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Iraqi Resistance Report: 12-14 February 2004.

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    ================= Begin forwarded message ================= Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Thursday, 12 February 2004, through Saturday, 14 February
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      Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Thursday, 12
      February 2004, through Saturday, 14 February 2004.
      Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr,
      member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice. http://

      Thursday, 12 February 2004.

      Bold Resistance Attack in al-Fallujah sends US Central
      Command Chief Abizaid fleeing for his life, as US
      troops kill two Iraqi civilans.

      Iraqi Resistance forces carried out a bold attempt on
      the life of the chief of the US imperialist Central
      Command, General John Abizaid, on Thursday in the city
      of al-Fallujah, west of occupied Baghdad. Abizaid is
      in charge of all US aggressor forces, plans and
      operations throughout the entire Arab region. Arab
      satellite TV stations and the Agence France Presse
      reported that Abizaid survived the daring Resistance

      No Americans were reportedly hurt, but a local police
      official said two Iraqis were killed by the Americans
      in the shooting that followed the Resistance assault.
      Eyewitnesses said the Iraqis died as US invader troops
      indiscriminately sprayed the area with gunfire after
      the attack on the US commander. It is standard
      practice for US troops to respond to an attack by
      firing randomly in every direction, frequently leaving
      dead and injured Iraqis as a result.

      Later the US occupation forces announced that Abizaid,
      the general in command of the US aggressor troops, had
      survived a rocket attack. Brigadier General Mark
      Kimmit told a press conference that at 1:30pm local
      time in al-Fallujah General Abizaid and General
      Charles Swannack (commander of the 82nd Airborne
      division) were visiting a local group of Iraqi puppet
      so-called civil defense forces when three rockets were
      fired on their convoy from the rooftop of nearby

      The American Associated Press news agency wrote that
      just moments after a convoy carrying Abizaid and his
      party pulled inside the cinderblock walls at the
      headquarters of the Iraqi puppet civil defense forces
      in this city west of Baghdad, an explosion rang out.
      Seconds later, two more explosions were heard near the
      rear of the compound, and US aggressor soldiers
      responded with a barrage of rifle and machine gun

      Several Resistance fighters had launched three
      rocket-propelled grenades. The US invaders claimed
      that another Resistance fighter pelted the party of
      occupation troops with small arms fire from a nearby
      mosque. US aggressor troops be opened fire with great
      intensity in response to the attack. The gun battle
      lasted about six minutes.

      American occupation forces sealed off the roads
      leading to the scene of the bold Resistance operation
      as US helicopter gunships lurked over the area.

      The correspondent for al-Jazeera TV in Iraq reported
      that after the headquarters of the American-recruited
      so-called civil defense forces was struck by three
      missiles, US occupation forces and their stooge police
      force exchanged fire with the Resistance fighters for
      about six minutes. After Abizaid left in a convoy of
      Humvee utility vehicles, soldiers of the US 82nd
      Airborne's 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment asked
      members of the Iraqi puppet security force to clear
      the mosque. But they refused.

      Al-Jazeera reported that the occupation forces
      attacked the mosque near the scene of the Resistance
      operation, believing that the Resistance fighters were
      taking refuge there, but the aggressors found nothing
      in the mosque after they stormed into the sacred
      precincts of the house of worship.

      Stunned by the bold attack, Abizaid and Swannack
      canceled plans to walk into the city and instead
      scurried back to the relative safety of a US military
      occupation base near by. Later Abizaid flew away to
      Qatar where the American empire maintains a sprawling
      headquarters for its aggressive operations throughout
      the entire eastern Arab region.

      A defense official in Washington, speaking on
      condition of anonymity, said it was likely that the
      Iraqi Resistance had received inside information,
      tipping them off about the presence of the senior

      After the attack news spread that two Iraqis had been
      killed by the US troops� rampant gunfire. Iraqi
      puppet police said the car in which the slain Iraqis
      were riding was riddled with bullet holes, apparently
      from a heavy-caliber machine gun. �We heard from a
      citizen that someone was killed in a car,� al-Fallujah
      police Lieutenant �Umar �Ali said. �We sent our
      patrols to the site of the incident. When we arrived
      there, we saw American forces. They took the two dead,
      put them in a vehicle and left.� One al-Fallujah man,
      who would not give his name, said the Americans fired
      indiscriminately. �This is a crime that Americans are
      doing such things to the people,� he told Associated
      Press Television News. �They attack them. This is
      because they are scared. They just attack

      On Saturday 14 February the al-Hayat L. B. C.
      television station broadcast parts of a video in which
      a man with his face covered took credit for the attack
      on Abizaid in the name of an organization known as
      al-Mutawakkilun. The speaker on the video said that
      intelligence information had told them that Abizaid
      would arrive earlier than scheduled on Thursday during
      his visit to al-Fallujah. The spokesman on the video
      used a hand-drawn map to explain how that attack was
      carried out from three directions and said that
      rockets and machine guns were used and that Abizaid
      changed course as a result of the attack. The
      spokesman said that Abizaid, whom he described as one
      of the biggest infidel figures in America and the
      Nimrud of the age, threw himself into a ruined
      building and that God did not ordain for him to die on
      that day. The speaker said �we congratulate President
      Bush on the survival of his brave son Abizaid who
      screamed like a child while he was in the ruined
      building.� He said that that piece of information had
      been reported by one of the men who is a thoroughly
      reliable source. Al-Hayat TV commented that Arab
      fighters are among the members of al-Mutawakkilun, an
      organization which is supposedly led by a man from

      Resistance bomb in Abu Ghurayb kills one, wounds two
      US troops.

      One US occupation soldier was killed and two others
      wounded when an Iraqi Resistance bomb detonated under
      an American patrol in Abu Ghurayb, west of Baghdad on
      Thursday night according to a report on al-Jazeera TV
      on Friday. A US occupation spokesman said that the
      soldiers belonged to the 16th Brigade of the US
      military police.

      Two American troops dead, one wounded in Resistance
      attack west of Baghdad.

      An Iraqi Resistance explosive device detonated as US
      occupation forces were passing through an area west of
      Baghdad at 9:30 Wednesday night. Two US occupation
      soldiers of the 1st Armored Division were killed and
      one other wounded. The US military spokeswoman who
      reported the attack said that the attack was still
      being investigated.

      Iraqi Resistance fires eight rockets at US occupation

      Iraqi Resistance forces fired eight rockets at a US
      base in Baghdad on Thursday destroying three military
      vehicles and leaving three American invaders wounded,
      according to General Mark Kimmit the US military
      occupation deputy operations chief in the Iraqi

      Two Iraqi puppet policemen killed in ar-Ramadi.

      Iraqi Resistance fighters fired machine guns at an
      Iraqi puppet police check point on Wednesday-Thursday
      night at the western approach to the city of
      ar-Ramadi. Two Iraqi police and one person listed as a
      civilian were reported killed in the engagement.

      Explosion wounds four Americans in ar-Ramadi.

      A Resistance bomb near the building of the provincial
      offices in ar-Ramadi set fire to an American
      �civilian� car and wounded four passengers in the

      Iraqi Resistance greets Japanese invaders with mortar

      In as-Samawah, southern Iraq, the Resistance fired a
      mortar shell at base housing Japanese occupation
      forces in the city on Thursday morning. It was the
      first Resistance attack on Japanese aggressor forces
      since their arrival in Iraq in service to the US
      occupation. The attack left no reported casualties
      but inflicted what was described as �light damage� to
      adjacent buildings.

      A spokesman for the Japanese aggressors said that the
      mortar was fired from a street near the main
      intersection in the center of as-Samawah.

      Land mine explodes in as-Sulaymaniyah.

      On Wednesday night a land mine reportedly exploded in
      the center of the northern Iraqi city of
      as-Sulaymaniyah. There were no casualties reported by
      the local puppet security directorate.

      The collaborationist security forces then managed to
      defuse two other land mines planted in the center of
      the occupied city.

      US occupation troops kill Iraqi at Kirkuk checkpoint.

      According to a report on al-Jazeera TV, an Iraqi
      puppet police official in the northern city of Kirkuk
      reported that US occupation forces shot and killed an
      Iraqi citizen late on Thursday night as he passed a
      checkpoint in the city but failed to stop.

      The regional puppet police commander in Kirkuk, Rahim
      Awi, said on Friday that Alan Azad Khurshid was
      driving his BMW car towards his shop adjacent to the
      Kirkuk Palace Hotel. He passed the barbed wire
      barricade set up by the US occupation forces but
      failed to stop. The US invaders had taken up ambush
      positions on the roof of the building belonging to
      al-Faw General Contracting Company near the hotel.
      The troops opened fire on Khurshid�s car and killed
      him instantly and seriously wounded Muhammad �Abdallah
      al-Kurdi, who was a passenger in Khurshid�s car.

      Liquor stores bombed in Baghdad.

      Bombs exploded in three liquor stores in central
      Baghdad on Wednesday morning causing considerable
      material damage to the establishments. An eye witness
      reported that the three stores, which are located near
      one another in the proximity of the University of
      Technology on as-Sina�ah Street in Baghdad, were
      bombed at 5:00am. The Kuwaiti newspaper al-Watan,
      which carried the story, reported the witness as
      saying that the blasts severely damaged the liquor
      stores and also shops in adjacent buildings.

      A number of liquor stores in Baghdad and the provinces
      have been the target of armed attacks since the
      occupation of the country by the US.

      US forces arrest 17 puppet policemen for passing
      information to the Resistance.

      In Kirkuk the commander of the city�s force of
      US-recruited stooge police, Major General Turhan
      Yusuf, announced that US occupation forces had
      arrested 17 of the policemen. They were taken into US
      custody on the charge of passing information about the
      movements of the American forces in the region to the
      Iraqi Resistance. Three of those arrested are
      officers in the US-recruited force.

      The arrests came in the wake of an Iraqi Resistance
      strike on an American occupation patrol in
      al-Huwayjah, 35km west of Kirkuk, on Wednesday that
      left three US aggressors wounded. Yusuf said that the
      arrested men were based in the police station in the
      town of ar-Riyad, which he described as �a hot region
      that regularly witnesses attacks on the American
      forces and bombs planted

      Reports of an explosion in Baghdad.

      Five persons were seriously injured on Thursday in an
      explosion in a repair shop for fuel-powered heaters in
      Baghdad, according to a report by Arab satellite
      television stations and the Agence France Presse
      (AFP). The blast occurred in al-Washash area in
      western Baghdad.

      Sources: al-�Arab al-Yawm daily newspaper, Amman,
      Jordan, Friday, 13 February 2004.
      Al-�Arab al-Yawm daily newspaper, Amman, Jordan,
      Saturday, 14 February 2004.

      Friday, 13 February 2004.

      British occupation soldier killed.

      The British Ministry of Defence announced Friday that
      a British invader was killed in what it called a
      �traffic accident� at a base in the south of occupied
      Iraq. The soldier, a 29-year old auto mechanic, was
      reportedly killed at a supply based in ash-Shaybah, an
      airstrip on the outskirts of the city of al-Basrah. A
      British spokesman said the death was not the result of
      hostile action but was only an accident on the base.

      Iraqi Resistance wages machine gun battle with US
      troops in Kirkuk.

      US occupation forces claimed on Friday that they had
      killed an Iraqi Resistance fighter and wounded one
      other at a checkpoint in the city of Kirkuk.

      The Agence France Presse (AFP) reported that the US
      occupation announced that �troops of its 4th Infantry
      Division were at a checkpoint in Kirkuk when the
      drivers of two cars tried to avoid the inspection
      point and drove at high speed towards the roadblock.�
      The US spokesman said �one of the two cars stopped and
      those inside began firing machine guns at the soldiers
      who returned fire, killing an Iraqi and wounding

      The official US spokesman did not provide any further
      details as to what happened to the second car,
      claiming only that none of the US personnel were

      Resistance fighters gun down puppet policeman in

      A propaganda officer in the Mosul puppet police, �Abd
      al-Azal Haffuzi, told the Agence France Presse (AFP)
      that an officer in the local police force that works
      for the US occupation was killed on Friday by the
      Iraqi Resistance as he stood in front of a commercial
      shop in the center of Mosul. Haffuzi said that a car
      carrying the Resistance fighters sped past the puppet
      policeman and fired three shots at him, striking him
      in the head and chest. The Resistance fighters

      Ahmad Rajab, a doctor of forensic medicine in Mosul
      General Hospital, said that the policeman was struck
      once in the head and twice in the chest and that he
      was dead before he was brought to the hospital.

      Puppet police shoot fellow policeman in Kirkuk.

      Puppet police Major General Turhan Yusuf, who commands
      the police forces working for the US occupation in the
      northern city of Kirkuk, announced that members of the
      puppet police shot and seriously wounded another
      member of the American-recruited forces on Friday
      morning as his car passed the provincial government
      office building. He said that the emergency police
      did not recognize their fellow puppet policeman Ahmad
      Hajim ad-Duri, who works in the city immigration
      directorate and so they shot him. Yusuf offered no
      further explanation for the shooting incident.

      US confidential report: Resistance attacks skyrocket
      200 percent.

      The British newspaper the Financial Times reported
      that a confidential report prepared by the US-led
      administration in Iraq says that the attacks by the
      Iraqi Resistance have escalated sharply. The
      Financial Times quotes the report as saying: �January
      has the highest rate of violence since September 2003.
      The violence continues despite the expansion of the
      Iraqi security services and increased arrests by
      coalition forces in December and January.�

      The British newspaper noted that the confidential
      report prepared by the US occupation authorities
      �diverges with public statements by US officials who
      claim that security in the country is improving.�

      The report said �high-intensity attacks involving
      mortars and explosives grew by 103 per cent from 316
      in December to 642 in January.�

      It noted that the number of what it called �non-life
      threatening attacks� � a category that includes
      �drive-by shootings and rock-throwing,� soared by 186
      per cent. Up from 182 attacks in December.

      (Most residents of countries at peace regard drive-by
      shootings as life-threatening incidents, but
      apparently the criteria applied by the US occupation
      are different.)

      The confidential report said that there are now an
      average of eight Resistance attacks every day just in
      Baghdad alone, twice as many as the figure of four a
      day in September. There are now a total of 11 attacks
      on coalition aircraft.

      The report said that there was a �danger of
      Balkanization� in the country as a result of communal
      and ethnic violence between Sunnis, Shi�ites; Arabs,
      and Kurds � a phenomenon encouraged by the US policy
      of divide and rule. But it noted that attacks on
      military targets, which had seen two months of
      decline, are now rising even faster than those on
      civilians, soaring in January by almost 200 percent.

      Sources: al-�Arab al-Yawm daily newspaper, Amman,
      Jordan, Saturday, 14 Februrary 2004.
      Saturday, 14 February 2004.

      Iraqi Resistance mounts daring raid on US
      concentration camp in al-Fallujah.
      87 Prisoners freed. Dozens of stooge security forces
      dead or wounded.

      Iraqi Resistance fighters shouting �Allahu akbar!�
      ("God is greatest!") launched a bold daylight assault
      Saturday on an Iraqi puppet police station and a
      concentration camp in al-Fallujah, west of Baghdad,
      meeting little resistance as they gunned down puppet
      policemen and freed prisoners in a battle that killed
      21 people, puppet police said. Most of the dead were
      puppet police. Of the 33 wounded, 25 were puppet
      policemen, said �Adil �Ali, the local hospital's
      deputy director. Daid Hamid of the puppet so-called
      civil defense forces claimed that no members of that
      force were killed or wounded.

      Later in the day Lieutenant General Ahmad Kazim
      Ibrahim of the Iraqi puppet interior ministry said
      that 17 Iraqi puppet policemen and �civilians� had
      been killed in the attack. He indicated that four
      Resistance fighters had been martyred in the attacks
      on what he designated as the al-Fallujah police
      station and the Municipal Government of al-Fallujah.

      Ibrahim told a press conference in al-Fallujah that 87
      prisoners had been able to escape the police station
      in the course of the Resistance attack.

      The same concentration camp compound was attacked two
      days earlier by Resistance fighters just as the top US
      commander in the Arab East, General John Abizaid, was
      visiting the site in al-Fallujah. Abizaid got out of
      that attack unharmed and fled the country hours later.

      A shop owner across the street from the prison camp
      said that he and his neighbors had been told by the
      Resistance not to open Saturday morning because an
      attack was imminent.

      About 25 attackers, some with their faces covered,
      surrounded the police station and stormed the
      building, going from room to room and throwing hand
      grenades, survivors said. The few puppet police
      present at the time had only small weapons.

      "I only had a pistol with me," said Kamil �Allawi, a
      police lieutenant. "Right away I fell on the ground
      and blood was gushing out of my left leg."

      At the same time, another group of attackers, shouting
      Allahu akbar! ("God is greatest") and "There is no god
      but Allah," opened fire with rocket-propelled grenades
      and heavy machine guns on the nearby, heavily
      protected compound of the puppet so-called Iraqi civil
      defense forces. Puppet security forces, firing from
      the concrete and sand barricades in front of the
      compound, battled the Resistance fighters for a
      half-hour in the streets.
      Police Lieutenant Colonel Jalal Sabri said 21 people
      were killed, almost all puppet policemen.

      Although Sabri said that two of the four dead
      Resistance fighters carried Lebanese passports, later
      in the day Lieutenant General Ahmad Kazim Ibrahim of
      the Iraqi puppet interior ministry �clarified� the
      matter by saying that one of the martyred Resistance
      fighters carried Iraqi citizenship papers indicating
      that he had been born in Beirut, Lebanon. The
      remaining Resistance fighters escaped after freeing 87

      An officer working with the US-recruited �defence
      force� Daid Hamid, claimed that the Resistance
      probably wanted to free three suspected Resistance
      fighters who were prisoners in the camp � two Kuwaitis
      and one Lebanese. They had been captured by the
      pro-US forces earlier in the week and transferred to
      the puppet police. Sabri claimed that there were no
      other Resistance fighters among the prisoners,
      insisting that they were all common criminals.

      Hamid called the attack �well organized,� saying some
      Resistance fighters pinned down the so-called defense
      forces while others stormed the puppet police
      concentration camp where they freed the prisoners.

      The American Associated Press commented that �the
      brazen raid - on the heels of the Abizaid attack -
      raised questions about the preparedness of some Iraqi
      police and defense units to take on security duties as
      the US administration wants.�

      At a press conference in al-Fallujah later in the day,
      Lieutenant General Ahmad Kazim Ibrahim of the Iraqi
      puppet interior ministry claimed that the puppet
      police had captured two of the Resistance fighters and
      killed four others who were driving a car without
      license plates.

      Two of the bodies taken to al-Fallujah General
      Hospital appeared to be martyred Resistance fighters.
      They were dressed in black T-shirts and baggy pants
      with hand grenades in the pockets, said Muhammad
      Ibrahim, a hospital administrator. One had belt of
      machine gun ammunition.

      Katyusha strike on US forces in al-Huwayjah.

      News reports quoted by Islammemo say that the Iraqi
      Resistance fired Katyusha rockets at about 10:00am
      local time on Saturday morning at the US occupation
      headquarters in the town of al-Huwayjah, 50km west of
      the city of Kirkuk in northern Iraq.

      According to the report carried in al-Bayan newspaper
      the extent of casualties and/or damage had not been
      reported. Shortly thereafter the aggressor forces
      reportedly discovered six other missiles ready to
      launch and aimed at the American base.

      Body of drowned US occupation soldier fished from

      On Saturday, a US occupation spokesman announced that
      the body of an American occupation soldier had been
      recovered from the waters of the Tigris River on
      Friday afternoon. The spokesman claimed that the
      soldier�s boat had sunk in the Tigris several days
      before when he was in the company of three Iraqis.
      Al-Jazeera TV reported that the Iraqi puppet police
      had fished the bodies of two Iraqi passengers of the
      sunken boat out of the water, while the third Iraqi, a
      puppet policeman, was able to swim to safety.

      On 11 February, US occupation forces also fished out
      of the water the bodies of two American officers whose
      helicopter had crashed into the Tigris on an earlier

      Anti-occupation demonstrations in Abu Ghurayb.

      Also on Saturday, demonstrations broke out in the
      Baghdad suburb of Abu Ghurayb, where hundreds of angry
      Iraqis demonstrated against US invaders� raids and
      searches of their homes. Carrying placards that read
      "Today Demonstrations, Tomorrow Explosions,"
      protesters gathered near a giant American-run
      concentration camp there and demanded the release of
      thousands of Iraqi prisoners.

      The protesters, many of them relatives and friends of
      prisoners in the camp also demanded the end of the US
      occupation of Iraq. They threatened to engage in
      Resistance attacks instead of peaceful demonstrations
      if the prisoners are not released.

      Puppet police shoot three Iraqis in as-Suwayrah.

      In as-Suwayrah, 30 miles southeast of Baghdad, Iraqi
      puppet police shot and wounded three armed men in a
      pickup truck on Friday, and after searching the truck
      discovered it was wired with a bomb, said the
      provincial US-employed police chief Brigadier General
      Hasan Khattan.

      US aggressors blow up houses near Syrian border.

      In al-Qa�im on the Syrian border eyewitnesses report
      that US occupation forces have destroyed three homes
      belonging to Iraqis on the pretext that someone had
      fired shots at them from the houses. Local people
      said that the US invaders cleared out the residents of
      the houses before blowing them up, and then bulldozing
      the rubble to the ground. Blowing up and bulldozing
      homes is a tactic regularly used by the Zionist
      occupation forces in Palestine.

      Al-Huwayjah police chief dismissed for contacts with
      Ba�th Party.

      In Kirkuk the commander of the puppet police force in
      the city announced that the Provincial puppet regime
      had dismissed the puppet police chief in the town of
      al-Huwayjah, Lieutenant Colonel �Abdallah al-Jabburi,
      and eight of his aides on the charge that they
      maintained connections with Ba�th Party cells in the

      The government of the Netherlands has given the green
      light to send a brigade of an additional 108 Dutch
      troops to occupied Iraq, raising the number of Dutch
      occupation forces to 1,260. The occupation troops
      from the Netherlands have been based mostly in
      southern Iraq where they arrived in service to the US
      master of NATO last August.

      A story in the US newspaper the Seattle Post says that
      the main purpose of the new brigade of Dutch troops is
      to train the Iraqi puppet forces. The repeated
      humiliations suffered by the Iraqi puppet forces in
      recent days � the Thursday assault on General Abizaid,
      the repeated arrests of puppet policemen as agents of
      the Resistance, and Saturday�s successful raid on the
      concentration camp in al-Fallujah � show that the
      Dutch troops face an impossible task as the Iraqi
      people reject the occupation and all collaborators.

      US finances Nicaragua�s continued service to American
      occupation of Iraq.

      In another sign of Washington�s desperation to build
      up the occupation forces in Iraq, the Nicaraguan
      government went back on an earlier statement that it
      had no funds to replace the 115-man Nicaraguan
      occupation brigade in Iraq with another unit.
      According to the Associated Press in Managua,
      government information sources have announced that the
      United States has �left the door open� to Nicaragua�s
      continuing presence in occupied Iraq � in other words
      the United States is helping Managua to pay for the
      replacement of the one exhausted brigade, when its
      tour of duty expires, with another.

      Red Cross says US has given permission to visit Iraqi
      President in prison.

      On Saturday, the international Red Cross said it had
      at last been given permission by US occupation
      authorities to see Iraqi President Saddam Husein, but
      added no date has been set. The organization requested
      permission to visit the Iraqi leader soon after he was
      reportedly captured by the American invaders on
      December 13 and the United States declared him a
      prisoner of war.

      In al-�Ammarah local puppet police officials have
      announced the arrest of the Resistance fighters who
      last year executed the member of the puppet so-called
      Interim Governing Council �Aqilah al-Hashimi. The
      spokesman for the puppet police said that they were
      detained �as they were planning to kill another member
      of the Council� namely, �Abd al-Karim Muhammadawi.
      The puppet police spokesman claimed that the five
      Resistance fighters said they had received their
      orders from a member of the Command of the Arab Ba�th
      Socialist Party who provided them considerable
      material assistance as well.

      British newspaper reveals: US forces drowned Iraqi
      youth for fun.

      According to a report in the British newspaper the
      Independent, US occupation forces took Samarra�
      residentst Zaydun Fadil and his cousin Marwan Fadil to
      a remote spot on the shore of the Tigris River on 3
      January this year and ordered them into the water at
      gunpoint. When they refused the aggressors forced
      them in. Zaydun, who could not swim, drowned. His
      cousin survived to tell the story. According to the

      �Zaydun and Marwan were returning to their home town
      of Samarra� from Baghdad with goods to sell in the
      back of their pick-up truck: paving stones, clocks and
      watches. It was a trip they had made many times.

      �The road south to Baghdad is dangerous because the
      large numbers of American convoys travelling on it are
      targeted by insurgents, but Zaydun needed the money
      for his forthcoming wedding.

      �They arrived late, close to curfew, and were stopped
      by an American patrol. After searching the pick-up
      truck the Americans let the cousins go. But then,
      according to Marwan, one of the American armoured
      vehicles followed them, stopped them a second time and
      ordered the cousins into the back of their vehicle. It
      was then, Marwan said, that the five soldiers drove
      him and Zaydun to a deserted spot on the banks of the
      Tigris, near a dam outside Samarra, and ordered them
      into the river.

      �There was a powerful current because water was being
      let out of the dam, and at first the two young men

      �The soldiers then pointed their guns at the two men,
      Marwan alleged, and pushed them into the river.
      Marwan, who can swim, managed to reach a tree trunk.
      Zaydun did not get that far. His family did not find
      his body until 12 days later.

      �When they found the pair's abandoned truck, it and
      the goods inside had been crushed. The family has
      photographs of the damage. The truck looked as if it
      had been driven over by a heavy vehicle, and the
      family accuses the Americans of deliberately driving
      an armoured vehicle over it, though there are no
      witnesses to support this.

      �It is by no means clear that Zaydun Fadil was
      intended to die. It is possible he was the victim of
      an elaborate punishment designed to humiliate the two
      young men - a punishment that went horribly wrong.
      Marwan alleged the American soldiers were laughing as
      they pushed them into the river.�


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      fatherland." --Maximilien de Robespierre, 1794
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