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cheep way of finding out if you have warrents for your arrest

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  • Mike Ross
    one cheep way of finding out if you have warrents out for your arrest is to go thru the motions and fill out the paper work to buy a gun. go to walmart and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 9, 2004
      one cheep way of finding out if you have
      warrents out for your arrest is to go
      thru the motions and fill out the paper
      work to buy a gun.

      go to walmart and tell them you want to
      buy a gun if you can pass the brady bill
      paper work.

      they will then let you fill out the forms
      that are required by the brady bill for
      you to buy a gun. when you turn them in
      they will do whatever they do to see if
      your legally allowed to buy a gun.

      you can either have them call you when
      the paper work clears or tell them you
      will call from time to time to see if
      you passed the test.

      if the paper work DOESNT pass and you
      are not cleared to buy a gun you have
      problems and possibly have a warrent
      out for your arrest.

      if you have a warrent out for your arrest
      i dont know how long it takes to get it
      into the system. i think they use the
      NCIC and ACIC computer systems. the NCIC
      systems is the national system i think
      run by the FBI, and the ACIC is the arizona
      system which i think is run by the DPS.
      i used to know what the acronam stood for
      but i dont remember any more. i think its
      something like Nationa Criminal Information
      Computer system.


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      My thanks to Jason for the Badnarik speech.  I have taken the liberty
      of forwarding it to the Arab nationalist list at yahoogroups.com.

      My thanks to Mike for the number of Victor Hall, though given that
      the Bush administration thinks it is free to torture terror
      suspects, that might not be very useful :-)

      As I arrived in my car to work this morning, I thought to wait in
      my car a few minutes and read until my shift was scheduled to begin.
      As soon as I picked up my book, however, I was disturbed by the
      noise of a helicopter overhead which grew louder until it seemed it
      was about to land on the roof of my car.  Then after a few minutes it
      regained altitude.  I got out of the car to watch its departure,
      but by then it was far enough that I could see no distinct markings,
      other than that it was very brightly coloured with a red and white
      pattern.  I saw that helicopter again several times during the day.
      Apart from that, I've had no contact from police, Secret Service,
      or other government agents today, nor has my family reported any
      further harassment.

      --Kevin Walsh

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