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Re: [azsecularhumanists] the proper way to beat your wife (per the koran)

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    ================= Begin forwarded message ================= Dear Kevin, There is a passage in the Qur an about if your wife is rebellious you should banish
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 17, 2004
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      Dear Kevin,

      There is a passage in the Qur'an about if your wife is
      "rebellious" you should banish her to a separate bed,
      and do some other things and if nothing else works
      then you can hit her, and religious scholars always
      made clear that hitting didn't mean doing any real
      physical damage. So, first, before you resort to
      hitting there are other steps that you're supposed to
      take, and if you hit before trying those other
      methods, you are in the wrong. Second the hitting is
      not supposed to be physically damaging.

      Of course, as you might expect, this passage has been
      the subject of a lot of legal "explanation" over the
      centuries, and probably that fundamentalist scholar
      was just regurgitating all those things, most of which
      would no doubt reflect the feudal and patriarchal age
      from which they come. Religion has a very hard time
      recognizing the concept of social progress since God
      is supposed to be eternal and perfect, He's not
      supposed to change His mind.

      By way of comparison, though, when I was a child we
      often went to Shiloh National Military Park in rural
      south western Tennessee, not very far from where we
      lived at the time. Just outside the Federal park land
      there was a restaurant and souvenir shop and in there
      one could buy among other things, leather whips that
      were called "wife punishers" or "wife correctors" or
      something like that, and carried a biblical verse on
      them about the need to beat one's wife to keep her on
      the straight and narrow. I think the whips were
      thought to be gag gifts, but they demonstrated that
      there are verses urging wife beating in the Bible
      somewhere too.

      I also had a teacher in school who told us once that
      one of his friends said he had a whip with which he
      beat his wife because the Bible authorised that. This
      was not a gag, and was around 1970.

      In all religions, if there's a verse on something that
      99.9 percent of people don't pay attention to, there
      will always be that 0.1 percent that fixate on it, it
      seems. Often times they are more of an embarrassment
      to their co-religionists than anything else.



      "The social emancipation of the Jew is the emancipation of society from
      --Karl Marx
      "On the Jewish Question", 1843
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