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Re: Monarchist fungus

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  • thekoba@aztecfreenet.org
    ... Dear Eric, I read another report at yahoo.com s news in which the Bulgarian foreign minister was named Dimitrov. I hope he s no relation to Georgi!
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 28, 2003
      >Dear Kevin,
      >While on the subject of monarchists popping up
      >everywhere like mushrooms (or, rather, like
      >toadstools) . . .
      >As I was searching for some information for my
      >Resistance Report, I hit upon the following paragraph
      >in one AFP report:
      >"US President George W. Bush telephoned Thaksin (Thai
      >Prime Minister) as well as Bulgarian Prime Minister
      >Simeon Saxe-Cobourg-Gotha to express his condolences
      >following the deaths."
      >What's significant is that Saxe-Coburg-Gotha is the
      >family name of the British royal house, or, that is
      >it's their real name; they changed it to Windsor
      >around World War I so that they would not sound so
      >German. So evidently the Bulgarian Prime Minister is
      >a relative of the crowned heads of Europe.
      >Leave it to such monarchic types to have the interests
      >of the people so close to their hearts that they send
      >off Bulgarians to die for American imperialism and
      >Zionism in Iraq.

      Dear Eric,

      I read another report at yahoo.com's news in which the
      Bulgarian foreign minister was named Dimitrov. I hope
      he's no relation to Georgi! Someone with a monarchist
      name in the same government with someone with a communist
      name--what a peculiar twosome.



      "The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor
      to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread."

      --Anatole France
    • thekoba@aztecfreenet.org
      ... Dear Eric, Well if you want a dose of that kind of ideology from liberal Jews, I suggest you look over the works of Deborah Lipstadt. As much as she
      Message 2 of 2 , Dec 28, 2003
        >Yes, I read the same report with the Dimitrov in it.
        >It gave me a really weird feeling. Times like that
        >just bring home how far things have fallen.
        >Well, and I guess the fact that he's in there with
        >royalty makes it all the worse.
        >I didn't realize that your neice was adopted. I guess
        >the guy figured that since his wife was an "impure
        >Jewess" (converts are known as "impure Jews") his
        >daughter might just as well be of the same "impure"
        >I think I told you once how when my wife and I lived
        >in Austin back in the early 1980s she did typing for
        >extra money, staying up all nights sometimes typing
        >people's papers.
        >One day this guy came to the door to deliver his
        >paper. The guy was a Jew's Jew with a prayer shawl
        >under his shirt and a yarmulke. He wasn't of the
        >black hat black caftan Hasidic variety, as his clothes
        >were basically standard, plus those two noteworthy
        >additions. What with the prayer shawl sticking out of
        >his shirt, though he looked quite slovenly.
        >Anyhow he handed me his paper and lent us some books
        >too all bilingual Hebrew-English prayer books or
        >whatever. His paper was on the threat of
        >intermarriage for Jews. First, it embodied the purest
        >racism against any "dilution" of "pure" Jewish blood
        >with other stuff, and second it had quotes after
        >quotes on the danger and threat of intermarriage for
        >Jewry. What was really interesting was that the
        >quotes were not from some lunatic Rabbis who live in
        >the past anyway and whose thinking could be dismissed
        >as "extremist," but from "liberals," in particular
        >from Golda Meir, the darling of the liberal feminists
        >I wish I still had that guy's paper.
        >No anti-Jewish propaganda could have done half as much
        >as his paper did to denounce that gutter religion. Up
        >until then I really didn't know that people in the
        >last couple decades of the 20th century still openly
        >talked about "pure" and "impure" blood and so forth.
        >It was a real eye-opener.
        >If it happened now I would photocopy his paper. But,
        >alas, in those days I followed the line of "against
        >Zionism, not against Jews" so the fact that Judaism
        >was a racist religion was just sort of a peripheral
        >matter of curiosity. After all, religion is a real
        >haven for all sorts of screwball ideas, even in the
        >best of cases, so I missed the political significance
        >of it. But, you notice, I didn't forget, though, and
        >most of those papers are long forgotten.

        Dear Eric,

        Well if you want a dose of that kind of ideology from
        "liberal" Jews, I suggest you look over the works of
        Deborah Lipstadt. As much as she criticizes the
        "racism" of David Irving, she is dead set against
        Jews marrying goyim. Much as the "politically correct"
        types berate Irving, they never seem to criticize her
        for telling Jewish parents to instruct their children,
        "I expect you to marry a Jew."

        >Also too bad your sister and husband are not
        >interested in having their daughter's mind challenged.
        > School is largely propaganda, at least in the social
        >sciences area, and in my childhood it wasn't as bad as
        >now, I think. Then we had silly anti-Communist films
        >that were so bad I don't think most people really were
        >influenced by them (they were anti-Communist from the
        >junk they absorbed in the entertainment media and
        >church). And in those days the US was just sort of
        >sitting there sucking the blood of the world but not
        >actively trying to remake the world in its own image.
        >Today the kids all get a month of study of the
        >hollowcase every year - the kids, that is, who in many
        >cases barely have heard about World War II, even. And
        >then they read books that at the very least have to
        >present the 30-nation aggression of 1990-1991 as
        >reasonable, which means that the textbooks must
        >totally demonize Iraq and Arab unity. They have to
        >gloat about the "victory" over "communism" in 1991,
        >and so forth.

        It must be a source of immense national pride to the
        people of Iraq to know how many countries they are
        taking on in their fight to restore their independence
        and that for all that they can continue to fight and
        inflict increasing damage! I have read Muhammed Abu
        Nasr's wonderful report of the resistance. It is
        especially heartening to know that they are turning
        Baghdad into a continuous battle zone and have driven
        the Polish army from its base north of Karbala.

        >So in schools they get a really hefty dose of
        >Zionist-imperialist triumphalism and superiority which
        >is not only wrong in the sense of being a gross
        >distortion of the way the world really is; it is also
        >wrong in the sense that it leaves the youngsters
        >totally illequipped to understand ANY alternative
        >world view to the one that is being shoved down their
        >little throats.
        >At least in our day we grew up knowing that half the
        >world saw things in a different way and "we" couldn't
        >do anything about it. If you were at least a little
        >bit enquiring, it made you wonder what was going on
        >"over there."

        That is a large part of what got me on the road to
        political consciousness as a child. The simplistic
        explanations of why not everyone loved the USA didn't
        ring true, and I wanted to know why.

        >Today I suspect the dominant feeling is "how come it
        >takes so long for those foreign weirdos to become
        >'normal' just like us?"
        >Somewhere down the road the whole generation is going
        >to be in for some serious shocks.
        >In Dallas, David Irving didn't make that suggestion
        >that some Jews should start to modify their hollowcase
        >story before the goyim really go after them. It
        >certainly makes sense though.
        >But you're right, I'm afraid he can't be counted on to
        >write the black encyclopedia of capitalism's crimes.
        >Maybe another generation of Dimitrovs will come along
        >who will see what "freedom" of the American stooge
        >variety has got them as they get mowed down in Iraq so
        >Americans don't have to face their problems. I
        >suspect that such a generation might take a rather
        >different view than Irving's of Hungary in 1956 too.
        >I gather that Irving's thesis is that the "Communist
        >regime" in Budapest in 1956 was all Jews and so there
        >was this anti-Communist rebellion. But one of the
        >most prominent proponents of the rebellion was Georgy
        >Lukacs, a Hungarian of Jewish origin and a literary
        >and art critic. He's popular with the academic
        >Marxist set. Although Lukacs supposedly was highly
        >regarded by Stalin, he was a liberal if one can judge
        >from his books later on, and more of a Hegelian
        >idealist than a Marxist materialist. Perhaps the side
        >of support for that rebellion had fewer Jews on it
        >than the government side at that point, but it wasn't
        >without its Jewish cheering section and ultimately
        >that liberal, anti-socialist trend became the real
        >focus of Jewish activity in eastern Europe.
        >I still haven't got that book on Czecholsovakia's
        >trial of Rudlol Slansky - these are holiday times,
        >after all. But I haven't heard back that they can't
        >get it either so I hope it's on the way. That's the
        >other side of the Communist-Jewish dialectic that
        >needs to be brought out.

        Thanks for the updates!



        "The enemy is at home."

        --Karl Liebknecht
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