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Re: [azsecularhumanists] DUH!!!! guns stop terrorists

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    What would be truly amusing is if some country told Bush, Yes, we will comply by allowing all passengers and crew to carry firearms. :-) --Kevin ... -- The
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 30, 2003
      What would be truly amusing is if some country told Bush, "Yes, we will
      comply by allowing all passengers and crew to carry firearms." :-)


      >DUH!!!! Guns stop hijackers
      >U.S.: Arm international flights
      >Some airlines will comply, others react coolly to directive
      >Wire services
      >Dec. 30, 2003 12:00 AM
      >WASHINGTON - Worried about a terrorist strike over New Year's, the
      >Bush administration said Monday that it would require armed air
      >marshals on select foreign flights entering, leaving or flying over
      >the United States to prevent suicide hijackings.
      >The move is a significant expansion of U.S. efforts to prevent
      >commercial and cargo flights from being used in terrorist attacks at
      >a time when the administration has raised the nation's terror alert
      >status to "high."
      >In announcing the order, Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge
      >reiterated that the alert would remain at "high" at least through the
      >holiday season.
      >The system goes into effect immediately for an estimated 800 to 1,000
      >passenger flights a day that could be required to use air marshals.
      >Ridge warned that carriers that refuse to comply could be prevented
      > from using U.S. air space.
      >Some international airlines said Monday that they would cooperate
      >with the requirement. Britain said Sunday that it had tightened
      >security for trans-Atlantic flights and suggested that it might put
      >armed sky marshals on some planes.
      >Mexico will arrange for its own armed agents to travel on certain
      >flights over the United States, Mexican Interior Secretary Santiago
      >Creel said.
      >Intelligence suggests that al-Qaida remains interested in using
      >airliners as weapons and could try to skirt tightened airline
      >security in the United States by using foreign passenger or cargo
      >Ridge said armed law enforcement officers would be placed only on
      >flights where intelligence causes concerns about a particular plane.
      >"Let me reassure you that in the 2 1/2 years since September 11, our
      >aviation system has risen to new levels of security," he said.
      >The directive, issued in the form of three emergency amendments to
      >air security regulations, takes effect immediately. It requires that
      >armed law enforcement officers from the home nations of the airlines
      >be placed aboard passenger and cargo flights. The marshals must be
      >able to prevent an intruder from reaching the cockpit. The cost would
      >be borne by the airlines.
      >Private analysts suggested that only a small proportion of foreign
      >flights may be required to post armed marshals, but the U.S.
      >announcement, and the forcefulness with which it was delivered,
      >received a mixed and sometimes frosty reception from allies and
      >foreign airlines.
      >In Britain, where handguns are banned and even many police officers
      >do not carry weapons, the transportation agency said this week that
      >armed marshals might be required on some British carriers. But it
      >emphasized in a statement Monday that "only the U.K. can authorize
      >the placing of air marshals on U.K. carriers."
      >The British Air Line Pilots Association said it does not believe arms
      >belong on aircraft, and British Airways, the country's biggest
      >airline, said it reserves the right not to fly if it is forced to add
      >air marshals.
      >"We have received the request for the deployment of cover
      >capabilities on flights," an airline official said. "Only if British
      >Airways was satisfied that safety was enhanced would that flight take
      >David O'Connor, regional director in Washington of the International
      >Air Transport Association, a trade group that represents most
      >international carriers, said that the American demand is likely to
      >cause unease in some quarters overseas.
      >"You don't want a shootout on an airplane, and historically, our
      >preference has always been to stop the terrorists before they get on
      >the aircraft," O'Connor said. "But this is the way the United States
      >is going, and we'll certainly cooperate. Whether there are better
      >ways, we'll have to wait and see."
      >When the government fears the people,
      >that is LIBERTY. When people fear the
      >government, that is TYRANNY.
      >Thomas Jefferson
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      "The enemy is at home."

      --Karl Liebknecht
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