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human rights, American style

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      Dear Kevin,

      Here's a little item I just translated.




      The occupation forces' security mercenaries.

      The Iraqi Human Rights Committee reports that American
      forces executed 14 Iraqi citizens on Friday, 29
      November 2003 without any known cause, and that seven
      bodies were delivered to the Jordanian Hospital in
      al-Fallujah. The Committee also confirms that the
      number of Iraqi prisoners held by the occupation
      authorities has reached 17,488, among the prisoners,
      412 Iraqis have been executed without trial, and 620
      have been tortured to the point that they are unable
      to work.

      The Iraqi Human Rights Committee further says that
      6,100 prisoners have disappeared and nothing is known
      of their fate despite efforts to research them.

      The occupation authorities have destroyed 226 houses
      and 179 civilians have been killed by the authorities
      without having had any connection with the Iraqi
      Resistance. The Human Rights Committee also state
      that the political organizations run by persons such
      as Ahmad Chelebi and Iyad 'Alawi's movmement or the
      organizations run by Jalal Talibani, Mas'ud
      al-Barzani, 'Aziz al-Hakim and Ibrahim Ja'fari as well
      as a number of individuals in the police have made
      denunciations of Iraqi citizens to the American forces
      leading to their arrest without proof. Hatred and
      politically motivated hostility to those arrested was
      the true reason for most of those denunciations.

      This is Zionist style behavior now being practiced in
      Iraq after its criminal violence was transplanted from
      Palestine by the American invaders. The racist
      criminal occupiers of Iraq are the brother of the
      racist criminal occupiers of Palestine.

      From a supplement to Nida' al-Muqawamah, No. 12,
      issued on 15 December 2003.
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