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Fwd: [arab_nationalist] Iraqi Resistance Report: 28 - 31 March 2004.

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    Fascinating material in this report, especially about the murder of an Iraqi journalist to cover up what really happened in al-Fallujah. Al-Fallujah will go
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2004
      Fascinating material in this report, especially about the murder of
      an Iraqi journalist to cover up what really happened in al-Fallujah.
      Al-Fallujah will go down in history, like Leningrad, as a hero city!


      > Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Sunday, 28 March 2004, through
      > Wednesday, 31 March 2004. Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu
      > Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice.
      > http://www.freearabvoice.org
      > Sunday, 28 March 2004.
      > Iraqi Resistance rockets US military vehicle in Mosul.
      > Al-`Arabiyah satellite TV reported that the Resistance fired two
      > rockets at a US military vehicle which burst entirely into flame in
      > Mosul on Sunday. Witnesses reported that there were at least six
      > aggressor soldiers in the vehicle. US occupation forces immediately
      > cordoned off the area, as another explosion detonated by the
      > Resistance struck a Stryker armored vehicle.
      > Iraqi Resistance kills at least two foreign mercenaries in Mosul.
      > Iraqi Resistance fighters killed two foreign mercenary guards at a
      > power station near the northern Iraqi city of Mosul on Sunday,
      > according to US admissions.
      > The British Foreign Office admitted that one of the mercenaries was
      > British. The other was reportedly Canadian. Witnesses said that
      > there were two partially burned bodies, both dressed in blue uniforms
      > and bulletproof vests lying beside a flaming four-wheel drive
      > vehicle. One of the mercenaries had been shot in the head, they
      > said.
      > US aggressors and Iraqi puppet police sealed off the scene of the
      > Resistance attack, preventing journalists from observing it for
      > themselves.
      > The two mercenaries were assigned to protect foreign engineers
      > working for the General Electric Company, a spokesman for the US
      > occupation said on condition of anonymity. He confirmed one was a
      > Briton, and that the nationality of the second was unclear. Earlier,
      > an Iraqi puppet official working at the power station in East Mosul
      > said the slain mercenaries were protecting foreign experts working at
      > the station. Speaking on condition of anonymity, the puppet official
      > said a second car carrying experts escaped the attack.
      > An Iraqi technician working at an electrical station in east Mosul
      > said that the two were on their way to the station in two cars when
      > Resistance forces opened fire on them with Kalashnikov assault
      > rifles, striking one of the vehicles.
      > The General Electric Company is one of the war profiteers receiving
      > massive largess from the US occupation of Iraq in the form of
      > contracts to Americanize the Arab country's power system.
      > Meanwhile an officer in the local puppet police survived a powerful
      > Resistance bomb attack upon him near his home in the al-Bayya`
      > district of Baghdad on Sunday morning. There were no injuries or
      > deaths in the bombing according to Agence France Presse (AFP).
      > Husayn `Abd al-Wahid Jadw survived the blast because he was sleeping
      > on the second floor of his home at 6:00am. The explosion left a
      > crater one meter deep and three meters in diameter in front of his
      > house. Jadw commands 400 puppet policemen in as-Sadr neighborhood in
      > the occupied Iraqi capital.
      > Iraqi Resistance fighters gunned down an officer in the puppet police
      > in Kirkuk on Sunday, according to Major General Turhan Yusuf, the
      > commander of the puppet police in the city.
      > Resistance attack on puppet police station wounds four US invader
      > troops.
      > Four US occupation soldiers were wounded in a rocket attack that
      > targeted an Iraqi puppet police station in Baghdad. Al-Jazeera's
      > correspondent reported that the injuries of two of the US troops were
      > severe.
      > The attack struck the puppet police station at al-Karmah, in western
      > Baghdad Sunday evening. Witnesses reported that the American troops
      > were on patrol near the police station when the station came under
      > attack. The attack also severely damaged the US armored vehicle.
      > Three US occupation troops wounded in Resistance bombing in Samarra'.
      > Three US aggressor troops were wounded on Sunday when a homemade bomb
      > planted by the Iraqi Resistance exploded as their convoy was passing
      > in Samarra', north of Baghdad.
      > Resistance fires two Katyusha rockets at US base in Kirkuk.
      > Iraqi Resistance fighters fired two Katyusha rockets at the main US
      > military occupation base in Kirkuk at the airport in that city.
      > Eyewitnesses told WAS that rockets were fired from east of the city.
      > Warning sirens wailed in the US base and US troops in the base fired
      > randomly in a panicked response to the Resistance attack.
      > Information on losses and damage was not immediately released by the
      > US aggressors.
      > "Minister" in Iraqi puppet government survives Resistance
      > assassination attempt.
      > Iraqi Resistance fighters attacked a puppet government convoy on
      > Sunday in Mosul, killing a driver, a bodyguard and two others but
      > failing to assassinate the apparent target of the attack, Nisrin
      > Barwari. She was returning in the convoy from a meeting in the city
      > of Duhuk, according to a spokesman for the occupation. Iraqi puppet
      > police said that attack came at 11am local time in al-Karamah
      > neighborhood in Mosul. Barwari is one of five Kurdish
      > chauvinist "ministers" in the US appointed puppet "government."
      > Resistance bomb targets puppet police car park in Kirkuk.
      > An Iraqi Resistance explosive device detonated in the northern city
      > of Kirkuk on Sunday at an intersection where puppet police cares
      > regularly are parked. The US Associated Press, quoting a puppet
      > police Captain by the name of Dashti `Aziz, claimed that
      > three "civilians" were hurt in the blast. Resistance fighters opened
      > fire from a passing car after the bombing, the puppet police
      > spokesman alleged, claiming that the fighters were later captured.
      > Resistance bomb in Ba`qubah.
      > Iraqi Resistance fighters detonated a bomb in Ba`qubah on Sunday.
      > Reports in the US controlled media claimed that five bystanders were
      > injured, including two children in the blast, which might have been
      > targeted at a puppet policeman who lives nearby or at a carpenter who
      > has received death threats from the Resistance for his collaboration
      > with the US invaders.
      > Sources:
      > http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?
      > tmpl=story&u=/ap/20040328/ap_on_re_mi_ea/iraq&cid=540&ncid=716
      > http://www.islammemo.cc/news/one_news13.asp?IDNews=28302
      > http://www.islammemo.cc/news/one_news13.asp?IDNews=28341
      > http://www.islammemo.cc/news/one_news13.asp?IDNews=28338
      > http://www.islammemo.cc/news/one_news13.asp?IDnews=28329
      > Monday, 29 March 2004.
      > US invader killed in Resistance bombing in al-Fallujah.
      > One US occupation soldier was killed on Monday when an Iraqi
      > Resistance bomb exploded as an American convoy was passing through an
      > area 18km from al-Fallujah, according to an admission by a US
      > spokesman. American invader troops Monday morning had closed off the
      > city, using tanks and armored vehicles to block all exits and
      > entrances to al-Fallujah. US invader troops deployed as shopkeepers
      > closed up their places of business, anticipating armed confrontations
      > between the American aggressors and the Iraqi Resistance.
      > Fighting erupts between Resistance and US invaders near al-Fallujah.
      > Al-Jazeera TV's correspondent in Iraq reported that an intense
      > gunbattle erupted on Monday evening between Iraqi Resistance fighters
      > and US invaders in the as-Saqlawiyah district near al-Fallujah.
      > Automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades were being used in
      > the battle, according to al-Jazeera's reporter.
      > Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of last week witnessed pitched battles
      > in al-Fallujah between US aggressor forces and the Resistance.
      > Iraqi Resistance bomb targets Baghdad overpass.
      > An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded in Baghdad at 12:45 midday on
      > Monday, according to al-Jazeera TV. Sources in the Iraqi puppet
      > police told al-Jazeera that the explosive device went off under an
      > overpass on Palestine Street in the east of the city. No casualties
      > were reported. The puppet police force claims to have found a
      > second, unexploded bomb as well and they called in their superiors,
      > the US occupation forces, to disarm it. US military occupation
      > forces cordoned off the area, preventing journalists from
      > approaching.
      > Iraqi Resistance bomb wounds four puppet policemen.
      > Four members of the puppet so-called civil defense force were wounded
      > on Monday morning in al-Ghalibiyah district west of Ba`qubah when an
      > Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded under their patrol.
      > Samarra' struck by nighttime mortar barrage, explosions.
      > A series of Iraqi Resistance mortar attacks and explosions shook
      > areas of Samarra' during Sunday-Monday night but further information
      > was not immediately forthcoming.
      > Resistance attacks US convoy in Mosul.
      > Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a US invader convoy in Mosul late on
      > Sunday wounding two US occupation troops according to admissions by
      > the American forces. According to the Americans, a fire fight ensued
      > and the invader forces were able to kill four of the Iraqi Resistance
      > fighters during the night.
      > British face Shi`ite activist protests in al-Basrah.
      > Four British troops and five Iraqis were injured in al-Basrah when
      > they clashed with Shi`ite protesters denouncing the invader closure
      > of the headquarters of a Shi`ite organization called Tha'r Allah al-
      > Islamiyah ash-Shi`iyah (The Shi`ite Islamic organization of the
      > Vengeance of God).
      > Sources:
      > http://www.islammemo.cc/news/one_news13.asp?IDNews=28370
      > http://www.islammemo.cc/news/one_news13.asp?IDNews=28366
      > http://www.aljazeera.net/news/arabic/2004/3/3-29-10.htm
      > http://www.islammemo.cc/news/one_news13.asp?IDNews=28384
      > http://www.islammemo.cc/news/one_news13.asp?IDNews=28397
      > http://www.aljazeera.net/news/arabic/2004/3/3-29-17.htm
      > Tuesday, 30 March 2004.
      > US invader soldier killed, one other wounded.
      > A US occupation soldier was killed and one other wounded in an Iraqi
      > Resistance attack west of Baghdad on Tuesday. Al-Jazeera TV reported
      > an official spokesman of the US occupation saying that the men were
      > felled by a Resistance grenade attack upon their patrol. The US
      > spokesman did not specify the location of the attack beyond saying
      > that it was "west of Baghdad." The area, however, was presumably al-
      > Fallujah.
      > Fighting resumes in al-Fallujah.
      > Iraqi Resistance forces resumed combat with US invader troops in the
      > al-Jawlan area near al-Fallujah late at night on Monday and into the
      > early hours of Tuesday. US aggressor forces were employing
      > helicopter gunships against the Resistance fighters who, for their
      > part, were firing mortars and rocket-propelled grenades.
      > US aggressor forces, afraid to enter al-Fallujah, have surrounded the
      > city and imposed a blockade upon it, only allowing people in or out
      > through their checkpoints.
      > American invaders wounded in Resistance bombing near Hit.
      > An Iraqi Resistance roadside bomb exploded under an American
      > occupation convoy on the highway west of the city of Hit on Tuesday,
      > wounding a number of US invader troops and damaging a Humvee. A US
      > helicopter quickly arrived on the scene of the Resistance attack to
      > ferry away the wounded.
      > Resistance attacks around noon, wounds US aggressors in ar-Ramadi.
      > Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a US aggressor patrol with rocket-
      > propelled grenades in al-Ma`rad district in the center of the town of
      > ar-Ramadi around noon on Tuesday, wounding several US troops and
      > setting a Humvee on fire. Al-Jazeera TV reported the attack.
      > Three US occupation soldiers wounded in ambush east of al-Fallujah.
      > Iraqi Resistance fighters ambushed a US aggressor patrol on a road
      > along a branch of the Tigris River east of al-Fallujah on Tuesday,
      > firing rocket-propelled grenades and then opening fire with automatic
      > weapons. Three US occupation soldiers were wounded and two Humvees
      > destroyed in the Resistance assault. US aggressor reinforcements
      > arrived later and cordoned off the scene of the attack.
      > Resistance bombing near Abu Ghurayb.
      > An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded as a US military convoy passed
      > along a road on its way from Baghdad to Abu Ghurayb, site of a major
      > US base and concentration camp. Eye witnesses told al-Jazeera TV
      > that there were numerous American casualties.
      > US headquarters in Baghdad rocked by Resistance explosion.
      > A powerful explosion shook the west bank of the Tigris River in
      > Baghdad near the US occupation headquarters in what they have called
      > the "Green Zone" � the area of the Republican Palace. US aggressor
      > spokesmen provided no immediate explanation for the blast, but
      > patrols by the Iraqi puppet police and puppet so-called civil defense
      > forces, which serve the US occupation, prevented journalists from
      > approaching the scene of the explosion. The report carried by the
      > Bahraini News Agency "Bana" initially provided no further details.
      > Resistance rocket barrage hits Baghdad.
      > The Iraqi Resistance fired a barrage of rockets Tuesday morning
      > striking the al-Qari`at district of northern Baghdad inflicting heavy
      > damage on buildings in the area. Iraqi puppet police claimed,
      > however, that no casualties resulted from the rocket attack.
      > Puppet police chief in al-Hillah survives Resistance assassination
      > attempt.
      > An Iraqi Resistance fighter detonated an explosives-laden car outside
      > the house of the chief of the puppet police of Babil Province in the
      > city of al-Hillah, 60 miles south of Baghdad, on Tuesday. The driver
      > of the car was martyed in the blast. Seven other people were wounded
      > according to an announcement made by Iraqi puppet officials. Iraqi
      > puppet security forces said that the blast came just one week after
      > another puppet police official was assassinated by Resistance forces
      > in the same city along with nine other trainee puppet policemen.
      > Witnesses said that Iraqi puppet police Major `Ali Jawad, the
      > commander of the puppet police stationed outside the home of Major
      > General Qays Hamza, chief of al-Hillah police, opened fire on the
      > Iraqi Resistance car when he saw it speeding towards the house of his
      > boss, but the Major failed to detonate the car before it struck the
      > wall around the house. Four of those wounded in the martyrdom
      > operation were listed as being bodyguards of the puppet police chief
      > who survived the attack, as did his family, all of them being dug out
      > from the rubble of the house, which was totally destroyed.
      > The Iraqi Resistance has warned that all those who offer support to
      > the occupation, including those serving in the puppet police forces
      > and puppet security forces appointed by the occupation, are targets
      > of Resistance operations.
      > Iraqi Resistance sources: US lost more than 20 dead in al-Fallujah on
      > 25-26 March.
      > Iraqi Sources close to the Resistance in al-Fallujah report that the
      > toll of dead US aggressors killed in the fighting in and around that
      > town from last Thursday and Friday, 25 and 26 March 2004 exceeded 20
      > dead. The sources told QudsPress on Monday that during the battles
      > of al-Fallujah, the Resistance was able to destroy eight US tanks and
      > six Humvees.
      > The Iraqi sources said that the latest attacks on the US aggressors
      > employed a new and technique that resulted in the death of a large
      > number of deaths in the ranks of the occupation army. The Resistance
      > called in sharpshooters who were able to hunt the Americans in a
      > manner that baffled the US invader troops. In addition, the
      > Resistance made use of various types of weapons in the combat.
      > According to QudsPress quoting a local Iraqi newspaper, the US
      > aggressors intentionally killed an Iraqi cameraman working for an
      > American TV company during the fighting because he managed to film
      > the eight destroyed American tanks. According to the report, the US
      > troops demanded his camera and the video he shot. When he refused
      > and attempted to leave the scene of the engagement, the US troops
      > shot him and destroyed his camera. They then ruined the film and
      > cameras of several other correspondents who were present during the
      > combat.
      > QudsPress reports that the Resistance Brigades in al-Fallujah have
      > distributed a communiqu� taking credit for the operations carried out
      > there. These armed detachments include the Brigades of the Martyr
      > Ahmad Yasin, the Brigades of `Ali ibn Abi Talib the Lion of God and
      > Conqueror, and the Brigades of the 1920 Revolution.
      > Leaflets distributed by the fighting Resistance detachments
      > threatened the members of the puppet so-called interim governing
      > council of Iraq not to interfere in the affairs of al-Fallujah. They
      > declare that any member of the council who visits the city to try to
      > break up the resistance to the occupation will be killed.
      > The Resistance communiqu� stated: "We now regard al-Fallujah as a
      > liberated city and we warn the occupation forces against entering it
      > a second time." US aggressor forces now lay siege to the city having
      > encircled it on the outside and not permitting anyone at all to enter
      > or leave after 4:00pm local time.
      > Sources:
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      > http://www.islammemo.cc/news/one_news13.asp?IDnews=28397
      > http://www.aljazeera.net/news/arabic/2004/3/3-30-16.htm
      > Wednesday, 31 March 2004.
      > Resistance attacks invader convoy, four agents killed, dismembered
      > corpses displayed.
      > Iraqi Resistance fighters attacked a convoy of SUVs in the city of
      > al-
      > Fallujah, west of Baghdad on Wednesday, with automatic weapons and
      > rocket-propelled grenades, blowing up two of the vehicles. The US
      > invader spokesmen said that four foreign contractors serving the
      > occupation, were killed in the Resistance attack. The actual
      > identity of the four was unclear and they appeared to have been
      > carrying US military identity papers.
      > Witnesses said that Resistance fighters stopped the two SUVs in the
      > center of al-Fallujah and opened automatic weapons and RPG fire on
      > them killing all the occupants and causing the vehicles to burst into
      > flame. Witnesses said that the Resistance fighters dragged the
      > corpses of the invaders from the burning vehicles and flashed the "V"
      > for Victory sign. The Resistance fighters then withdrew from the
      > scene. Previously, the Resistance had declared al-Fallujah a
      > liberated city and warned aggressors against entering it. Residents
      > then vented their rage upon the corpses.
      > Witnesses said that the SUVs were the type of vehicle used by
      > officials of the occupation regime in Iraq.
      > The masses dragged their bodies through the streets of the liberated
      > city and hanged them from a bridge over the Euphrates River as a
      > warning to the invaders that al-Fallujah belongs to Iraqis and not to
      > invaders.
      > The US Associated Press Television News (ATPN) pictures showed one
      > man beating a charred corpse with a metal pole. Others tied a yellow
      > rope to a body, hooked it to a car and dragged it down the main
      > street of town. Two blackened and mangled corpses were hung from a
      > green iron bridge across the Euphrates.
      > Residents chanted "al-Fallujah is the graveyard of Americans!" and
      > cheered the victory over the invaders. "The people of al-Fallujah
      > hanged some of the bodies on the old bridge like slaughtered sheep,"
      > resident `Abd al-`Aziz Muhammad said. Some of the corpses were
      > dismembered, he said.
      > Underneath the bodies, a man held a printed sign with a skull and
      > crossbones and the phrase "al-Fallujah will be a cemetery for the
      > Americans." APTN showed the charred remains of three slain men. Some
      > were wearing flak jackets, said resident Safa' Muhammadi.
      > One resident displayed dog tags (military identification tags) taken
      > from one body. Residents also said there were weapons in the targeted
      > cars. APTN showed one American passport near a body and a US
      > Department of Defense identification card belonging to another man.
      > US military officials in Washington said the situation was still
      > confused but they did not think the victims were American soldiers
      > and believed the SUVs were not American military vehicles. Al-
      > Jazeera's correspondent in Baghdad reported, however, that it was a
      > known fact that there were no foreigners other than the US military
      > in the whole of al-Anbar Province, an area where the Resistance has
      > been particularly intense.
      > Hours after the attack, the city was quiet. No US troops or Iraqi
      > police were seen in the area, the US Associated Press reported.
      > Puppet police try to win over Iraqi Resistance in al-Fallujah.
      > The puppet so-called Iraqi civil defense forces who work for the US
      > occupation called on the population of al-Fallujah to cooperate with
      > them in returning calm to the city. It was in al-Fallujah that four
      > Americans working for the occupation were killed on Wednesday.
      > Agence France Presse (AFP) reported that the so-called civil defense
      > forces circulated an appeal to the residents of al-Fallujah on
      > Wednesday which told them that they "had negotiated an agreement with
      > the occupation forces whereby the latter would lift the siege that
      > they had imposed on the city and withdraw, and we hope that you will
      > cooperate in protecting al-Fallujah and making it a secure place."
      > Since Thursday units of the US Marine invaders have sealed off the
      > eastern entrance to the city at the crossroads linking the al-
      > Fallujah to Baghdad and the Syrian and Jordanian frontiers. Marine
      > incursions into al-Fallujah led to bloody street battles in which the
      > Resistance killed several Marines as both Resistance fighters and
      > civilian residents fell as martyrs.
      > Shock reigns in US media over Iraqi patriots' Rage.
      > The US media could not conceal their shock at the rage expressed by
      > Iraqi patriots in al-Fallujah in killing four US aggressor agents and
      > then making a display of their battered bodies. It was perhaps the
      > most obvious and graphic message that could be sent to the American
      > public which is constantly fed stories about how the US invaders
      > are "helping" the Iraqi people.
      > Resistance roadside bomb kills five US aggressor troops, destroys
      > APC.
      > Five US invader soldiers were killed when a powerful Iraqi Resistance
      > bomb exploded 12 miles northwest of al-Fallujah under an M-113
      > armored personnel carrier that was taking part in a patrol.
      > Residents said that the bombing occurred in the rural area around the
      > village of al-Malhamah [an Arabic word which ironically means "fierce
      > battle," "slaughter" tr.]
      > Battle in al-Karmah between ar-Ramadi and al-Fallujah.
      > Al-Jazeera's correspondent in Baghdad reported on the authority of
      > eyewitnesses that a battle erupted between the Iraqi Resistance and
      > the US aggressors in the area of al-Karmah between ar-Ramadi and al-
      > Fallujah that lasted for more than an hour during with explosions
      > could be heard.
      > US occupation troops wounded in Resistance bombing on road to Abu
      > Ghurayb.
      > An bomb planted by the Iraqi Resistance exploded as a US convoy was
      > passing by on a road leading from Baghdad to Abu Ghurayb, a western
      > suburb of the occupied Iraqi capital where a major US base and
      > concentration camp is located. Al-Jazeera quoted eyewitnesses as
      > saying that a number of American invader troops were injured in the
      > blast.
      > Roadside Resistance bombing kills one, wounds another US aggressor.
      > On Wednesday, US Brigadier General Mark Kimmit admitted that one US
      > aggressor soldier had been killed and another wounded the day before
      > in an Iraqi Resistance roadside bombing in ar-Ramadi.
      > Iraqi Resistance martyrdom attack on puppet government convoy.
      > An Iraqi Resistance martyrdom fighter drove an explosives-laden car
      > up to a convoy of puppet government vehicles in Ba`qubah, northeast
      > of Baghdad, on Wednesday and detonated it, wounding 14 Iraqi
      > collaborators and falling a martyr. Normally the convoy transports
      > the Diyala provincial puppet governor `Abdallah al-Jabburi, but he
      > was not there at the time of the attack according to puppet police
      > Colonel `Ali Husayn.
      > Resistance grenade attack on puppet government building in ar-Ramadi.
      > Resistance forces threw a grenade at a puppet government building in
      > ar-Ramadi and Iraqi puppet security forces returned fire Wednesday,
      > witnesses said. It was not clear if there were casualties.
      > Sources:
      > http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?
      > tmpl=story&cid=514&e=1&u=/ap/20040331/ap_on_re_mi_ea/iraq_8
      > http://www.aljazeera.net/news/arabic/2004/3/3-31-9.htm
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      > http://www.islammemo.cc/news/one_news13.asp?IDNews=28514
      > http://www.aljazeera.net/news/arabic/2004/3/3-31-16.htm
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