al-Islam reported the attack.
      > The attack left the American vehicle's driver dead. The fate of the
      > other passengers in the car was unknown when the matter was
      > reported. As usual, occupation troops gathered after the Resistance
      > attack and closed off all roads to the site.
      > Resistance fires RPG at collaborationist organization building.
      > At precisely 5:30 Tuesday morning, Iraqi Resistance fighters fired a
      > rocket-propelled grenade at a building in ash-Shu`lah town belonging
      > to the so-called "Iraqi communist party," a liberal organization
      > whose leader, with a history of working with the American Central
      > Intelligence Agency (CIA), was appointed by the US to its
      > puppet "interim governing council" and which collaborates with the US
      > imperialist occupation of Iraq. A large section of the building was
      > damaged according to the report carried by Mafkarat al-Islam.
      > Iraqi Resistance bomb explodes on road to Saddam International
      > Airport.
      > An explosion resounded on Tuesday morning at an intersection on the
      > road leading to Saddam International Airport near Baghdad, a site now
      > occupied by one of the American aggressors' largest bases in the area
      > of the Iraqi capital.
      > Agence France Presse (AFP) reported that US invader troops and Iraqi
      > puppet police closed off the area from which columns of smoke were
      > rising. One US soldier reported that "it appeared that there had
      > been a bomb," but provided no information on casualties or damage.
      > Iraqi Resistance bomb attack Monday night cuts oil shipments out of
      > al-Basrah by 80 percent.
      > Shipping sources reported on Tuesday that an Iraqi Resistance bomb
      > exploded near the port of al-Basrah, causing enough damage
      > to "greatly reduce" the amount of crude oil being shipped out of the
      > port.
      > A deputy in charge of navigation in the area told Reuters that "one
      > of the oil pipelines that feeds the storage tank in al-Basrah was
      > damaged severely by the blast this time."
      > Another shipping source reported that the explosion occurred late on
      > Monday night near a village 25km from the Port of al-Basrah. He
      > added that "it appears that this blast halted the flow of crude to
      > the storage tank. As a result, the quantities of crude being shipped
      > out of the port have fallen by nearly 80 percent."
      > Oil pipelines in northern Iraq have been hit repeatedly in recent
      > days crippling the efforts of the US aggressors to spirit oil from
      > occupied Iraq out of the country via Turkey. The attacks on the oil
      > facility in al-Basrah are now threatening to close off the only other
      > remaining export route for stolen Iraqi oil.
      > Iraqi Resistance shells US-Ukrainian base near al-Kut.
      > Two explosions shook the area near the main military base for US and
      > their Ukrainian satellite troops west of the southern city of al-
      > Kut. Clouds of smoke rose from the base, but there were no immediate
      > reports from the occupation authorities.
      > Resistance fires mortar barrage at British occupied airport north of
      > al-Basrah.
      > Iraqi Resistance forces launched a mortar barrage at the occupation
      > forces' airport north of al-Basrah. Columns of smoke were observed
      > rising from the airport. There was no immediate word on casualties.
      > Resistance rockets slam into British headquarters in al-Basrah.
      > Iraqi Resistance fighters fired rockets at the British occupation
      > base in al-Hakimiyah in al-Basrah in southern Iraq, inflicting
      > material damage on the invaders' headquarters there, according to the
      > Egyptian Middle East News Agency (MENA).
      > Resistance bomb targets Oil of the South offices in al-Basrah.
      > A bomb reportedly exploded on Tuesday morning near the Oil of the
      > South Company offices in al-Basrah, injuring one Iraqi and badly
      > damaging a car, according to Mafkarat al-Islam.
      > Later reports carried by the American Associated Press (AP) claimed
      > that two oil pipelines on the Faw peninsula of southern Iraq were
      > blasted apart by Iraqi Resistance forces on Tuesday, forcing
      > authorities to curb exports through the Gulf by half � from an
      > average of 1.85 million barrels per day to more than 800,000 barrels.
      > The attacks sent ripples through the international petroleum markets.
      > Contracts for US light crude for July delivery jumped 81 cents in New
      > York, before easing to $37.17 per barrel. July contracts of Brent
      > crude rose 41 cents before retreating to $35.78, down 24 cents in
      > late trading in London, the AP reported.
      > Iraqi puppet officials told Dow Jones Newswires they expected to have
      > the damage repaired within a few days. However, petroleum analyst
      > Paul Horsnell, the head of energy research at Barclays Capital in
      > London, said that as a result of the blasts, the Iraqi puppet regime
      > would probably fail to meet its export target of 2 million barrels a
      > day for June.
      > Translator collaborator shot to death by Resistance fighters.
      > An Iraqi collaborator translator working for the British invader
      > troops was killed on Tuesday when Resistance fighters opened fire
      > upon him, according to a report carried by Mafkarat al-Islam.
      > Terrified Baghdad city puppet council calls for martial law to
      > fight "explosive situation" caused by Resistance struggle.
      > In a desperate effort to stem the rising tide of Resistance attacks,
      > the city council of Baghdad, a body appointed by the US occupation
      > authorities, on Tuesday called for a declaration of martial law in
      > the country. The stooge city council acknowledged that the security
      > situation was deteriorating rapidly in Baghdad and generally
      > throughout the occupied country.
      > A source inside the puppet council said that the city council intends
      > to bring the proposal up to the puppet so-called Iraqi "interim
      > government" (appointed by the United States occupation), claiming
      > that a declaration of martial law is an "urgent necessity" in the
      > country due to the growing successes of the Iraqi Resistance.
      > The source told Quds Press that countries that have lived through
      > much less critical conditions than the Iraqi situation have declared
      > martial law and instituted emergency regulations. The source said
      > that the puppet city council declared that Iraq today was "in need
      > of martial law to get control over the exploding security situation."
      > US invader troops open fire on Iraqi civilian car near al-Muthanna.
      > American aggressor troops attacked a black Dolphin car on the highway
      > leading from the al-Muthanna overpass to al-Qanat at 7:30am Tuesday.
      > The owner of the car was slightly wounded. The fate of the passenger
      > in the car was unknown when the report of the American attack was
      > posted on Mafkarat al-Islam's website.
      > Ambulances arrived at the scene of the American attack to provide
      > care for the casualties. An American Humvee towed away the Dolphin
      > car. The reasons for the American attack on the Iraqi civilian car
      > were not explained.
      > British "civilian contractor" killed in Monday martyrdom attack
      > former paratrooper.
      > The British Guardian newspaper disclosed on Tuesday that one of the
      > British citizens killed in the Iraqi Resistance martyrdom bomb attack
      > in Baghdad on Monday had formerly been a British paratrooper who
      > fought in the Malvinas (Falklands) against Argentina and served in
      > Britain's colony in northern Ireland.
      > Keith Butler, 46 a former sergeant in the British military, was
      > killed by the Iraqi Resistance along with his cohorts, one believed
      > to be a Londoner. Butler ostensibly worked as a security guard for
      > the foreign contractors said killed in the Resistance attack. The
      > Guardian reported that he was employed by Olive Security, a London-
      > based company that employs former members of the British special
      > forces, and has about 300 staffmembers in occupied Iraq.
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      > Wednesday, 16 June 2004.
      > Resistance burns four US military dump trucks in al-Fallujah.
      > Resistance forces set four German-made dump trucks ablaze in the ash-
      > Shuhada' neighborhood of al-Fallujah late on Wednesday on the
      > outskirts of the city, according to the local correspondent for
      > Mafkarat al-Islam. The dump trucks are usually used to transport
      > sand and building materials for the American aggressor forces.
      > Resistance land mines kill four wound other American aggressor troops
      > in as-Saqlawiyah after sunset Wednesday.
      > An Iraqi Resistance land mine exploded under US vehicles in a patrol
      > in the city of as-Saqlawiyah west of Baghdad after sunset on
      > Wednesday. The mine blew up as the American military patrol
      > proceeded through the town, destroying one US Humvee and knocking a
      > second out of action. The first Humvee carried four American
      > soldiers, all of whom were killed instantly in the attack, the
      > reporter for Mafkarat al-Islam reported. The troops in the second
      > Humvee were wounded and later evacuated by helicopter.
      > Resistance rocket attack on US base near Balad kills three, wounds 25
      > American invaders.
      > The American Associated Press (AP) reported that three American
      > aggressor soldiers had been killed and 25 others wounded when the
      > Iraqi Resistance attacked an American invader logistical base with
      > rockets Wednesday afternoon. The base is in the area of the town of
      > Balad, some 80km northwest of Baghdad.
      > Fourteen of the wounded aggressor troops were taken a military
      > support hospital belonging to the 31st Division. Seven others were
      > reportedly treated in an American base infirmary at a camp the
      > American invaders call "Camp Anaconda."
      > Iraqi Resistance ambushes US intelligence officers near "Green Zone."
      > A detachment of Iraqi Resistance fighters attacked a column of seven
      > American intelligence GMC vehicles at about 1:00pm Tuesday
      > afternoon. The Resistance ambushed the column as it was driving
      > along the highway adjacent to the so-called "green zone" � the
      > Republican Palace compound, where the US invaders have set up their
      > headquarters in Baghdad.
      > Two GMC vehicles were destroyed in the attack, with all those aboard
      > being killed. The other five cars fled.
      > The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reports that the Resistance
      > fighters used machine guns and BKCs in their ambush on the American
      > intelligence spies.
      > Just as the Resistance fighters were attacking the US intelligence
      > vehicles, another American aggressor patrol raced up to the scene
      > from the opposite direction and opened a hail of gunfire on the
      > patriots. Nevertheless, the Resistance fighters were able to leave
      > the scene.
      > After the Resistance fighters had gone, the American troops continued
      > random firing in the area for some time, wounding a civilian
      > bystander.
      > Immediately afterward, US invaders closed off the highway. The
      > correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam, however, was able to use a side
      > road to approach the scene and there saw two bodies on the ground
      > covered in white sheets. One of the two cars was also visible,
      > completely destroyed by the hail of gunfire to which it had been
      > subjected.
      > Four US intelligence officers blown up in ar-Ramadi Wednesday
      > afternoon.
      > Four members of the US intelligence services were killed in the city
      > of ar-Ramadi when an Iraqi Resistance land mine exploded under their
      > vehicle on Wednesday afternoon.
      > The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported from the scene that
      > the four were killed when their 2004 GMC vehicle ran over a mine that
      > the Resistance hurried to plant while the Americans were stopped at a
      > shop drinking soft drinks.
      > The ambush took place near the Baghdad Garage, a bus depot that
      > transports people to a wide variety of destinations.
      > Iraqi Resistance bomb kills four profiteers in ar-Ramadi.
      > An Iraqi Resistance carbomb exploded in ar-Ramadi, killing nine
      > people, including four foreign profiteers, a BBC dispatch reported
      > early Wednesday.
      > Later on Wednesday, a US military spokesman reported that six members
      > of the puppet so-called "civil defense forces" and one Iraqi civilian
      > had been arrested on "suspicion" of involvement in the bomb attack
      > that, the US claims, left five wounded in ar-Ramadi early Wednesday.
      > Al-Jazeera satellite TV reported a US spokesman as saying that
      > American invader troops had taken the seven captive Iraqis to a US
      > base for interrogation. Earlier al-Jazeera had reported that three
      > foreigners had been killed and a number of others wounded when an
      > explosives-laden car blew up in downtown ar-Ramadi.
      > Resistance rockets miss US aircraft.
      > Iraqi Resistance fighters on Wednesday fired rockets at a US
      > transport aircraft of the C5K type that was taking off from a US-
      > occupied airfield. The rocket failed to strike its target, according
      > to the correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.
      > Iraqi Resistance ambushes US column on highway north of Baghdad.
      > A US military column came under Iraqi Resistance rocket-propelled
      > grenade attack on the highway north of Baghdad on Wednesday according
      > to a report carried by the Samarra' correspondent for al-Jazeera
      > satellite TV. The Resistance attack left one US military truck
      > totally burned. US aggressor troops closed off the highway for an
      > hour following the attack.
      > Iraqi Resistance guns down occupation authority's security chief for
      > northern Iraqi oilfields.
      > The security chief for occupied Iraq's northern oil fields, serving
      > the US invaders in their plunder of Iraq's resources, has been shot
      > to death by the Iraqi Resistance. Ghazi al-Talabani was gunned down
      > in the city of Kirkuk - the third Iraqi official to be killed since
      > Saturday. It comes as another blow for the US, seeking to steal
      > Iraqi's oil wealth.
      > At-Talibani, a relative of the leader of the Kurdish chauvinist,
      > collaborationist so called "Patriotic Union of Kurdistan" Jalal
      > Talabani, died in a hail of Resistance bullets on his way to work.
      > His driver was seriously wounded.
      > Resistance fires mortars at US base in Saddam International Airport.
      > Iraqi Resistance fighters fired a mortar barrage on US aggressor
      > troops occupying Saddam International Airport on Tuesday night. The
      > Resistance launched the mortar shells from the nearby al-`Amiriyah
      > area and apparently inflicted casualties on the Americans according
      > to Mafkarat al-Islam's correspondent in the area.
      > Immediately following the attack, US aggressor troops showed up on
      > the scene of the launch, closed it off totally and began combing the
      > side streets in search of evidence that might lead them to the
      > Resistance fighters who carried out the attack.
      > Resistance Katyusha blasts US base at Kirkuk Airport.
      > A powerful explosion shook the US occupation headquarters at the
      > occupied Kirkuk Airport on Wednesday morning after a Katyusha rocket
      > slammed into the base.
      > The explosion inflicted great material damage and wounded three US
      > aggressor troops. The Egyptian Middle East News Agency (MENA), which
      > reported the attack, had no immediate further details of the extent
      > of damage or casualties.
      > Resistance rockets US headquarters in al-Kazimiyah district, Baghdad.
      > The US occupation headquarters in the building formerly occupied by
      > Iraqi Intelligence in al-Kazimiyah district of Baghdad came under
      > Iraqi Resistance rocket attack at precisely 8:00am on Wednesday.
      > Resistance forces fired two Grad rockets from the nearby Madinat al-
      > Hurriyah district.
      > US column attacked in al-`Amiriyah at midday Tuesday.
      > A US column made up of four Humvees was attacked at 11:00am on
      > Tuesday in al-`Amiriyah district of al-Muhamin neighborhood near a
      > former base of the Iraqi Jerusalem Army that the US invaders have
      > taken over as their local headquarters.
      > The Resistance fighters used rocket-propelled grenades in their
      > attack. American sources made no reports concerning casualties
      > sustained in the attack, and US forces withdrew into their stronghold
      > quickly following the Resistance assault, the correspondent for
      > Mafkarat al-Islam reported.
      > Iraqi Resistance reports on killing of Chelebi men in attack on al-
      > Fallujah.
      > A source close to the Iraqi Resistance has reported that Resistance
      > fighters in al-Fallujah killed seven supporters of the so-called
      > Iraqi National Congress (INC) Party, a traitor collaborationist
      > organization run by convicted thief Ahmad al-Chelebi. They were
      > killed in connection with their attack on the security headquarters
      > in al-Fallujah several days ago in which 12 security men were killed
      > and others wounded.
      > The corpses of the seven Chelebi men were delivered to their
      > relatives.
      > The source close to the Resistance told Quds Press on Tuesday that
      > the seven were apprehended after they fired mortars at the
      > headquarters of the al-Fallujah security brigade, killing 12 security
      > men and wounding and number of others. Following the attack,
      > Resistance fighters surrounded the cemetery in which the INC traitors
      > had taken cover. Seven of the attackers were captured. During their
      > interrogation it was learned that they were followers of Ahmad
      > Chelebi.
      > The source told Quds Press that the demonstration in Baghdad that
      > took place on Tuesday had been portrayed by the international media
      > as a "Shi`i protest" and the killing of the seven INC men reported as
      > a sectarian killing by the people of al-Fallujah "just because they
      > [the seven] were Shi`i." The source said that such a distortion was
      > simply another attempt by the convicted embezzler and CIA agent
      > Chelebi to incite sectarian violence between Sunni and Shi`i Iraqis.
      > The source close to the al-Fallujah Resistance said, "We refuse to
      > dress the matter up in sectarian clothing. Those who were killed
      > were followers of al-Chelebi. They attacked us, and we carried out
      > the verdict of the scripture and the law upon them. We would not
      > have gone any easier on them if one of them had been a Sunni, for
      > they all deserve this fate inasmuch as they opened fire on their own
      > brothers."
      > Demonstrations were put together on Wednesday in al-Firdaws Square in
      > Baghdad, in front of the hotels housing foreign journalists.
      > Demonstrators carried pictures of seven Shi`i individuals who, the
      > organizers of the demonstration claimed, had been killed by the
      > Resistance in al-Fallujah. The organizers of the demonstration also
      > distributed a statement containing demands of the Rabi`ah tribes and
      > southern Iraq that revenge be taken and punishment inflicted upon the
      > killers of the "Shi`ah."
      > The statement circulated by demonstration organizers claimed that the
      > seven Shi`ah had been transportation workers hired by people in al-
      > Fallujah. But they were kidnapped and killed by a group of al-
      > Fallujah Resistance fighters. The statement claimed that the killing
      > was carried out with the agreement of two Sunni religious
      > authorities, `Abdallah al-Jannabi and Zafir ad-Dulaymi.
      > Shaykh `Abdallah al-Jannabi denied any connection with the killing,
      > and explained in a statement to al-`Arabiyah satellite TV that he is
      > above soiling his hands with the blood of others. He said he was
      > willing to go to court if any evidence were brought forward attesting
      > to his involvement in the incident.
      > Both Shaykh al-Jannabi and Shaykh ad-Dulaymi are prominent Sunni
      > religious leaders in al-Fallujah and were high on the list of targets
      > compiled by the Badr Brigades, the armed wing of the so-called
      > Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI), a
      > collaborationist organization that joined US forces in the invasion
      > and occupation of Iraq in the spring of 2003. Shaykh ad-Dulaymi was
      > held in notorious Abu Ghurayb prison for several months until his
      > recent release. Local observers in al-Fallujah fear that the latest
      > charges against the two religious leaders might be an excuse for a
      > renewed effort by pro-occupation Shi`i sectarians to liquidate them
      > and fan flames of religious conflict.
      > Iraqi Resistance blast cuts northern oil pipelines again.
      > An official in the Iraqi Oil of the North corporation announced that
      > an explosion ripped through a pipeline linking northern Iraqi oil
      > fields, and said that "most likely it was sabotage" by the Iraqi
      > Resistance.
      > Al-Jazeera satellite TV reported eyewitnesses as saying that fire was
      > still raging along the pipeline extending from the Dibs field, some
      > 50km west of Kirkuk.
      > BBC: Iraqi exports from the south totally shut down due to Resistance
      > attacks.
      > The British Broadcasting Corporation notes that the Iraqi oil
      > industry was "already at a standstill after a series of attacks on
      > pipelines," even before the assassination of the puppet security
      > chief for the northern oil sector on Wednesday morning.
      > Iraqi Resistance attacks in the last few days have cut off all crude
      > oil all exports from Iraq's southern terminals in Basra and Khawr al-
      > `Amayah, which had been handling virtually all the country's exports.
      > The southern terminals were exporting 1.6m barrels of oil a day, and
      > the aim had been to increase output to 2m barrels a day by 30 June.
      > The shutdown will cost the occupation authorities in Baghdad nearly
      > US$60 million a day, analysts said.
      > Benchmark US crude prices for July delivery rose 21 US cents to
      > $37.40 a barrel on Wednesday on news of the attacks.
      > The Iraqi Resistance bombed a pipeline in northern Iraq on Tuesday
      > evening, but exports had already been crippled as a result of
      > previous attacks.
      > The pipeline from the oilfields around Kirkuk to Ceyhan in Turkey has
      > barely been in operation since the March 2003 US-led invasion because
      > of repeated Resistance attacks.
      > Iraqi oil exports are still below the pre-invasion level, even though
      > a 14,000-strong Iraqi puppet guard force has been set up specifically
      > to protect pipelines and other vital parts of the oil infrastructure
      > from which the US occupation seeks to draw profits against the
      > patriotic Resistance fighters.
      > US-appointed Iraqi puppet so-called "prime minister" Iyad `Allawi,
      > says pipeline sabotage has cost the country more than US$200 million
      > in lost revenues over the past seven months.
      > Three more mercenary companies quit Iraq.
      > The Syrian News Agency SANA reported an Iraqi source as saying that
      > the Romanian firm "Compania," the South African "Executive outcomes",
      > and the British Sandline company � all mercenary firms � have closed
      > their doors and left Iraq, bringing to five the total number of
      > such "security firms" that have fled the country since January 2003
      > in the wake of the rising tide of the Iraqi Resistance.
      > Sources told SANA that the rewards and payoffs for providing security
      > services were outweighed by the costs involved as the Resistance
      > relentlessly pounds the aggressor occupation forces and all those who
      > huddle beside them.
      > Nevertheless, the mercenary army is still the largest army in Iraq,
      > after that of the United States, according to informed estimates.
      > Their total number is said to approach 20,000 men, more than the
      > regular military forces of any nation occupying Iraq other than those
      > of the US.
      > Jaysh al-Mahdi battles US invaders in Baghdad.
      > Clashes erupted again during Tuesday-Wednesday night between US
      > occupation forces and the Jaysh al-Mahdi militia loyal to Shi`i
      > religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr in the Baghdad district that they
      > have nicknamed "Madinat as-Sadr."
      > Al-`Arabiyah satellite TV reported that the battles broke out at
      > 11:00pm local time Tuesday and lasted until daylight Wednesday.
      > Fighting on the southern and western approaches to the district.
      > There were no immediate reports of casualties or damage.
      > Al-`Arabiyah notes that such clashes have gone on almost daily for
      > two months.
      > Muqtada as-Sadr orders Jaysh al-Mahdi militiamen out of an-Najaf.
      > Shi`i religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr on Wednesday ordered his Jaysh
      > al-Mahdi militiamen who were not residents of an-Najaf to leave that
      > Shi`i holy city, according to a report posted by Reuters. Muqtada
      > as-
      > Sadr's order called on militiamen to return to their homes to carry
      > out their duties there.
      > Earlier this month, under pressure from the pro-US Shi`i religious
      > establishment, Muqtada as-Sadr agreed to a cease fire after his
      > militia had spent weeks battling the US occupation in an-Najaf and
      > Karbala'.
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