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Fwd: [arab_nationalist] Iraqi Resistance Report: 22-24 April 2004.

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  • Kevin Walsh
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      > Subject: [arab_nationalist] Iraqi Resistance Report: 22-24 April
      > 2004.
      > Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Thursday, 22 April 2004 through
      > Saturday, 24 April 2004. Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu
      > Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice.
      > http://www.freearabvoice.org
      > Thursday, 22 April 2004.
      > US aggressor commander gives Resistance "a matter of days" to turn in
      > heavy weapons.
      > The US commander of forces besieging al-Fallujah announced on
      > Thursday that the Resistance forces have only a matter of days, not
      > weeks, to turn in heavy weapons, in accordance with the cease fire
      > agreement concluded earlier in the week. US forces already violated
      > that agreement by slowing the return of residents to their homes in
      > the city. The US commander also warned that his forces would resume
      > offensive operations against the besieged city.
      > US suspends return of families to al-Fallujah.
      > Reports from al-Fallujah indicate that the return of residents of al-
      > Fallujah to their homes has been suspended since the battle between
      > Resistance forces and US aggressors that took part on Wednesday. US
      > armored reinforcements have been spotted near al-Fallujah.
      > US soldier admitted killed in Baghdad.
      > According to London radio, the US army announced on Thursday that one
      > American soldier was killed in a roadside bomb attack in the north of
      > Baghdad. No further details were immediately available.
      > Iraqi Resistance fires mortars at Kirkuk airport.
      > Kirkuk airport in northern Iraq came under mortar attack early on
      > Thursday morning. US forces have transformed Kirkuk airport into
      > their regional headquarters. Middle East News Agency reported that
      > American officials in Kirkuk gave out no information regarding
      > casualties or damage resulting from the Resistance attack.
      > Dutch aggressor camp comes under mortar attack.
      > Japanese Defense Ministry officials reported that a mortar shell
      > landed near a camp of Dutch aggressor forces early on Thursday in
      > southern Iraq. The mortar attack reportedly left no casualties.
      > Rockets fired at aggressor headquarters in as-Samawah.
      > Japan's Kyodo news agency reported that three rockets were fired
      > early on Thursday near the temporary office of the occupation forces
      > in as-Samawah.
      > South African mercenary killed.
      > Iraqi eyewitnesses reported that Iraqi Resistance fighters with their
      > faces covered opened fire on Thursday on two foreigners in the
      > northern part of the Iraqi capital, leaving one of them dead and the
      > other wounded. Iraqi puppet police sources first said that the dead
      > foreigner was a French journalist working in Baghdad and that the man
      > who was wounded was the journalist's interpreter. The Associated
      > Press reported that the attack took place near al-A`zamiyah, an area
      > where the US aggressors say that the Iraqi Resistance is active.
      > A later report claimed that the foreigner was Spanish.
      > It was finally established that he was a mercenary from South Africa.
      > Honduran aggressor base comes under mortar attack.
      > The Honduran aggressor forces said on Thursday that one of their
      > bases in the city of an-Najaf was attacked on Wednesday night but
      > that no material damage or casualties resulted from the Resistance
      > attack. The Hondurans claimed that four mortar shells hit the area
      > outside their base.
      > Two Swiss hostages released.
      > An official in the Swiss embassy in Baghdad said that two Swiss
      > citizens who had been taken hostage in southern Iraq were released on
      > Thursday. The two hostages, a man and his wife were working for a
      > non-governmental organization and were kidnapped on Tuesday under
      > obscure circumstances.
      > A Thousand Jordanians in occupation's prisons in Iraq.
      > Official Jordanian sources have disclosed that there are 1,000
      > Jordanian citizens in prison in occupied Iraq, held by the US
      > occupation forces. In an announcement published on Thursday in ad-
      > Dustur newspaper the parliamentary Committee For Public Freedom in
      > Jordan was requesting that the Jordanian Foreign Ministry address the
      > US proconsul of Iraq L. Paul Bremer about the issue.
      > Iraqi Resistance rockets three oil pipelines sending them up in
      > flames.
      > Informed Iraqi sources said on Thursday that three oil pipelines had
      > been set ablaze in northern Iraq. The pipelines, which transport oil
      > from Iraqi wells to the ad-Durah refinery in Baghdad burst into
      > flames as a result of being struck by Iraqi Resistance rockets,
      > according to eyewitnesses quoted by al-Jazeera TV. The fire was set
      > near the ath-Tharthar area which lies south of the city of Samarra'.
      > US General: one in ten puppet policemen works for the Resistance.
      > US general Martin Dempsey of the 1st Armored Division said that many
      > members of the Iraqi puppet police had been operating against the US
      > aggressors. Speaking via satellite to the American Press Association
      > in Washington, Dempsey said that one in ten Iraqi puppet policemen
      > was working with the Iraqi Resistance against the US occupation.
      > Dempsey admitted that operations by US forces on Iraqi soil had come
      > to a difficult and complicated point.
      > Dempsey said that 40 percent of the members of the puppet police had
      > left the force because, he said, of threats from the Resistance. He
      > insisted, though, that half of the men whom the US had trained were
      > still operating in a disciplined fashion.
      > Two German specialists in "fighting `terrorism'" killed near al-
      > Fallujah.
      > The German interior minister announced on Thursday that he believes
      > that two German citizens who are specialists in what they
      > call "fighting terrorism" were killed when their convoy taking taking
      > them from Jordan to Baghdad came under Resistance attack near al-
      > Fallujah two weeks ago.
      > Siemens, General Electric flee Iraq in face of Resistance attacks.
      > The rising Resistance struggle in Iraq has compelled the German
      > Siemens company and General Electric to leave Iraq. Siemens
      > concluded its work in Iraq after the German Foreign Ministry warned
      > that country's citizens against being in Iraq on 12 April 2004.
      > Siemens had been working on installing electric power plants in
      > Iraq. The withdrawal of Siemens employees is a blow to the US
      > occupation.
      > Sources:
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      > http://www.aljazeera.net/news/arabic/2004/4/4-22-15.htm
      > Friday, 23 April 2004.
      > Iraqi Resistance in al-Fallujah publishes communiqu� denouncing the
      > cease-fire "inspired by Satan."
      > A communiqu� issued in the name of "The Iraqi Resistance in al-
      > Fallujah" was distributed on Friday in front of the Mosque of Ibn
      > Taymiyah after noontime congregational prayers. The communiqu�
      > strongly denounced the Islamic Party of Iraq led by member of the
      > puppet so-called interim governing council Muhsin `Abd al-Hamid, for
      > the role it played in announcing the cease fire agreement in al-
      > Fallujah, which the communiqu� called "a cease-fire agreement derived
      > from Satanic inspiration."
      > According to al-Jazeera TV, the Resistance communiqu� said, "the so-
      > called Islamic Party used this idea of a cease-fire, which it derived
      > from the inspiration of Satan, to sow confusion in the ranks of the
      > Mujahideen. It gave the enemy an opportunity to get its breath back
      > and reactivate itself, after having been in the grasp of the
      > Mujahideen. It has been able to build barricades to protect itself
      > [thanks to the cease-fire]."
      > The communiqu� went on to say that, "the balance in al-Fallujah
      > tilted in favor of the enemy, after it had been leaning in our
      > favor." The document asked: "doesn't this party know that the
      > infidels recognize no agreements or charters?"
      > The communiqu� confirmed that the Resistance had inflicted grave
      > losses on the occupation and that "the American enemy lied when it
      > reported its losses, as it is its usual habit to lie."
      > US preparing for "decisive" battle at al-Fallujah.
      > The US military commanders preparing US Marine invaders for an
      > assault on al-Fallujah expect violent resistance from the city's
      > defenders. The US commanders say that the battle will be decisive
      > for the future of Iraq. US Colonel John Colman spoke to al-Jazeera
      > TV and said that he expects all of al-Fallujah � Islamists, Arab
      > volunteers, local volunteers � to forcibly resist their aggression.
      > Al-Fallujah: aggressors prevent refugees from returning home.
      > US occupation troops continue to violate their cease fire agreement
      > in al-Fallujah as they continued preventing families who had left the
      > besieged city from returning home. The Iraqi Red Crescent began
      > setting up a camp in al-Karradah neighborhood in Baghdad to give
      > shelter to the refugees from al-Fallujah.
      > US puppets try to fudge death figures for al-Fallujah siege.
      > Earlier in the day the puppet so-called health minister in occupied
      > Iraq Khudayr `Abbas claimed that only 271 persons had been killed and
      > 800 others wounded since the beginning of the siege of al-Fallujah.
      > Hospital sources in al-Fallujah itself already in the previous week
      > had reported that the number of dead in al-Fallujah had topped more
      > than 500, based on their count of the actual bodies.
      > Iraqi Resistance bomb wounds three aggressors, damages US vehicle in
      > ar-Ramadi area.
      > Al-Jazeera's correspondent in ar-Ramadi reports that a military
      > vehicle was disabled in the al-Madiq district, 30km east of ar-
      > Ramadi, when an Iraqi Resistance roadside bomb detonated as a US
      > convoy was passing. Three US aggressor troops were injured in the
      > Friday attack. The US aggressors closed off the area and started
      > raiding nearby homes.
      > US aggressors raid mosque near ar-Ramadi after Friday prayers.
      > Al-Jazeera TV reported from ar-Ramadi on Friday evening that US
      > occupation troops had raided the Mosque of Sahib ar-Rumi in al-
      > Malamihah village east of ar-Ramadi after Friday congregational
      > prayers.
      > During the raid, the American invader troops arrested all the
      > worshippers inside the mosque and raided houses neighboring the
      > mosque. The Shaykh of the al-BuDhiyab tribe was also arrested as
      > well as all those who were found in the area.
      > Explosions rock area around Saddam International Airport outside
      > Baghdad.
      > Al-`Arabiyah satellite TV station reported shortly after 6:00pm
      > Baghdad time on Friday that the explosions could be heard coming from
      > the area around Saddam International Airport outside of Baghdad. Al-
      > `Arabiyah initially had no further details on the blasts.
      > Resistance fires rocket at US "Green Zone" in Baghdad.
      > Iraqi Resistance fighters fired a rocket at the so-called Green Zone
      > where the US aggressor forces have their headquarters in occupied
      > Iraq. According to the Qatari News Agency QANA, there were no
      > immediate announcements regarding casualties or damage.
      > US soldier killed by Resistance bomb in Samarra'.
      > An Iraqi Resistance bomb detonated as a US military convoy was
      > passing by in the city of Samarra', 100k north of Baghdad, killing
      > one US occupation soldier, according to an announcement by the US
      > occupation command.
      > The statement, as reported by Agence France Presse (AFP) said that
      > the dead soldier belonged to the 1st Infantry Division.
      > Resistance mortar barrage targets British aggressor HDQ.
      > Iraqi Resistance fighters fired three mortar rounds at the
      > headquarters of British aggressor forces in the city of al-Basrah,
      > according to the press office of the British occupation which claimed
      > that the attack caused no damage or casualties.
      > Ukrainian occupation base struck by explosions.
      > At least 10 explosions shook the Ukrainian aggressor base west of the
      > city of al-Kut south of Baghdad. Al-Jazeera TV reported on Friday
      > that the source of the blasts, as well as what casualties and damage
      > they might have caused, was still unknown.
      > Resistance attack leaves three puppet policemen wounded in Ba`qubah.
      > An officer in the puppet police announced that four persons,
      > including three puppet policemen, were wounded in an Iraqi Resistance
      > attack on a puppet police patrol in Ba`qubah, 50km north east of
      > Baghdad, on Friday. The officer, Khalid Shakir, told Agence France
      > Presse (AFP) that the patrol came under a hail of bullets from
      > Resistance fighters who were riding in a car in al-Mafraq District in
      > the city. The puppet policemen returned fire but the Resistance
      > fighters were able to leave the scene after firing a rocket-propelled
      > grenade at the puppet police patrol car.
      > Bulgarian occupation soldier killed in Karbala'.
      > The Bulgarian Defense Ministry announced on Friday that a Bulgarian
      > aggressor soldier had been shot to death in Karbala'. The soldier
      > reportedly died of a head wound.
      > Polish aggressor soldier killed in Karbala' battles.
      > Al-Jazeera TV reported the Polish occupation forces as stating that a
      > Polish aggressor soldier was killed during violent clashes that
      > erupted between the occupation troops and members of Shi`ite
      > religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr's Jaysh al-Mahdi militia. The al-
      > Jazeera correspondent in Karbala' reports that various types of light
      > arms were used in the battles that let a number of wounded on both
      > sides.
      > A source in the Iraqi puppet police in Karbala' said that two
      > military vehicles were destroyed in the battles in which Bulgarian
      > and Polish aggressor troops battled Iraqis. Iraqi medical sources
      > stated that 10 persons were wounded in the clashes � five of them
      > members of Jaysh al-Mahdi, one an Iranian pilgrim to the Shi`ite holy
      > places in Karbala', and four Iraqi civilians.
      > The so-called "multinational brigade" of aggressor soldiers � which
      > is led by Poland and includes troops from Bulgaria, Latvia, and
      > Lithuania and serves the United States � announced that one of their
      > convoys was attacked just before midnight Thursday near the
      > governorate building in Karbala'. The convoy returned fire and
      > requested reinforcements to "secure the area."
      > Al-Jazeera's correspondent reports that the battles broke out
      > apparently after an occupation aircraft distributed leaflets over a
      > two-day period calling on the Shi`ite fighters to turn in their
      > weapons and withdraw from public buildings.
      > Muqtada as-Sadr calls for continued Shi`ite resistance to occupation.
      > Muqtada as-Sadr threatened to launch martyrdom operations against the
      > US occupation forces if they enter the Shi`ite holy cities. In his
      > Friday sermon in al-Kufah, as-Sadr called on his followers to
      > continue their resistance against the occupation forces.
      > Attacks on occupation base between al-Kufah and an-Najaf.
      > In an-Najaf, al-Jazeera's correspondent writes that the joint
      > headquarters of US, Spanish, and Salvadoran aggressor forces located
      > between al-Kufah and an-Najaf came under a mortar barrage on Thursday
      > night. The sounds of battle could also be heard coming from the
      > area, but there were no reports of casualties among the occupation
      > troops.
      > Costa Rican aggressor soldier killed in Iraq.
      > A Costa Rican aggressor soldier was killed on Tuesday in Iraq
      > according to the Associated Press quoting the newspaper Extra. The
      > soldier, Leroy Hariz Kelly who joined the US military three years ago
      > was killed in an "accident" while driving on the road from Baghdad to
      > Kuwait in the company of two other US invader troops. According to
      > the report, the troops drove into a sand storm and they crashed their
      > vehicle into another car.
      > US helicopter pilots study airborne assassination techniques
      > in "Israel."
      > Sources in the American occupation in Iraq have learned that US
      > General Ricardo Sanchez, commander of US occupation forces in Iraq,
      > has received approval from General John Abizaid, commander of the
      > Central Command to kill Shi`ite religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr.
      > Two of Sanchez's commanders have reportedly been dispatched to the
      > Pentagon to finalize a plan for the killing.
      > The plan includes several points including the launch of a large-
      > scale military operation against the Shi`ite holy cities to eliminate
      > Jaysh al-Mahdi. Under the plan, Iraqi puppet policemen are to try to
      > evacuate women, children, and the elderly, after which US military
      > aircraft are to pound the cities until all members of the Jaysh al-
      > Mahdi militia are eliminated, according to a report carried by the
      > Bahraini newspaper Akhbar al-Khalij.
      > In light of the plan, the US Defense Department determined to take
      > advantage of Zionist expertise in assassinating Palestinian
      > Resistance leaders and public figures with an eye to copying such
      > techniques in Iraq. The newspaper reports that Washington has
      > dispatched 200 American pilots from American bases in Iraq to the
      > Zionist Entity ("Israel") to train in airborne assassination
      > techniques. The pilots are expected to return to Iraq next week.
      > US plan to storm al-Fallujah crushed by Iraqi Resistance.
      > Akhbar al-Khalij also reported that the US aggressor forces, under
      > direct orders from US President Bush, recently tried to carry out a
      > plan code named "The Last Strike" that involved sending thousands of
      > Marine troops, commandos, and tanks to storm al-Fallujah from the
      > west. The plan failed miserably, however, when Iraqi Resistance
      > forces ambushed infiltrating US troops. A force of 2,500 American
      > aggressors coming in from the west found themselves surrounded by
      > Resistance gunfire that left dozens of them dead and compelled them
      > to retreat.
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      > http://www.aljazeera.net/news/arabic/2004/4/4-23-18.htm
      > Saturday, 24 April 2004.
      > Iraqi Resistance martyrdom boats blast aggressor naval boats. Two US
      > invader sailors dead.
      > Iraqi puppet authorities closed down the oil terminal at al-Basrah
      > port on Saturday after explosives laden boats piloted by Iraqi
      > Resistance martyrdom fighters carried out attacks that wrecked havoc
      > with the occupation naval forces at the port.
      > Iraqi Resistance martyrdom fighters piloted three dhows, or small
      > boats, close to two major oil terminals in Arabian Gulf waters about
      > 100 miles from Iraq's main port, Umm Qasr, and exploded when US
      > aggressor naval craft tried to intercept them. A US Navy craft was
      > flipped by the blast, killing two American sailors and injuring five
      > others, the US military said.
      > A communiqu� issued by the US Fifth Fleet, headquartered in Bahrain,
      > said that the US Naval aggressor personnel were killed and
      > wounded "as a result of three simultaneous naval attacks in the
      > Arabian Gulf."
      > A spokesman for the British aggressor forces announced on Saturday an
      > occupation warship became suspicious of one of the dhows approaching
      > the oil terminal. When aggressor troops boarded the dhow, it
      > exploded with all aboard. Twenty minutes later another sea-borne
      > attack took place.
      > Meanwhile, according to the British spokesman, another dhow exploded
      > near a ship that was docked and loading oil in al-Basrah. The
      > British Defence Ministry said that the attacks caused no damage to
      > the seaport or the ship.
      > For its part the Oil of the South company announced that two Iraqi
      > Resistance speedboats attacked al-Bakr and Khur al-`Amid oil
      > exporting terminals in the port.
      > Iraqi Resistance in al-Fallujah destroy two armored vehicles.
      > Iraqi Resistance fighters attacked a US aggressor convoy in the al-
      > Jurayfi of the northern part of al-Fallujah after sunset Saturday
      > night. Two US armored vehicles were destroyed, killing all who were
      > aboard the vehicles. The armored vehicles were blown up by RPG-7
      > rockets. According to Mafkarat al-Islam's reporter in al-Fallujah,
      > each US tank usually carries 12 men. Two of those are the crewmen,
      > the other 10 are to deploy from the armored vehicle on foot when a
      > position is taken, the armored vehicle being their protection during
      > the operation to take the position.
      > Tank destroyed in attempted US incursion into al-Jawlan neighborhood
      > of al-Fallujah.
      > The Iraqi Resistance in al-Fallujah set an American tank ablaze in
      > al-
      > Jawlan neighborhood of besieged al-Fallujah on Saturday afternoon.
      > None of the men aboard the vehicle came out and so may be presumed
      > dead. The vehicle was destroyed with rockets when it attempted to
      > break into al-Jawlan together with a detachment of other tanks.
      > Iraqi Resistance kills five US Marine invaders in attempted attack on
      > al-Fallujah.
      > Mafkarat al-Islam's correspondent in al-Fallujah reported late on
      > Saturday that five US Marine invaders were killed when their
      > detachment tried to storm an-Nizal neighborhood in besieged al-
      > Fallujah. The US aggressors were shot dead by Iraqi Resistance
      > sharpshooters.
      > Resistance fighters destroy huge US battle tank in al-Fallujah, kill
      > 12 Marines.
      > Mafkarat al-Islam's correspondent in al-Fallujah has reported that on
      > Saturday morning the Iraqi Resistance in the besieged city destroyed
      > a camouflage tank in the industrial district of the city. US
      > aggressor troops tried in vain to retrieve the tank from the scene of
      > the battle, but the Resistance fighters were able to drive off the US
      > attackers, killing 12 American Marine invaders in the process � a
      > victory that elicited calls of Allahu akbar! (God is greatest!) from
      > the populace.
      > This is the first time that the Resistance has been able to destroy a
      > tank of this type, known for its unusual power. US aggressors have
      > come to rely upon it in all their attempts to drive Resistance
      > fighters into open terrain where snipers � some of them American, but
      > most of them belonging to the Kurdish chauvinist Peshmergah � can
      > kill them.
      > Eyewitness accounts from people in the neighborhood differ as to how
      > the tank was destroyed. Some say that what destroyed the tank was a
      > land mine so large that it shook the buildings around the scene of
      > the blast. Other say that two rockets struck the tank simultaneously
      > and in the same spot.
      > Iraqi Resistance pounds US Marine positions around al-Fallujah with
      > mortars all night.
      > In a report posted at 16:26 Mecca time, Mafkarart al-Islam's
      > correspondent in al-Fallujah reported that the Iraqi Resistance
      > fighters in the city had fired mortars � which they had appropriated
      > from the US forces � at the district behind the Industrial Zone where
      > the US Marine invaders are concentrated. According to local people's
      > accounts, the mortar shells were fired from ad-Dubbat neighborhood
      > from 2:00am until the call to the dawn prayer rang out over the
      > besieged city some three hours later. Local residents are amazed at
      > these Resistance mortar attacks on the aggressor forces, particularly
      > since the American response to the shelling was reportedly "very
      > weak," a fact that they take as reflective of the general state of
      > the US besieging forces.
      > US Marines prevent al-Fallujah families from returning home.
      > US Marine aggressors besieging al-Fallujah confirmed that they
      > received orders on Saturday to prevent al-Fallujah families who want
      > to return home from doing so. Marine officer Joe Cotrino told Agence
      > France Presse (AFP) that about 50 or 60 families were allowed to
      > return home on Friday, but on Saturday only members of the puppet
      > police force and so-called civil defense forces were allowed into the
      > besieged city. The officer did not try to justify the orders, which
      > came as the cease fire was largely still in place in the city. He
      > said that there had only been sporadic gunfire in the city during the
      > previous 24 hours.
      > US curtails use of Apache helicopters after Resistance downs six near
      > al-Fallujah.
      > The increasing rate of Iraqi Resistance attacks on US aggressor
      > aircraft has compelled the US command to halt most flights of the
      > Apache helicopter and in particular to order the pilots to avoid
      > hovering in one place. The US aggressors have been compelled to
      > resort to using other helicopters because the Apaches have proven too
      > easy for Iraqi Resistance fighters to shoot down. According to
      > Mafkarat al-Islam's correspondent, more than six US helicopters have
      > been shot down in just a few days in the area of al-Fallujah.
      > US admits one Marine death from near al-Fallujah.
      > A spokesman for the US occupation of Iraq announced on Saturday that
      > one US Marine invader died on Thursday as a result of wounds received
      > in battles a week earlier in the area of al-Fallujah.
      > Iraqi parents name their daughters Fallujah.
      > As Iraqis seek new ways to express their enthusiasm and support for
      > the fierce Resistance that al-Fallujah has been putting up to the
      > aggressor, hospitals in Baghdad are now reporting that many parents
      > of new born children are naming their girls Fallujah, in honor of the
      > defiant city.
      > Hitherto, Fallujah has never been registered as a personal name, and
      > it has only been since the siege that Iraqis have begun to honor
      > their daughters with the name of the city that rubbed the aggressors'
      > noses in the mud. (Note: Fallujah is grammatically a feminine noun
      > in Arabic. This is why parents are reported as choosing the name
      > Fallujah
      > for their daughters, specifically.)
      > Twelve Iraqi civilians dead, 22 injured in "mistaken" American
      > shelling of agricultural area near al-Fallujah.
      > Twelve Iraqi civilians were killed and 22 others injured in American
      > shelling of an-Nu`aymiyah area near al-Fallujah on Friday night,
      > according to al-`Arabiyah satellite TV station. Al-`Arabiyah
      > reported that US occupation forces took the wounded to an unknown
      > location after apologizing for the US bombardment. The US forces
      > claimed that they had shelled the agricultural fields of an-
      > Nu`aymiyah on the premise that there might be Resistance fighters in
      > the predominantly agricultural area.
      > Board of Muslim `Ulama': US is violating cease fire in al-Fallujah.
      > The Board of Muslim `Ulama' accused the US aggressor forces of
      > breaking the cease fire agreement in a provocative way that suggests
      > that the invaders are not interested in attaining peace. The
      > accusation came in a statement issued by the Board, which represents
      > Sunni religious leaders in Iraq.
      > Iraqi Resistance rockets kill five US soldiers, occupation admits.
      > Iraqi Resistance fighters fired a barrage of rockets at a US military
      > base north of Baghdad at dawn on Saturday, killing five American
      > occupation troops and wounding six others, a US official admitted.
      > Two 57mm rockets slammed into the US base in at-Taji, according to
      > Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Sam Hudspath. The base in at-Taji is
      > now occupied by the US 1st Cavalry Division.
      > Resistance roadside bomb injures US troops in Ba`qubah.
      > An Iraqi Resistance explosive device detonated as a US occupation
      > patrol was passing by in the city of Ba`qubah, crippling an American
      > military vehicle and wounding all aboard according to the Egyptian
      > Middle East News Agency.
      > Two Americans killed, one wounded in Resistance attack in al-Kut.
      > Al-Jazeera satellite TV reported early Saturday afternoon Baghdad
      > time that two Americans were killed and a third wounded when the
      > Iraqi Resistance targeted a US patrol in the southern Iraqi city of
      > al-Kut.
      > Resistance bomb targets US patrol near Kirkuk airport.
      > An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded Saturday as a US patrol was passing
      > along the road to Kirkuk airport, now occupied by US troops as their
      > regional headquarters in northern Iraq, according to a report carried
      > by al-Jazeera TV.
      > Iraqi collaborators shot and killed by Resistance.
      > An Iraqi woman working as a translator for the US military was shot
      > and killed by the Iraqi Resistance along with her husband as they
      > drove to a US base, a hospital official said.
      > Iraqi Resistance car bomb explodes near US base in Tikrit.
      > An Iraqi Resistance car bomb, apparently set off by a martyrdom
      > attacker, exploded near a US base on a downtown street in the
      > northern city of Tikrit early on Saturday morning. The local
      > commander of the Iraqi puppet police in Tikrit said that four
      > policemen were killed and 16 persons injured in the blast, 12 of
      > those puppet policemen.
      > Three bodies were seen in the blackened wreckage of a car, which the
      > puppet police commander said was a taxi cab of Brazilian make.
      > Witnesses said they believed the blast targeted a convoy of Iraqi
      > officials heading to the mayor's office in the city.
      > US to take over from Spanish, Honduran, and Dominican Republic
      > troops.
      > Spanish news media reported that the Deputy Polish Minister of
      > Defense said on Friday that units of the American military will take
      > over the tasks that Spanish, Honduran, and Dominican Republican
      > forces had been doing in occupied Iraq. The Polish deputy minister
      > told the Spanish magazine ABC that the US forces would be replacing
      > the departing Spaniards and others within ninety days in the
      > provinces of al-Qadisiyah and an-Najaf.
      > Polish troops battle Jaysh al-Mahdi in Karbala'.
      > Polish aggressor troops clashed overnight with Shi`ite militiamen in
      > the city of Karbala', killing five, a spokesman for the
      > occupation "multinational force" that works for the US occupation
      > reported.
      > "Sadr City" residents battle US aggressor troops in Baghdad.
      > Supporters of Shi`ite religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr battled US
      > troops in so-called Sadr City, a district in eastern Baghdad on
      > Saturday. The clashes erupted when US forces launched raids against
      > suspected militiamen. US sources said that "one or two" Iraqis were
      > killed in the fighting.
      > Three Iraqi girls were badly burned when a shell exploded in their
      > bedroom as they slept after US forces began to open fire on the
      > neighborhood, setting fire to a number of cars. The blazes then
      > spread to nearby houses.
      > Medical sources told al-Jazeera satellite TV that 11 Iraqis were
      > killed and nearly 30 others wounded in three powerful explosions that
      > shook the neighborhood. Eyewitnesses reported that rockets crashed
      > into a crowded market in the neighborhood.
      > Blast in al-Haswah district of Baghdad kills 14 Iraqis, wounds 12
      > others.
      > Later, around mid-afternoon on Saturday, al-Jazeera TV reported that
      > 14 Iraqis had been killed and 12 others wounded in an explosion in
      > al-
      > Haswah district in the southern part of Baghdad.
      > Bangkok orders commander of Thai aggressors to withraw from Iraq if
      > security situation "worsens."
      > The Thai Minister of Defense has stated that Thailand's government
      > had instructed the commander of Thai aggressor troops in Iraq that he
      > must give an order to withdraw from the country if the security
      > situation continues to "deteriorate."
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