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further evidence of hidden casualties

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    ================= Begin forwarded message ================= The following article, attributed to Arizona Republic reporter Charles Kelly, appeared on page B5
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 10, 2004
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      The following article, attributed to Arizona Republic
      reporter Charles Kelly, appeared on page B5 of the
      Tuesday, February 10, 2004 edition of the Arizona
      Republic. On the surface it appears to be just
      another maudlin "human interest" story about a local
      war casualty, and there is some truly flagrant
      stupidity in the soldier's father expressing surprise
      that she was "not safe" as a soldier in a war zone!
      It truly shows the weakened state of imperialism when
      they expect their soldiers to be safe :-) It is,
      however, particularly noteworthy that this soldier
      died in November and has not been placed on the war
      casualty list. Indeed even the alleged circumstances
      of her death are highly suspicious. There must be
      many more like her.

      --Kevin Walsh


      Sun City West [Arizona]--Army Staff Sergeant Linda
      Carol Jiminez, 39, died in November after an accident
      in Iraq, but she did not show up on a casualty list
      until last week, said her father, Angelo Cruz, 70.

      Cruz, of the 13500 block of Pavillion Drive, was with
      his daughter when she died November 7 at Walter Reed
      Army Medical Center in Washington D.C., so the miscue
      with the casualty list was just another upsetting
      footnote to her death.

      What really upsets Cruz is that his daughter was
      injured weeks after she was supposed to be transferred
      back to the United States and that her accident
      apparently resulted when she fell while running to
      keep up with her friends, fearing for her safety if
      she lost contact with them.

      "I'm never going to get over this," Cruz said Monday.
      "I feel that fear killed my daughter."

      Jiminez, who would have been a 13-year Army veteran
      this month, was sent to Iraq in April.

      After serving her tour there, she was scheduled to
      rotate back to the United States on October 15, but
      that was put on hold, her father said.

      She was still in Iraq on October 30, shopping for
      family members in a small town near Baghdad, when the
      accident occurred.

      She was running, trying to catch up with some friends
      who had gone ahead of her, when she fell into a hole
      in the street and broke a knee and her nose.

      She was first transported to Germany for medical
      treatment, then sent to Walter Reed hospital, where
      she died of complications after a blood clot formed,
      went to her brain and caused a stroke, Cruz said.

      After she passed away, her father had her body
      cremated. Only Monday did he find out there had been
      a delay in placing her name on an official list of
      military casualties in Iraq. He was notified when an
      Army representative called to apologize. The person
      did not know the reason for the delay, Cruz said.

      Cruz said he is upset because his daughter was among
      military women who had to live in harsh conditions in
      Iraq and because she apparently was shunted out as
      secretary to a commanding officer in a reshuffling of

      But he is most troubled that his daughter was in a
      country so risky that it caused panic.

      "You're not safe anywhere there," Cruz said. "It's
      not like the average war. I guess the fear of losing
      contact with her friends drove her to run after them
      and she fell."

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