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Report: 2 million Iranians in Iraq

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    ================= Begin forwarded message ================= Dear Kevin, Below is an article I just translated for the Resistance Report. I sent it to the Arab
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 17, 2004
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      Dear Kevin,

      Below is an article I just translated for the
      Resistance Report. I sent it to the Arab Nationalist,
      but it's night over there so it might take time to go
      up. Not that this is urgent, but now's a better time
      to read than early in the morning for us.

      On the Bishop, by the way, I suppose he should have
      been aware of what happened, but I almost hit a drunk
      once too. It was night and he was at a street corner
      swaying into the street. As it happened there was a
      red light so I wasn't moving and could watch him, and
      in fact almost missed the green light because he was
      in, out, in, and, out, of the intersection. If he had
      wandered into the street in the middle of the block,
      especially in a high-speed area anyone could have hit
      him. But then it is correct that you're not supposed
      to just drive off.




      Special Report: Persian is displacing Arabic as 2
      million Iranians jam southern Iraq under cover of
      religious activity.

      Source: al-�Arab al-Yawm daily newspaper, Amman,

      Wednesday, 18 February 2004.

      Translated by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial
      board of the Free Arab Voice.

      The Baghdad correspondent for the Jordanian daily
      al-�Arab al-Yawm, Ahmad Sabri, reports that Arab
      public opinion is following with great concern the
      rapidly growing Iranian presence in Iraq. Iranians are
      present in Iraq on the grounds that they are making
      pilgrimage to Shi�i holy sites such as an-Najaf and
      Karbala� but religion is frequently a pretext for the
      smuggling of drugs into Iraqi territory and the
      smuggling of Iraqi resources, antiquities,
      manuscripts, and even foodstuffs into Iran.

      Sabri writes that observers of the situation in
      Karbala�, an-Najaf, al-Kazimiyah, and Samarra�, as
      well as Iraqi cities near the Iranian frontier are
      reporting that Iranian government agencies are working
      systematically and now have a widely established
      presence in the centers of these cities where they
      exploit the absence of local security and order.

      According to Iraqi newspaper reports, tens of
      thousands of Iranians cross the border into Iraq every
      day, ostensibly to visit Shi�i holy sites. But those
      who closely follow this development regard this highly
      significant scale of Iranian influx � said to total 2
      million Iranians in all � as being of potentially
      serious danger to the security and welfare of Iraq as
      a result of the chaotic and unsupervised situation
      that prevails at the border crossings between the two

      The Shi�i holy cities of Karbala�, an-Najaf, and
      al-Kazimiyah have taken on the appearance of Iranian
      cities, Sabri writes, making it difficult even to find
      Arabic speakers there. The Iraqi press published a
      feature story on the Iranian presence in Iraq that
      reported that the Iranian flag now flies in the
      courtyard separating the tomb of the Shi�i Imam
      al-Husayn and that of his brother al-�Abbas in
      Karbala�. Nor is the matter limited to such symbolic
      manifestations. The Iranian secret police have become
      highly active in Iraqi cities, recruiting Iraqis by
      enticement or threat, and distributing pamphlets and
      books that promote Iran�s political experience,
      according to the police chief in al-Basrah, who
      reported that his policemen had monitored this Iranian
      activity and arrested a number of agents.

      Eye witnesses from Karbala� and an-Najaf report that
      the cities are being swept by a wave of unprecedented
      inflation in the price of land and rental rates for
      apartments and shops. Prices for food are also on the
      rise because of the huge influx of Iranians into the
      two cities where they buy and smuggle locally
      available goods.

      The Iraqi press reports that the Iranian secret
      services are pouring millions of dollars into Iraq and
      stockpiling large quantities of weapons in
      specifically designated secret locations in the
      southern part of the country. The Baghdad papers warn
      of the danger that hundreds of explosive devices can
      be imported long-distance from Iran and that they are
      in fact already in the possession of arms merchants,
      criminal gangs, and thieves.

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