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Re: [azsecularhumanists] bush humor

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    The recent revelations by Paul O Neill certainly show, if any doubted, that Bush, like Hitler, waged an aggressive war and that alleged causes, such as the
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 12, 2004
      The recent revelations by Paul O'Neill certainly show, if any doubted,
      that Bush, like Hitler, waged an aggressive war and that alleged causes,
      such as the September Martyrdoms and alleged failure of Iraq to be cooperative
      with UN inspectors, were after the decision was made. That, however, is
      about as far as the comparison goes. If taken further, Hitler comes out
      looking better. He at least had more intelligence and cared for the
      welfare of the citizens at home. When a member of Schroeder's cabinet
      caught flak for comparing Bush to Hitler, an elderly German friend of mine
      said, in complete earnestness and genuine indignation, "That's an insult
      to Adolf!" :-)


      >check out this bush humor at:
      > http://www.bushin30seconds.org
      > http://www.moveon.org
      >Nasty contest on Bush ads is liberal style
      >Doug MacEachern
      >Republic columnist
      >Jan. 11, 2004 12:00 AM
      >Was it malice? Or simply delusion?
      >To kick off the imminent election season in the proper spirit - that
      >is, vicious and hostile - the influential leftie Web site MoveOn.org
      >sponsored a contest for video ads that bashed President Bush. The
      >sponsors allowed entries to be posted on the Web site.
      >Some of the contest entries suggested that Bush is an heir to Hitler-
      >style fascism. Those were the nice, understated ones. The really mean-
      >spirited ones amounted to flashing neon signs that essentially
      >shouted, "Bush is Hitler!"
      >One ad in particular depicted Adolf Hitler before a crowd with his
      >hand raised in the infamous Nazi salute, then faded to video of Bush
      >at his inauguration with his hand raised. Get the connection yet? The
      >ad ends with the warning that "what were war crimes in 1945 is
      >foreign policy in 2003." Now get it?
      >Calling conservatives Nazis is well-trod territory, of course. Anyone
      >who follows politics knows that when angry liberals get to the
      >spittle stage, words like "Nazi," "brown shirt" or "fascist" often
      >come spraying out pretty generously.
      >Indeed, the panel of celebrity judges for MoveOn's "Bush in 30
      >Seconds" ad contest is loaded with people who make the Nazi
      >connection to conservatives, especially to Bush . . . well,
      >As National Review White House correspondent Byron York copiously
      >noted last week, if there is someone affiliated with "Bush in 30
      >Seconds" who didn't call Bush a Nazi at some point, he is one lonely
      >lib. Film propagandist Michael Moore compared the USA Patriot Act to
      >Mein Kampf. Actress Janeane Garofolo made a laugh line out of calling
      >the Bush administration the "43rd Reich."
      >And the guy who is paying for it all, billionaire George Soros, has
      >stated repeatedly that his current mission in life is to oust George
      >Bush as president because Bush reminds him of the Nazis he survived
      >in his European youth.
      >This is standard liberal fare. I've been called a fascist and a Nazi.
      >Every moderately conservative writer I know has been called a fascist
      >or a Nazi. It's what you get called when the immature fellow at the
      >other end of the phone line runs out of talking points.
      >Which is why it is so thoroughly weird that the founder of
      >MoveOn.org, Wes Boyd, would issue a statement that said, "We do not
      >support the sentiment expressed in the two Hitler submissions" to his
      >Web site's contest. Since when?
      >Since groups such as the American Jewish Congress started rapping his
      >knuckles for accepting submissions to his Web site that trivialized
      >the Holocaust, of course.
      >In almost childlike fashion, the MoveOn people have started a
      >campaign to place responsibility for the little contretemps
      >with . . . the Republicans, notably GOP chairman Ed Gillespie, who
      >has criticized the contest's Nazi allusions.
      >Well, of course. It's those Republicans who controlled their Web site
      >and posted the offensive ads. Right.
      >Boyd does make one rational point. In his statement he recalls a 2002
      >Republican-sponsored ad in which the face of Democratic incumbent
      >Sen. Max Cleland of Georgia morphed into that of Osama bin Laden.
      >That was mean and heavy-handed, too. But clumsily connecting U.S.
      >senators to Osama is hardly a part of conservative culture. I know no
      >one who has ever spit out, "Oh, you're just a terrorist."
      >Alas, for the left, making the Nazi connection to conservatives is
      >part of the culture. And pro forma denials about not supporting
      >that "sentiment" are just nuts.
      >Reach MacEachern at doug.maceachern@... or (602) 444-
      >8883. His column appears on Sundays.
      >When the government fears the people,
      >that is LIBERTY. When people fear the
      >government, that is TYRANNY.
      >Thomas Jefferson
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