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Fwd: [arab_nationalist] Iraqi Resistance Report: 10 -12 May 2004.

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      > Subject: [arab_nationalist] Iraqi Resistance Report: 10 -12 May 2004.
      > Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Monday, 10 May 2004 through
      > Wednesday, 12 May 2004. Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu
      > Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice.
      > http://www.freearabvoice.org
      > Monday, 10 May 2004.
      > US troops withdraw from most positions encircling al-Fallujah.
      > US aggressor forces pulled out of a number of positions that they had
      > occupied which encircled the city of al-Fallujah, according to a
      > report filed by Mafkarat al-Islam's correspondent in the city and
      > posted at 23:26 Mecca time on Monday. During Monday afternoon, the
      > US aggressors pulled away from the southern side of al-Fallujah.
      > Shortly before sunset the American invaders withdrew from the western
      > side of the city. They also left parts of the front facing the city
      > to the east. American forces, together with members of the Iraqi
      > police and the puppet so-called civil defense forces remain stationed
      > to the north of al-Fallujah beyond the residential area. Two tanks
      > and a number of Humvees are still there and they were, in fact,
      > reinforced by three more tanks during Monday night.
      > Iraqis are coming and going from the city on foot through an American
      > check point without interference by the US aggressor troops or the
      > Iraqi police.
      > US forces had loosely encircled the city of al-Fallujah on Sunday
      > apparently to ensure the safety of the American joint patrol that
      > entered the city for 20 minutes on Monday morning together with local
      > policemen in a show of force.
      > During the joint patrol, the people of al-Fallujah fired off their
      > weapons into the air to celebrate their victory over the Americans.
      > Citizens of the city also distributed juices and other drinks to
      > express their joy over the defeat of the US forces.
      > Meanwhile, US aggressor troops are concentrated in an old base to the
      > north east of the city beyond an agricultural zone.
      > Iraqi Resistance kills 10 American aggressor troops in Monday morning
      > battle in `Amiriyat al-Fallujah.
      > The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Fallujah reported on
      > Monday that Iraqi Resistance fighters in the city had battled US
      > aggressor troops during the morning, destroying four American jeeps.
      > Ten American aggressors were killed in the vehicles. The Resistance
      > forces engaged the American invaders in `Amiriyat al-Fallujah, a
      > southern suburb of the city separated from al-Fallujah proper by the
      > Euphrates River.
      > The battle lasted half an hour during which time the American
      > aggressors fired tank cannon and mortars, while the Resistance
      > launched their own mortar shells at the Americans and fired rocket-
      > propelled grenades at them.
      > US invaders carry out 20-minute joint patrol with local police in al-
      > Fallujah.
      > US aggressor troops entered al-Fallujah on Monday morning at about
      > 9:30 on joint patrols with local police. The patrol lasted about 20
      > minutes. The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in the city reported
      > that the US forces were unable to complete the patrol after Iraqi
      > Resistance forces fired their machine guns into the air.
      > Al-Fallujah's Resistance fighters also put on a review of their
      > forces in front of the American patrol, lining up some of the
      > children, ranging in age from 12 to 14 years, on the path of the
      > aggressor patrol. The youngsters carried Brno rifles, a heavy rifle
      > that adults carry into battle. The message that the Resistance
      > intended to convey was that `even the children of al-Fallujah are
      > ready for combat.'
      > Explosions rock al-Fallujah on Monday morning.
      > About 10 explosions resounded on Monday morning in the city of al-
      > Fallujah, 50km west of Baghdad, according to a correspondent for
      > Agence France Presse (AFP). Just after the blasts, US aggressor
      > helicopters and AC-130 aircraft were observed in the air over the
      > scene of the blasts.
      > US invader officers say that the explosions came from the south west
      > of the city but claim they do not know the cause of the blasts. This
      > part of al-Fallujah was turned over to the al-Fallujah Brigade, a
      > force of troops from the Army of the Republic of Iraq whom the US
      > aggressors deployed to return "peace" to the city.
      > Several hours before the correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in al-
      > Fallujah reported that explosions and battles between the Iraqi
      > Resistance and US aggressor troops had taken place near the city.
      > Two foreigners and one Iraqi killed in Resistance attack in Kirkuk.
      > Iraqi puppet police reported on Monday morning that one citizen of
      > New Zealand, one south Korean and one Iraqi had been killed in an
      > Iraqi Resistance attack in the northern city of Kirkuk. Al-`Arabiyah
      > satellite TV, which carried the story, had no further details.
      > Iraqi Resistance kills US aggressor soldier near Mosul.
      > Iraqi Resistance fighters opened fire on an American aggressor patrol
      > in the city of Mosul, in northern Iraq on Monday, wounding one US
      > invader soldier who later died, according to US Lieutenant Colonel
      > Joseph Beck. According to Reuters, Beck said that the Resistance
      > fighters attacked the American aggressors in an area south of Mosul
      > on Monday evening.
      > US belatedly admits death of US soldier in Resistance attack in
      > Samarra'.
      > The US military issued a statement on Monday saying that one American
      > aggressor had been killed and another wounded in an Iraqi Resistance
      > attack on 8 May 2004, in which a roadside bomb exploded in Samarra',
      > 100km north of Baghdad. The US statement said that the two soldiers
      > were part of a 1st Infantry Division patrol that was hunting for
      > roadside bombs in Samarra' when an explosion occurred.
      > Puppet governor of Diyala Province survives Iraqi Resistance
      > assassination attempt.
      > The Iraqi Resistance shelled a US aggressor convoy in which the
      > puppet governor of Diyala Province was traveling. Two of the puppet
      > governor's personal bodyguards were killed and three others wounded.
      > Iraqi puppet police adjutant `Abdallah Hasan al-Jabburi said that the
      > Resistance attack took place near the city of Ba`qubah. One locally-
      > made explosive was fired at the convoy in which the puppet governor
      > was riding. Al-Jabburi, speaking in Ba`qubah, the capital of Diyala
      > Province, added that the puppet governor of Diyala Province survived
      > the assassination attempt, which occurred at 9:30am local time.
      > According to Agence France Presse (AFP) an Iraqi puppet policeman
      > died after having been injured in an armed attack by the Iraqi
      > Resistance in Ba`qubah.
      > Muqtada as-Sadr announces "new stage" in the war against the US
      > aggressors.
      > On Monday, following the American demolition of his offices in
      > Baghdad and southern Iraq, Shi`i religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr
      > issued new orders to his Jaysh al-Mahdi militia calling on them to
      > launch more attacks on the US aggressor forces.
      > An aide to Muqtada as-Sadr in an-Najaf told Reuters that the Jaysh
      > al-
      > Mahdi had begun a new stage in the war against the occupation forces
      > that would last one month and be fought throughout the largely Shi`i
      > areas of southern Iraq.
      > Qays al-Ghazali told the pres that "our policy now is to extend the
      > scope of the Resistance against the occupation forces so that it will
      > embrace all parts of Iraq, because the occupation is escalating its
      > attacks and violating all the red lines in the Shi`i holy cities like
      > Karbala' and an-Najaf."
      > US General John Abizaid had announced that the American aggressor
      > forces had done all they could to avoid inflaming the religious
      > feelings of the Shi`i population but that their patience with Muqtada
      > as-Sadr was not "limitless."
      > US aircraft bombards as-Sadr headquarters in Baghdad.
      > Eyewitnesses report that an American aircraft bombarded the office of
      > Shi`i religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr in the part of Baghdad that
      > has been nicknamed Madinat as-Sadr early on Monday morning. The
      > witnesses report that the American aircraft dropped at least one bomb
      > of the one-story office at about 2:00am, practically demolishing the
      > building.
      > Reuters reports that there was no immediate comment on the attack
      > from the US military. US aggressor sources admitted that they had
      > raided the office in the early hours of Sunday and arrested two
      > people, one of whom they think is connected to the Jaysh al-Mahdi
      > militia, loyal to Muqtada as-Sadr.
      > US aggressor troops in an-Najaf come under mortar barage.
      > Al-Jazeera TV's woman correspondent in an-Najaf reported that US
      > occupation forces came under mortar attack in front of the building
      > of the Governorate of an-Najaf. She reported that the local puppet
      > police commander, Major General `Ali al-Yasiri, said that the US
      > aggressor forces responded by firing indiscriminately, wounding three
      > Iraqi puppet policemen.
      > US claims 35 dead Jaysh al-Mahdi militiamen in clashes in Baghdad.
      > Meanwhile, US Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt said on Monday that the
      > American invader troops had killed 35 Jaysh al-Mahdi militiamen,
      > loyal to Shi`i religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr in a series of
      > clashes in the Baghdad area known as Madinat as-Sadr.
      > `Abd al-Hadi ad-Darraji, spokesman for as-Sadr's office in Baghdad
      > had stated that three persons were killed and seven others wounded on
      > Monday in an American aerial bombardment of the office of as-Sadr in
      > Baghdad after tanks and armored vehicles had surrounded the building.
      > Resistance fires mortars at Bulgarian aggressor patrol in Karbala'.
      > Bulgarian aggressor sources report that Iraqi Resistance forces fired
      > mortar shells at Bulgarian patrols in the city of Karbala' early on
      > Monday morning. Sofia News reported that the Bulgarian Defense
      > Ministry had announced that despite there being no Bulgarian
      > casualties in the attacks, the situation in Karbala' is nevertheless
      > still tense and unpredictable.
      > Witnesses to the attack report that five Iraqis were killed and a
      > number of US troops wounded, but the number of such casualties could
      > not be confirmed.
      > Squadrons of the Martyrs of Altaf warns foreigners and Kuwaitis that
      > they are targets for assassination, kidnapping in al-Basrah.
      > An armed Iraqi group issued strongly worded threats against
      > foreigners in al-Basrah city on Monday � in particular against
      > Americans, Britons, and Kuwaitis � that they would be targets either
      > for kidnapping or assassination.
      > The warnings came in a videotape broadcast by al-Jazeera TV. A
      > masked speaker surrounded by other masked armed men read a communiqu�
      > on the tape in which they called themselves the Squadrons of the
      > Martyrs of Altaf.
      > Agence France Presse (AFP) reported that the in the communiqu� the
      > group said, "we declare that all workers in the foreign and Arab
      > companies in al-Basrah, in particular Kuwaiti companies, are targets
      > for kidnapping and killing. We severely warn them not to walk the
      > streets of al-Basrah because we will treat them as we treat the
      > Americans, the Britons, and their clients. There is really no
      > difference between any of them.
      > The word Altaf is a reference to a battle in which the Shi`i
      > population of Karbala' fought in the Seventh Century.
      > Iraqi Resistance attack on oil pipeline "greatly reduces" Iraq's
      > exports.
      > The Chairman of the Oil of the South Company, which extracts Iraqi
      > oil in the southern part of the country for the benefit of the US
      > occupation, said Monday that an Iraqi Resistance attack on an oil
      > pipeline had greatly reduced Iraq's southern oil exports. Jabir al-
      > Libi told Reuters that "the situation is not good," but he refused to
      > state specifically just how much oil is still being exported, nor
      > would he give any further details about the Resistance attack on the
      > pipeline.
      > Al-Libi said that the attack affected the flow of oil to the al-
      > Basrah terminal, the outlet for most of Iraq's exported petroleum.
      > Prior to the attack, Iraqi exports averaged 1.8 million barrels a day
      > and constituted the occupation regime's only source of foreign
      > currency.
      > On Monday al-Jazeera TV reported that a spokesman for the US
      > aggressor military engineers said that the oil pipeline was still on
      > fire at the southern end of al-Faw Island after the Resistance attack
      > that took place last Saturday. As a result of the attack, Iraq's oil
      > exports have been severely cut back.
      > Meanwhile a spokesman for the fire department said that the fire that
      > broke out on Saturday in the oil pipeline as a result of the attack
      > has reached the port of Khur al-`Ammiyah. Tongues of flame and
      > columns of black smoke could be seen rising into the sky on Sunday
      > far from the scene of the attack and pipeline fire that occurred 40km
      > south of al-Basrah.
      > An official for the State Oil Marketing Pipeline told Dow Jones
      > Newswires that the alternative pipeline was too small to handle the
      > additional flow and that, as a result, Iraq's petroleum exports had
      > fallen by 25 percent to 1.2 million barrels a day.
      > Oil pipelines in northern Iraq are regularly attacked by the
      > Resistance. The Resistance has recently also scored successes in
      > striking the pipelines in the south, in an effort to deprive the
      > invading occupation authorities of the ability to exploit Iraqi
      > national resources.
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      > Tuesday, 11 May 2004.
      > Iraqi Resistance attacks Brown and Root convoy, killing and wounding
      > many, destroying several trucks near Jordanian border.
      > A prominent US military representative reported that Iraqi Resistance
      > fighters attacked a supply convoy that served the US aggressor forces
      > on Tuesday. The convoy was made up of 21 vehicles and was attacked
      > on its way from Jordan to Baghdad. Several persons were wounded and
      > other other people were lost.
      > The US military representative told reporters that a number of
      > vehicles in the convoy were totally destroyed in the attack that
      > occurred near the Jordanian frontier.
      > The convoy was owned by the private company Brown and Root, a
      > contracting firm that serves the US occupation forces in the area of
      > supply.
      > Blast shakes Baghdad Tuesday night.
      > A powerful explosion shook Baghdad on Tuesday night. Iraqi puppet
      > police said the blast was the sound of a percussion bomb going off, a
      > bomb that had been used to break up a "dangerous gathering."
      > According to Agence France Presse (AFP) the explosion took place
      > shortly before 7:00pm local time. US forces offered no information
      > regarding the explosion, but Iraqi puppet police in al-Jumhuriyah
      > neighborhood reported that the US occupation troops had used the
      > percussion bomb to break up a rally that was protesting against US
      > troops who were taking down pictures of Shi`i religious leader
      > Muqtada as-Sadr.
      > US "civilian" body found near Baghdad Tuesday.
      > US military sources reported on Tuesday that the body of an
      > American "civilian" had been found dumped by the side of a highway
      > near Baghdad. A military spokesman said that the identity of the
      > body had yet to be determined. Neither the US military nor the so-
      > called US civil authority headed by L. Paul Bremer acknowledged the
      > body as being one of their personnel.
      > Muqtada as-Sadr and other Shi`i armed organizations reach agreement
      > on possible withdrawal of Jaysh al-Mahdi from an-Najaf.
      > Aides of the Shi`i religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr agreed on Tuesday
      > with other Shi`i armed organizations that it would be possible for
      > as-
      > Sadr to order a withdrawal of his Jaysh al-Mahdi militia from an-
      > Najaf in response to a withdrawal by the US aggressors from that
      > Shi`i holy city. Reuters reported Qays al-Khaz`ali, a senior aide of
      > Muqtada as-Sadr's, as saying in an-Najaf that an agreement was
      > reached in a meeting with rival Shi`i organizations in which all
      > points of disagreement had been cleared up, supposedly bringing all
      > the Shi`i groups together on one platform.
      > Abu Hasan al-`Amari, leader of the Badr Brigade, said that the
      > agreement was "the beginning of a solution of the crisis that was
      > threatening everyone." The Badr Brigade is the armed organization of
      > the collaborationist so-called Supreme Council of the Islamic
      > Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI) which is represented on the American-
      > appointed puppet so-called interim governing council under US
      > proconsul L. Paul Bremer.
      > There was no immediate reaction from the US aggressor army that
      > occupies a small base and some other buildings in an-Najaf.
      > Al-`Amari said that one part of the intra-Shi`i accord was an
      > agreement in principle to set up a broad Iraqi security force.
      > According to the agreement the Jaysh al-Mahdi would be disarmed and
      > transformed into a political party.
      > It was unclear as to whether the agreement included provisions on the
      > fate of Muqtada as-Sadr himself. Initially the US was demanding his
      > arrest or death, but backed off from such demands more recently,
      > pushing instead for other Iraqi Shi`i organizations to reach some
      > sort of accord with him.
      > Jaysh al-Mahdi shells US forces local headquarters in Madinat as-
      > Sadr, Baghdad.
      > Jaysh al-Mahdi forces on Tuesday bombarded the council building in
      > the part of Baghdad that has been nicknamed Madinat as-Sadr. The
      > building has been taken over by US aggressor forces as their
      > headquarters in the area. The Egyptian Middle East News Agency,
      > which carried the story, had no information regarding possible
      > American casualties.
      > Islamic Jihadi websites broadcast video of US "contractor" executed
      > in Iraq as a deterrent to US abuse and torture of Iraqi prisoners.
      > Serious questions remain unanswered.
      > Islamic Jihadi websites on the Internet posted photos, and a video
      > clip of the beheading of an American capitve, Nicholas Berg,
      > reportedly an American private contractor in Iraq. A declaration
      > addressed to the Islamic world community and published alongside the
      > pictures and video, stated that the execution was in response to the
      > murders, tortures, abuse, and humiliation to which many of the more
      > than 12,000 Iraqi captives have been subjected by the American
      > occupation authorities and their British and other satellite country
      > stooges.
      > The communiqu�, signed "Abu Mus`ab az-Zarqawi, the commander of the
      > Jama`at at-Tawhid wa-al-Jihad (the Group of Unity and Jihad), said
      > that their group had offered to use Berg to ransom some of the
      > prisoners in Abu Ghurayb concentration camp, but the US refused the
      > deal, according to the message. The statement indicated that Berg was
      > executed in defense of the honor of the Muslim prisoners, men and
      > women, held in Abu Ghurayb and other occupation concentration camps
      > in Iraq.
      > An article published on many of the same Islamic Jihadi websites two
      > days earlier and signed Husayn ibn Mahmud had discussed the recent
      > publication of hundreds of pictures documenting the systematic
      > humiliation, abuse, and torture practiced by the US occupation
      > authorities in their system of concentration camps throughout Iraq.
      > Husayn ibn Mahmud wrote that something must be done to deter the
      > aggressors from continuing to perpetrate such crimes. "Those are
      > prisoners of war," Husayn ibn Mahmud wrote, "and the Mujahideen also
      > have prisoners of war, and they are obliged to do something to the
      > Americans so as to force them to think a million times before they
      > venture to carry out [abusive] activity. The Mujahideen cannot do
      > what the Americans have done because it is prohibited by our
      > religion � prohibited in and of itself � and anyway this would not
      > affect them because they generally accept such behavior. They do
      > such things voluntarily, with no one forcing them to, and with no
      > shame. Stripping people naked and sodomizing them are ordinary
      > matters for them, things to which they are accustomed. But there are
      > things that the Mujahideen can do, such as slitting the throats of
      > some of the prisoners with knives, and broadcasting their pictures
      > and names. This should be done by video files on the World Wide Web
      > and not on the news media that the Americans control. It should be
      > announced that these actions are merely to avenge our brothers and
      > sisters in Abu Ghurayb prison. The door of innovation is open to the
      > Mujahideen in this matter."
      > The case of Nick Berg has itself has many lose ends. Even the
      > American Associated Press (AP), in addition to chiming in with a
      > chorus of praise for the supposedly well-meaning, idealistic, but
      > naive American businessman, pointed out that his case left "many
      > unanswered questions."
      > Prior to his capture by Iraqi Resistance forces, Berg, an American
      > Jew, was stopped at a checkpoint near Mosul by Iraqi puppet police
      > and held for two weeks. Reportedly he was stopped for having been
      > engaged in "suspicious activity." According to Berg's family in the
      > United States, Berg was held by the US occupation authorities. The
      > American authorities later denied that, however, claiming that he was
      > held entirely by the Iraqi puppet police. However that may be,
      > during the two weeks he was in the custody of the aggressors and
      > their stooges, Berg was reportedly interrogated three times by the
      > American Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) supposedly to
      > ascertain whether he was indeed an American � something in the age of
      > computers, to say nothing of telephones, that the FBI would have been
      > able to determine in a matter of minutes.
      > One AP press report indicated that Berg had an "Iraqi in-law" living
      > in the Mosul area, a man who had been married to a now-deceased
      > sister of Berg's.
      > Although supposedly a contractor working in the telecommunications
      > field, Berg apparently had no contact with any contracting firms
      > working with the US occupation, making him a contractor with no
      > contract. Nevertheless, according to the AP, Berg "traveled widely
      > and unguarded in areas of Iraq � a dangerous practice rarely done by
      > Westerners." Yet when offered a flight out of Iraq by the FBI, Berg
      > reportedly turned down the offer because the ride to the airport was
      > supposedly "too dangerous."
      > The first news publication in the world to point to Berg's Jewish
      > identity was the Zionist Yediot Ahronot, published in occupied
      > Palestine. Given that Zionist activity has been frequently reported
      > particularly in the northern regions of occupied Iraq (where Mosul is
      > located), it is reasonable to wonder whether the Zionists in Tel Aviv
      > might not have other relevant information on Nick Berg that has not
      > yet been disclosed.
      > Dutch soldier killed, one other wounded.
      > Dutch media reported on Tuesday that military spokesmen had
      > acknowledged that one Dutch aggressor soldier had been killed and
      > another wounded in an Iraqi Resistance attack in the city of as-
      > Samawah in southern Iraq. The Dutch Defense Ministry reported that
      > Iraqi Resistance fighters lobbed handgrenades at a patrol as they
      > crossed a bridge over the Euphrates. According to official Dutch
      > sources, this was the first Dutch fatality in the war. There are
      > some 1,500 Dutch invader troops in occupied Iraq serving US aggressor
      > interests.
      > Honduran occupation troops begin pull out from Iraq.
      > Spanish news media report that the President of Honduras, Ricardo
      > Maduro, had announced that his country had begun withdrawing its
      > aggressor forces from Iraq. The first contingent of returning
      > Honduran soldiers has already reached Kuwait. Speaking in Tokyo,
      > Maduro said that 160 Honduran aggressor troops, out of the total
      > contingent of 369, had already arrived in Kuwait on their way back
      > home. He declined to say when the rest of the troops would be leaving
      > Iraq "for security reasons."
      > Most of Dominican Republic's soldiers return home from Iraq.
      > According to media sources, most of the 260 occupation troops from
      > the Dominican Republic were withdrawn from Iraq on Monday after their
      > tours of duty in Iraq were shortened after the withdrawal of the
      > Spanish aggressor forces. The president of the Dominican Republic
      > and other top officials in the country were on hand at the airport in
      > Santo Domingo to welcome the troops home. Only 42 Dominican Republic
      > troops remain in Iraq and they are set to leave within a few days.
      > Sources:
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      > Wednesday, 12 May 2004.
      > Iraqi Resistance attacks US base in al-Habbaniyah.
      > The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Fallujah reported late
      > on Wednesday that Iraqi Resistance forces had fired missiles at the
      > American military base in al-Habbaniyah, 20km west of al-Fallujah.
      > The correspondent noted that five rockets crashed into the US base.
      > On Tuesday (the day before) Resistance fighters had fired eight
      > rockets at the US aggressors' al-Habbaniyah base.
      > Iraqi Resistance targets Italian embassy with mortar barrage.
      > Al-`Arabiyah TV reported on Wednesday night that a powerful explosion
      > had shaken the Italian embassy in Baghdad. The satellite TV station
      > said that three mortar shells had crashed into the embassy. An
      > Italian TV journalist reported the blast and seconds later
      > communications between her and the Rome offices of her television
      > station were cut. Al-`Arabiyah reported that the Italian news agency
      > had stated that the mortar attack caused no casualties or damage.
      > US admits one Marine invader killed on Tuesday in "western Iraq."
      > The US military reported on Wednesday that one American occupation
      > soldier was killed in fighting on Tuesday in western Iraq. According
      > to Reuters, which reported the official US statement, no details were
      > provided other than that the dead soldier worked with the 1st
      > Campaign force, a part of the US Marine Corps and that he was killed
      > by "enemy," i.e., Resistance gunfire.
      > Iraqi Resistance forces demolish puppet police station in Samarra'.
      > Iraqi Resistance forces blew up a puppet police station in the city
      > of Samarra', north of Baghdad on Wednesday wounding won puppet
      > policeman, according to al-`Arabiyah TV station. Al-`Arabiyah
      > reported that the Resistance fighters surrounded the al-Mu`tasim
      > puppet police station in Samarra', evacuated all the puppet policemen
      > and then placed explosives in the building and demolished it.
      > Four Filipinos reported killed in Iraqi Resistance mortar attack on
      > US airbase.
      > The Philippine President Gloria Aroyo announced on Wednesday that
      > four Filipino citizens had been killed in a mortar attack on a US
      > airbase in a town to the north of Baghdad. She offered no further
      > details.
      > Violent battles broke out between US aggressor forces and members of
      > the Jaysh al-Mahdi militia, loyal to Shi`i religious leader Muqtada
      > as-Sadr in the district of Baghdad nicknamed Madinat as-Sadr. Al-
      > Jazeera TV reported that Jaysh al-Mahdi forces had seized two
      > American military vehicles and set them ablaze after the American
      > troops had fled. US forces then rushed reinforcements into the
      > district. Al-Jazeera broadcast scenes of the US vehicles on fire,
      > surrounded by Jaysh al-Mahdi militiamen.
      > Muqtada as-Sadr: Jaysh al-Mahdi will fight unless Shi`i religious
      > leaders demand its dissolution, in which case it will be dissolved.
      > Shi`i religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr announced on Wednesday that
      > his Jaysh al-Mahdi militia would continue its battle against the
      > occupation forces lead by the United States. He said, however, that
      > he was ready at the same time to dissolve the Jaysh al-Mahdi if the
      > Shi`i religious leadership demanded it.
      > Speaking in an-Najaf, Muqtada as-Sadr said, "if the Americans are
      > ready to leave Iraq this will bring peace, but if they continue to
      > remain in Iraq that will destroy all the chances of peace and will
      > lead to the spread of terrorism." He told a press conference, "we
      > are ready for any American escalation. We expect anything from the
      > occupiers."
      > As-Sadr praised what he called the efforts made by honest partners in
      > their attempt to end the crisis between him and the occupation
      > forces. He accused the United States of intentionally planting the
      > seeds of discord.
      > On Tuesday `Adnan az-Zurufi, the puppet governor of an-Najaf, stated
      > that it might be possible to postpone the legal pursuit of as-Sadr if
      > he immediately dissolved the Jaysh al-Mahdi. In reference to this,
      > as-
      > Sadr said, "if the Shi`i religious authorities issue a fatwa or a
      > ruling demanding that a Jaysh Mahdi be dissolved, we will comply with
      > that. But failing that, this armed militia will continue to defend
      > our country and our its sacred places."
      > Jaysh al-Madhi, US forces battle in an-Najaf Wednesday night.
      > Al-Jazeera satellite TV reported that violent clashes have broken out
      > and continued during Wednesday night between the Jaysh al-Mahdi
      > militia loyal to Shi`i religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr and US
      > aggressor forces in an-Najaf
      > US claims it killed 25 Jaysh al-Mahdi militiamen in major offensive
      > on Karbala'.
      > A US military spokesman claimed in a statement quoted by the Agence
      > France Presse (AFP) that 25 Jaysh al-Mahdi militiamen loyal to Shi`i
      > religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr, had been killed in battles with US
      > troops in Karbala' in the course of major US military attacks in the
      > Shi`i holy city Wednesday.
      > Units of the Iraqi puppet police entered Karbala' during the
      > afternoon on Wednesday according to al-Jazeera TV. The puppet police
      > units deployed in the city, reachind al-`Abbas Street, to seal off
      > the center of the city. Battles broke out between the puppet police
      > and members of the Jaysh al-Mahdi militia.
      > Earlier US occupation troops launched a large-scale military
      > operation in the center of Karbala' around a mosque controlled by
      > Shi`i religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr according to a report carried
      > by Agence France Presse (AFP) on the authority of eyewitnesses.
      > Gunfire from light arms and heavy weapons was heard through the night
      > in the area. US aggressor troops still had the downtown area sealed
      > off on Wednesday morning.
      > An official in the city hospital reported that ambulances and fire
      > trucks have been unable to get to the places where the clashes have
      > been taking place. Government employee Hashim Salman, 30, who lives
      > in the cordoned off area reports that he can't get out of his house
      > because of the gunfire. `Ali Husayn, another witness in the area
      > said that a building close to the tombs of the Imam al-Husayn and al-
      > `Abbas were struck by weapons.
      > Sources: al-`Arab al-Yawm, Amman, Jordan, 13 May 2004.
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      > http://www.islammemo.cc/news/one_news.asp?IDnews=32287
      > http://www.islammemo.cc/news/one_news.asp?IDnews=32285
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